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Boundary CEO Gary Read

What if you could know everything about your network? And instead of getting snapshots you could see the path of every packet and run analytics on that stream of data in real time? It’s the difference between watching a cartoon and viewing a flip book. Read more »

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Google Cloud SQL

Trying to convince naysayers that it’s serious about Google App Engine as a business, Google put a price plan — actually two price plans — around its MySQL-based SQL Cloud services. Google, Amazon, HP and others are racing to add more database services to their own clouds. Read more »


Farmeron isn’t your typical software-as-a-service business — it’s based in a small town in Croatia, and its customers are dairy farmers, not tech-savvy startups. Still, founder Matija Kopic’s just raised another $1.4 million to help take its big data services to farms around the world. Read more »


EMC has bought Israeli flash-storage startup XtremIO for $430 million, according to Israeli news site Globes. The acquisition was expected after rumors began swirling in late April that EMC was courting the company, which sells a storage composed entirely of flash. Read more »

openstack-one-color 2

The OpenStack army marches on. On Thursday, Hewlett-Packard put its public cloud to public beta. The services had been available to a limited number of customers up till now. The news comes a week after Rackspace launched its own OpenStack cloud. Read more »

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New York City-based startup BetterCloud has raised $2 million for its quest to bring better business-oriented management, reporting and other capabilities to Google Apps. The funding comes from BetterCloud CEO David Politis and unnamed angel investors. Read more »

Bill Gates, Fall COMDEX, November 1995

Save the date: Amazon will host its first-ever partner and customer conference at the Las Vegas Venetian in late November. With this move, Amazon looks more like an old-school IT vendor than ever. It recently announced an official partner program, another sign of IT maturity. Read more »


Of the dozens of meeting requests I received for this year’s Interop conference, the one I least expected came from Google. Interop is all about enterprise IT — networks, security, servers, stuff with gravitas. But in its own way, Google is becoming a serious IT company. Read more »


Up-and-coming IaaS player Tier 3’s new Web Fabric Platform aims to give enterprise customers access to infrastructure services and higher-level application services from a single console. It builds on Iron Foundry, an open source fork of Cloud Foundry that adds .NET support. Read more »

Screen Shot 2012-05-08 at 9.33.04 AM

Finally the worlds of big data geeks and clean energy nerds have collided. Researchers have proposed building a “GreenHadoop,” that is a version of the MapReduce programming framework that could manage a data center’s computing workload to optimize clean energy from a solar system. Read more »


We’ve heard an awful lot about lean startups lately. Now it’s time to focus on Phat Startups — companies willing to take big risks to solve big problems — like clean energy and nuclear waste remediation, according to Jamie Goldstein, general partner at North Bridge Venture Partners. Read more »

photo: Pinar Ozger

When it comes to NYC’s tech scene, digital media and commerce companies get all the attention, but city’s big opportunity could very well be as the hub for the “data centric” economy. From startups to web giants, many are making a beeline for the Big Apple. Read more »


Market research firm IDC released the first legitimate market forecast for Hadoop on Monday, claiming the ecosystem around the de facto big data platform will sell almost $813 million worth of software by 2016. But Hadoop’s actual economic impact is likely much, much larger. Read more »

ProQuest Udini research
photo: ProQuest Udini

Online research database ProQuest’s usual customers are libraries and other large institutions that can afford to pay a lot for access. ProQuest’s new cloud-based tool, Udini, aims to make Internet research easy and affordable for everyday people — and builds in some Evernote and Instapaper-inspired features. Read more »


One reason the year of desktop virtualization is always on the horizon but never gets here, is its expense. Atlantis Computing says its software cuts RAM requirements to 500MB per user, down from 1.2GB so VDI can be deployed without storage hardware. Read more »


Huawei, six months after creating its enterprise networking division here in the U.S. is ready to make a big splash at Interop this year. The Chinese networking gear maker is the one thing Cisco’s CEO John Chambers fears and today’s announcements show why. Read more »

GigaOM’s fifth annual structure conference examines how cloud computing is changing the way business is done around the world and brings together the leaders innovating, shaping and defining the ongoing cloud computing evolution. Read more »


Many of us are looking at the adoption of cloud as just another technology, and are leaving decisions on how to adopt, own, and manage the cloud up to engineers. But acquiring a cloud management platform is not an engineering decision — it’s a strategic one. Read more »

People at the Open Networking Summit

A radical change in networking will be unlocked by the combination of commodity networking hardware and software defined networks, but we are in the early days. The technologies will inevitably go through the tried and true hype cycle, but that cycle has indeed started. Read more »

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