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The server rooms at Facebook's data center

In its series on data centers and power the New York Times ignored many of the strides the industry is making toward energy efficiency, but it the bigger problem is that it ignored the potential of the web to reduce our energy consumption. Read more »

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Intelligent and simple design is the key solution to creating meaningful experiences out of the connected world. Come hear from our speakers on this topic at RoadMap, including the CEOs of Instagram and Tumblr, designers Yves Behar and Tony Fadell, and former Twitter CEO Evan Williams. Read more »

photo: Dataminr

Social media analytics firm Dataminr announced that it has raised a $13 million Series B round of financing. The company accesses the Twitter firehose and provides an early warning network for finance and government clients. Read more »

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MongoDB proprietor 10gen has raised more money, this time an undisclosed sum from intelligence-agency strategic investor In-Q-Tel. 10gen is the firm’s first foray into NoSQL databases, although certainly not its only investment in the next-generation data-management space that also includes big data technologies like Hadoop. Read more »

Abacus businessman counter meter calculation
photo: Shutterstock / Tomas Urbelionis Photo

A new research study shows that carriers may be charging for mobile data that you don’t actually consume. A test of two U.S. mobile networks found that carriers count every byte they ship you even if your phone is incapable of receiving that data. Read more »

Human Face of Big Data 1
photo: Joe McNally/The Human Face of Big Data

Photojournalist Rick Smolan has a new book coming out called The Human Face of Big Data. Far more than a book, it’s part of a project to show how much data each one of us generates, how it’s all connected and how it’s changing the world. Read more »

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