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TV advertising remains healthy, but platform operators want a bigger slice of the pie. Next year, some will introduce targeted advertising to their set top boxes, promising greater granularity and more effectiveness to marketers. Read more »

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A group of British researchers recently analyzed 2.5 million newspaper articles in order to prove that new data analysis techniques, such as machine learning and natural-language processing, can accurately classify media content. They hope their approach can save academicians untold hours of manual labor. Read more »

competitive advantage
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Competitive advantage used to come from using pricey enterprise applications to create operational efficiencies. Ross Mason of MuleSoft says SaaS and APIs have killed that model, and the future belongs to companies that integrate applications to discover new business models. Read more »

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HBase is a great option for developing big data applications, but it’s not necessarily easy to use. WibiData is addressing this by open sourcing a portion of its predictive analytics infrastructure that adds structure to data, followed eventually by a whole HBase development framework called Kiji. Read more »

Team Continuuity
photo: Continuuity

Hadoop is nothing without applications, and Continuuity aims to deliver those apps by making Hadoop something developers can work and innovate with. Its efforts haven’t gone unnoticed — the company just closed a $10 million Series A round from a who’s who of big data VCs. Read more »

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