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Curt Monash has some interesting data points on Hortonworks and the Hadoop market from its point of view — competitive landscape, cluster size, hardware setups, etc. Also word that Eric Baldeschwieler is doing “his own thing.”

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According to interviews with government sources conducted by CNET security reporter Declan McCullogh, the FBI is pressuring telecom carriers like AT&T and Verizon to install “port reader” software that would allow the agency to intercept and analyze communication streams in real-time. Carriers are reportedly resisting, but the FBI claims it has the right to do this under the Patriot Act.

Researchers have simulated 1 second of real brain activity, on a network equivalent to 1 percent of an actual brain’s neural network, using the world’s fourth-fastest supercomputer. The results aren’t revolutionary just yet, but they do hint at what will be possible as computing power increases. Read more »

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While tweets have pointed out news faster than news outlets, critical data doesn’t always cross the screens of Twitter users. Programs like Selerity can help investors and other power users find buried information. Read more »

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