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Box CEO Aaron Levie

The tech giants have arrived in the online storage market and Dropbox and Box are in the midsts of parlaying their features into actual products–and, eventually into big-time companies. Heere’s an inside look at the thinking behind a new product category. Read more »


Building an enterprise app has radically changed in the last few years thanks to the DevOps movement and cloud computing. They’ve taken an incredibly manual process and translated it into reproducible code. But like in the Star Trek transporter, everything still has to go just right. Read more »

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Now six years old, the Apache Hadoop platform for storing and processing huge amounts of data, perhaps the catalyst of the current big data movement, appears ready for its closeup. According to the companies leading the Hadoop charge, they’re already beating away customers with a stick. Read more »


The popular Heroku platform as a service had a pretty rough night last night. Taken down by Thursday night’s Amazon Web Services disruption, Heroku took a tumble. But, shouldn’t a tech-savvy company that follows Amazon’s best practices have avoided this mess? Read more »

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A big AWS outage late Thursday, which took down some sites for hours, shows the risk of putting too many loads in one data center — and that is not a cloud specific problem. Experts advise better planning of workloads to run across Amazon regions. Read more »

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Amazon is looking more like an enterprise tech vendor all the time. On Thursday, it announced spruced-up support offerings for customers deploying work on the AWS cloud. As it woos companies to put mission-critical loads into Amazon’s cloud, expect more support services to come. Read more »


To deal with the BYOD wave, Gartner recommends that companies roll out mobile data protection, mobile device management and fund special mobility strategy teams within IT to handle the issue. IT folks would likely welcome that, but won’t hold their breath. Read more »

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Can data centers play a role in helping utilities maintain grid stability? It might sound weird, but data centers are built with about 20 percent extra capacity and on top of that can have utilization rates as low as 10 percent. Read more »


Wipro’s latest IT foray — a global infrastructure as a service for enterprises — shows how the giant Indian outsourcers are striving to become strategic cloud partners for their business clients and compete for cloud implementation money with IBM, CSC, as well as their in-country rivals. Read more »


Cisco’s plans to capitalize and perhaps marginalize the emerging software defined networking sector are now in full view, and for those wondering how the world’s largest networking gear maker plans to deal with the commodification of networking gear the answer is in the northbound traffic. Read more »


Amazon Web Services already has a winner with its Elastic MapReduce Hadoop service, and now it’s turning up the heat by adding MapR’s Hadoop distribution as an option. Users can take advantage of MapR’s performance features while also having integration with AWS’s suite of cloud services. Read more »


In a recent blog post, NASA’s CIO Linda Cureton gives both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services a shout-out for helping NASA save money while serving its constituencies. But she made no mention of OpenStack, the cloud platform NASA helped bring to life. Read more »


One year after launching into the Hadoop market with much anticipation, Yahoo spinoff Hortonworks finally has a product available. The company announced version 1.0 of its flagship Hortonworks Data Platform on Tuesday, as well as a High Availability version designed with new partner VMware. Read more »

Man with headache

IT professionals besieged by demands to support all manner of non-corporate tablets and smartphones in the workplace really want users to know that there’s a reason for their reluctance: BYOD, they say, isn’t easy in an era of cut-rate IT budgets. Read more »


Cloud isn’t just an IT decision, it’s a state of operations. And in this second post from Mark Thiele on why executives need to help choose a cloud management platform, he explains how and why the decision to go cloud should involve the entire business. Read more »

What can coal teach us about the cloud?

Today, conventional wisdom suggests that cloud computing will bring increased efficiency to computing markets, which will then decrease costs. Cloud computing will allow organizations to cut IT spending and help relieve pressure on IT budgets. But that’s not going to happen. Read more »


The most striking thing about the Meet Azure launch event was how far Microsoft went to paint Windows Azure as, well not very Windows like. Open source oriented technologies — MySQL, WordPress, Ubuntu, CentOS were all highlighted. That’s not very Windows like. Read more »


Enterprises unnerved by the bring-your-own-device movement that many had promoted are now trying to lock down employees’ own devices for security purposes. The unintended consequence is that many of those employees, frustrated by these restrictions, just use unsanctioned devices instead. Read more »

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