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Cloud storage provider Box experienced a snafu early today, as some users reported via Twitter that they could not access their stored documents. The company acknowledged that some customers experienced difficulty getting to their Box-stored files for about two hours early Tuesday. Read more »

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Yotta CEO Coach Wei.

Yottaa, the startup which aims to accelerate website performance, netted $9 million in Series B funding from existing investors General Catalyst Partners, Stata Venture Partners and Cambridge West Ventures as well as some new-but-unnamed backers. That company will use the new funding to bankroll customer recruitment.. Read more »

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The bring-your-own-device trend may cause as many problems as it solves, according to IBM CIO Jeanette Horan. BYOD, in which companies let (even encourage) employees to use personal smartphones or tablets to access company applications, boosts productivity. It also causes big IT headaches. Read more »

GridNavigator Energy Forecast Screenshot (1)

The ability to predict energy use and do something about it will become more important as businesses look for ways to reduce costs and use energy more efficiently. A startup called GridNavigator has launched a cloud-based service that performs energy consumption forecasts throughout the day. Read more »


Urban Airship is investing big in its infrastructure, scaling its push messaging platform to deliver 100,000 messages a second. As Airship begins to refine push marketing to take into account location, time and context, it’s becoming critical it deliver notifications in volume and in real time. Read more »


Striving to make Chef more enterprise-friendly, Opscode added Microsoft Active Directory and Solaris support to the automated configuration management tool. It also says that its Private Chef version can now wring three times as much work out of the same old hardware. Read more »

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There’s a principle of application design that beautiful means usable, but a new study out of Google suggests that while beauty doesn’t necessarily affect perceived usability, poor usability can negatively affect perceived beauty. Nobody wants a reputation as selling a product that’s both unusable and ugly. Read more »


VMware’s set its sights on becoming a bona fide application development powerhouse. With the latest version of its Springsource-based vFabric Suite, VMware adds application deployment automation, vSphere-optimized Posgres and a SQLFire in-memory database layer — all are geared to woo web scale developers. Read more »

Structure data 2012

GigaOM’s fifth annual Structure conference examines how cloud computing is changing the way business is done around the world and brings together the leaders innovating, shaping and defining the ongoing cloud computing evolution. Read more »


There’s nothing quite like a hypothetical about someone setting a whole block on fire after cutting off the fire department’s electric supply in order to slow its response. Is it comforting to know that smart people and smart analytics could help stop it from happening? Read more »


Amazon says its updated Cloudfront content delivery network will better handle dynamic, interactive web content. To date, Cloudfront handled static web pages while Amazon left a lot of the heavy lifting of dynamic content to partners like CDN market leader Akamai. Read more »

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The IT hype machine has everyone jumping on the big data bandwagon. But before we start saving every scrap of data in the enterprise for fear that we will miss a nugget of insight, shouldn’t we focus on what we already have? Read more »

Box's Aaron Levie at GigaOM Net:Work 2011

Box, the cloud storage company that would like to be the “Dropbox of the Enterprise” appears headed for an IPO next year.
The company just added Dana Evans, former CFO of Verisign, to its board and named her head of its audit committee. Read more »

Boundary CEO Gary Read

What if you could know everything about your network? And instead of getting snapshots you could see the path of every packet and run analytics on that stream of data in real time? It’s the difference between watching a cartoon and viewing a flip book. Read more »

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