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Fiber may not just be for undersea and long-haul networks anymore.

Plexxi Systems, a stealthy networking startup that wants to bring fiber into the data center at a cost the comprable to existing Ethernet technologies, has scored a $20.1 million third round of financing from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Matrix Partners and Northbridge Venture Partners. Read more »

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Managing clouds requires human capital, which will dictate new roles in your organization. Rodrigo Flores, a cloud enterprise architect at Cisco Intelligent Automation, argues that cloud builders who pay particular attention to the people part of the equation will emerge as the true winners. Read more »


While much of the industry today is focused on improving speeds and feeds inside the data center, we need to recognize the importance of improving the networks that connect enterprise data centers to each other, and to the public cloud. This post explains why. Read more »

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For second time in less than a month, Amazon’s Northern Virginia data center has suffered an outage and is impacting many popular services such as Instagram, Pinterest & Netflix. Amazon previously suffered an outage in its Northern Virginia facilities on June 14, 2012. Read more »


A startup called ThroughPuter has a message for the world’s cloud computing providers: Come talk to us, we can make your cloud fly for serious applications. The company has built a hardware platform designed from ground up to run parallel-processing applications in a multitenant environment. Read more »


Google has announced plans to start offering a compute-on-demand service that rivals Amazon’s EC2 service. The company will initially offer this as a limited preview to larger customers. It is a strong and logical move by the company as it continues to view for developer affection. Read more »


Google shared some factoids about the Google App Engine PaaS at Google I/O this week. Most interesting to me is that the company now claims 250,000 active GAE users. That’s up from the 150,000 active users it claimed to date. Read more »


The new Google App Engine release gets more global with better European data center coverage, plus better search APIs, SSL support for custom domains, and more integrated PageSpeed optimization. On the flip side, the Cloud SQL database still isn’t fully baked. Read more »

Ofer Bengal, Co-Founder & CEO of GarantiaData

Many popular sites use memcached and/or Redis as part of their back-end infrastructure. Both technologies are popular ways to store data that needs to be easily accessible, and both require compromises. GarantiaData, a Tel Aviv-based startup wants to eliminate some of those compromises. Read more »


Cloudability’s new Reserved Instances Explorer helps companies keep track of and best utilize their discounted Amazon reserved instances even across accounts. The tool can search Amazon EC2 instances by size, region, operating system and expiration date. Read more »


In this brief video, Andrew Blum, the author of Tubes: The Journey to the center of the Internet, addresses some of the things he discovered in his global tour of the physical components that are part of the vast, unseen infrastructure that underlie the Internet. Read more »

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The lightweight mobile or web application is the computing product of our time: users demand access to key resources while on the move. But the intense pressure on mobile developers requires solid tools to get the job done, and that’s what OneOps hopes to deploy. Read more »

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