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Predictive analytics specialist NICE has acquired Causata, a marketing analytics startup built around a core of big data and machine learning technologies. Causata should bolster NICE’s customer-engagement platform that helps companies better understand their customers. The four-year-old Causata has raised $23 million in venture capital, all from Accel Partners.

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Curt Monash has some interesting data points on Hortonworks and the Hadoop market from its point of view — competitive landscape, cluster size, hardware setups, etc. Also word that Eric Baldeschwieler is doing “his own thing.”

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According to interviews with government sources conducted by CNET security reporter Declan McCullogh, the FBI is pressuring telecom carriers like AT&T and Verizon to install “port reader” software that would allow the agency to intercept and analyze communication streams in real-time. Carriers are reportedly resisting, but the FBI claims it has the right to do this under the Patriot Act.

Researchers have simulated 1 second of real brain activity, on a network equivalent to 1 percent of an actual brain’s neural network, using the world’s fourth-fastest supercomputer. The results aren’t revolutionary just yet, but they do hint at what will be possible as computing power increases. Read more »

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