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Typesafe continues to push the Scala programming language and associated Akka middleware as top-tier software development tools for the webscale age, and now claims Juniper Networks as a convert. The networking hardware giant will use Scala and Akka in upcoming — and undisclosed — products. Read more »

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Scale breaks everything. When you move from thinking 10,000 servers is a lot to buying hundreds of thousands a year your perspectives change. And that shift in perspective has changed the information technology industry. We cover some of the biggest takeaways from our Structure 2012 conference. Read more »

Keen Launchpad winner Structure 2012
photo: Pinar Ozger

The thinking behind is pretty simple: No one should have to build their own analytics infrastructure, especially not mobile developers. So Keen built an analytics infrastructure for them — well enough to win over the judges at GigaOM’s Structure Launchpad competition on Wednesday. Read more »


Real-time data is coming to video, courtesy of Ooyala: The video platform vendor is launching a real-time analytics dashboard for big video publishers this summer, allowing them to adjust live video streams as needed. The offering is powered by technology open sourced by Twitter. Read more »

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Damian Black, CEO, SQLstream
photo: Pinar Ozger

When Mozilla released Firefox 4 in early 2011, it displayed a real-time download counter on its website. How could the site process that much data that quickly? SQLstream CEO Damian Black explained at GigaOM’s Structure conference Thursday that the secret was dataflow. Read more »

Aditya Agarwal Dropbox Adrian Cockcroft Netflix Alexei Rodriguez Evernote Corporation
photo: Pinar Ozger

Netflix stores the master copy of its data in the cloud, and the company’s director of architecture Adrian Cockcroft thinks that startups should do the same thing. Cockcroft shared some of Netflix’s experiences with AWS as part of a guru panel at GigaOM’s Structure conference. Read more »

Kevin Timmons CyrusOne, Jason Mendenhall Switch, Scott Davis DuPont Fabros Technology, Tate Cantrell Verne Global Structure 2012
photo: Pinar Ozger

Data center operators are looking to differentiate themselves on efficiency and geography, says Kevin Timmons, the CTO of co-location data center operator CyrusOne, at GigaOM’s Structure event on Thursday. Read more »

Vivek Kunda Structure 2012
photo: Pinar Ozger

When Vivek Kundra walked into the White House as the first Chief Information Officer for the federal government, his new staff handed him a stack of PDF documents representing more than $27 billion in IT spending projects that were over budget. Kundra, who recently joined […] Read more »

Satya Nadella Microsoft Structure 2012
photo: Pinar Ozger

Microsoft plans to bring big data to the little guy, said Satya Nadella, the executive directing the company’s gigantic Windows Azure cloud effort. It’s backend work with Hadoop is a big piece, but the linkage to Excel will bring big data to the masses. Read more »

Frank Frankovsky Facebook
photo: Pinar Ozger

Facebook is boosting its edge network with its own servers to speed the delivery of its photos according to Frank Frankovsky, a VP at the social networking company. Frankovsky outed his plans onstage at the structure 2012 event and explained how he hopes to scale. Read more »

Debra Chrapaty Zynga Structure 2012
photo: Pinar Ozger

Switching its cloud computing infrastructure from Amazon to its own optimized data center has resulted in far greater efficiency and performance for the social gaming company, its CIO, Debra Chrapaty, told GigaOM Structure 2012 Wednesday. But the technologies needed to optimize power consumption still need improvement. Read more »

Lew Tucker Cisco, Serban Simu Aspera, Haseeb Budhani Infineta Systems
photo: Pinar Ozger

As datasets get fatter and cumbersome, it’s becoming harder to move them around. Even the fattest pipes look like cocktail straws when you’re talking about petabyte databases. It’s getting more and more difficult to move these massive troves of data to the applications that use them. Read more »

Byron Sebastian Adam Bosworth Keas Structure 2012
photo: Pinar Ozger

Keas co-founder and former Google VP of product management Adam Bosworth knows a thing or two about building software-as-a-service applications, and he’s convinced that anyone not doing so atop a platform-as-a-service framework either will be doing so soon or will likely have an inferior product. Read more »

Jason Waxman Intel Structure 2012
photo: Pinar Ozger

The number of servers in the cloud continues to grow, but should those servers use brawny cores filled with raw power or lightweight wimpy cores? Infrastructure planning requires both, says Jason Waxman from Intel: As the cloud to evolves, a wide range of chips are needed. Read more »

Sundar Pichai Google Structure 2012
photo: Pinar Ozger

Google is planning to make a significant push into both the consumer market and especially the enterprise market with its Chromebook cloud-based laptops, according to Sundar Pichai. The Chrome VP told GigaOM Structure attendees that Google Apps have opened the door to the cloud. Read more »

Werner Vogels, CTO and VP, Amazon Structure 2012
photo: Pinar Ozger

It’s been five years since Amazon CTO Werner Vogels first sat on the GigaOM Structure stage with Om. Instead of looking back, in their short chat they looked ahead at where the cloud industry and the major players would find themselves in the next five years. Read more »


Forget the ideas of virtual desktops and desktop hypervisors to separate employees’ work lives from their personal lives. Bromium, the latest company from Xen creators Simon Crosby and Ian Pratt, creates isolated instances on computer processors that keep code from going where it’s not wanted. Read more »


As we move into the age of webscale and cloud computing the traditional data center architecture is blowing apart, according to execs of startups that have built new kinds of disruptive data center gear and software at the Structure conference on Wednesday in San Francisco. Read more »

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