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Another highly distributed system.

Modern web-scale applications like Google, Twitter, Netflix, LinkedIn, and others are implemented as distributed systems as opposed to single monolithic codebases. Surprisingly, modern startups are generally built the same way. So what can startups learn from web apps? Read more »


For renowned computer hacker turned security consultant Kevin Mitnick, his online life is like one big playground game. “It’s like I’m the king of the mountain,” Mitnick says, “and everybody wants to take me down.” He has found a knight, though, in cloud provider FireHost. Read more »


Next week, legacy tech powers Hewlett-Packard, Oracle and Microsoft will vie for the spotlight as they set forth their cloud computing game plans at closely scheduled events. All three have prodigious resources and all three lag far behind cloud giant Amazon Web Services. Read more »

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For power company ABB, DC — or direct current — is the future of the data center. This week ABB and IT firm Green opened up a new DC-powered expansion at Green’s data center, which the companies say is the most powerful use of DC for a data center. Read more »


Meteor, the startup behind a hot new real-time JavaScript framework, has scored $9 million in initial funding from Andreessen Horowitz, sources said. Developers like being able to use the same APIs on both client and server devices and without having to touch servers. Read more »


A startup called Datahero launched on Thursday with a new cloud service that makes visualizing data as simple as a few mouse clicks, and $1 million in seed funding. The company’s ultimate goal is to make big data something you or I could do. Read more »


Cloud storage player gets $13.6 million from newbie OpenView Venture Partners and existing investors with the conspicuous exception of Amazon, which ponied up $9M last time out. Sonian will use the money to bring CAD and medical images into its managed/searchable cloud service. Read more »


As major PaaSes like Microsoft Azure, VMware Cloud Foundry and’s Heroku race to embrace multiple languages, a few like Apprenda say that’s exactly the wrong approach. Language-specific PaaSes are better able to exploit a company’s native applications and features, says Apprenda CEO Sinclair Schuler. Read more »

HP EVP Bill Veghte

HP puts Silver Lake veteran George Kadifa in charge of software and promotes Bill Veghte to COO, all in a bid to fix its struggling enterprise software business — which was a key priority for former CEO Leo Apotheker and his replacement Meg Whitman. Read more »

gold tidal wave

10gen, the creator and commercial entity behind the popular MongoDB database has raised another $42 million and wants to take the technology to an application near you. The money will help 10gen double down on research and development to make MongoDB live up to its hype. Read more »

Capitol Hill Question Mark (Washington, DC)

NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra or CouchDB are a key foundation for web startups. But those companies might be better served using an old-fashioned relational database when it comes to their bread-and-butter transactions, according to Thrillist CTO Mark O’Neill. Read more »


Dell may buy Quest Software in a bid to bolster its overall software management play, according to a Bloomberg report. Quest makes management software and tools that could help Dell to become an enterprise services provider — a long-time goal for the PC maker. Read more »

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NASA, one of the two original backers of the OpenStack project, plans to stop actively developing software for that open-source cloud computing platform. NASA executive Karen Petraskas signaled the move at the Uptime Symposium this week, according to a published report. Read more »


According to some researchers, web companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook are doing the research world a disservice because they won’t make their datasets available for peer review. These researchers have a point, but privacy concerns might always trump openness where openness matters at all. Read more »

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