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Werner Vogels, CTO and VP, Amazon Structure 2012
photo: Pinar Ozger

It’s been five years since Amazon CTO Werner Vogels first sat on the GigaOM Structure stage with Om. Instead of looking back, in their short chat they looked ahead at where the cloud industry and the major players would find themselves in the next five years. Read more »


Forget the ideas of virtual desktops and desktop hypervisors to separate employees’ work lives from their personal lives. Bromium, the latest company from Xen creators Simon Crosby and Ian Pratt, creates isolated instances on computer processors that keep code from going where it’s not wanted. Read more »

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As we move into the age of webscale and cloud computing the traditional data center architecture is blowing apart, according to execs of startups that have built new kinds of disruptive data center gear and software at the Structure conference on Wednesday in San Francisco. Read more »

Werner Vogels - CTO, - Structure 2011

It’s clear the cloud has arrived: but what impact will it continue to make on tech companies that help businesses across the world continue to reap the benefits of this historic shift? Today and tomorrow at Structure 2012, we’ll host a discussion about these vital issues, Read more »

Lew Moorman (Rackspace), Dries Buytaert (Acquia), John Dillon (Engine Yard), Marten Mickos (Eucalyptus Systems) - Structure 2011

Lew Moorman, president of Rackspace, said cloud providers that clone Amazon APIs miss the point of true cloud interoperability. Eucalyptus and other cloud providers clearly disagree. The debate will doubtless rage on this week at the GigaOM Structure conference. Read more »

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engine rev_LifeSupercharger

GigaOM’s Structure event this week reminds me of the well-documented relationship between economic crises and technological innovation: Hard times bring out the best in entrepreneurs, precipitating a creative destruction that resets the technology infrastructure and transforms business. From my vantage point here in the Silicon Valley, […] Read more »


Enterprise cloud storage player Panzura will use $15 million in new Series C funding to expand its global sales force and build both marketing and sales worldwide, says CEO Randy Chou. This round, led by Opus Capital, brings total funding to $33 million. Read more »

We’re number 1! An IBM supercomputer topped the semi-annual list of the 500 top supercomputers for the first time in three years. Sequoia, an IBM BlueGene/Q System using 1,572,864 processor cores scored 16.32 petaflop/s on the Linpack Benchmark used to rate such things. Read more »


The high-tech industry, heck industry in general, would be better off if academic researchers could bring the fruits of their labor to market faster. That’s an old argument, brought up anew in a blog by Matt Welsh, a software engineer at Google. Read more »


Microsoft’s reported deal to buy Yammer for its enterprise social networking savvy isn’t done yet, but the move — despite what many see as a too-hefty price tag — could make sense. Pairing Yammer with the Microsoft Office juggernaut could be a winner. Read more »


The world of information technology is always changing, but in the last six years it has started to change more rapidly. We celebrate the people who are orchestrating this change. Here’s ten innovators that are changing the game of Internet infrastructure. Read more »

werner 2011

In late 2007, in a conversation with my colleagues I pointed out that over the next decade or so, the Internet’s infrastructure was going to be transformed in a very fundamental manner. It would start with the proliferation of Amazon Web Service-style core cloud computing and […] Read more »

Box CEO Aaron Levie

The tech giants have arrived in the online storage market and Dropbox and Box are in the midsts of parlaying their features into actual products–and, eventually into big-time companies. Heere’s an inside look at the thinking behind a new product category. Read more »


Building an enterprise app has radically changed in the last few years thanks to the DevOps movement and cloud computing. They’ve taken an incredibly manual process and translated it into reproducible code. But like in the Star Trek transporter, everything still has to go just right. Read more »


Now six years old, the Apache Hadoop platform for storing and processing huge amounts of data, perhaps the catalyst of the current big data movement, appears ready for its closeup. According to the companies leading the Hadoop charge, they’re already beating away customers with a stick. Read more »


The popular Heroku platform as a service had a pretty rough night last night. Taken down by Thursday night’s Amazon Web Services disruption, Heroku took a tumble. But, shouldn’t a tech-savvy company that follows Amazon’s best practices have avoided this mess? Read more »

6091370824_f55d937089_z (1)

A big AWS outage late Thursday, which took down some sites for hours, shows the risk of putting too many loads in one data center — and that is not a cloud specific problem. Experts advise better planning of workloads to run across Amazon regions. Read more »

6091370824_f55d937089_z (1)

Amazon is looking more like an enterprise tech vendor all the time. On Thursday, it announced spruced-up support offerings for customers deploying work on the AWS cloud. As it woos companies to put mission-critical loads into Amazon’s cloud, expect more support services to come. Read more »


To deal with the BYOD wave, Gartner recommends that companies roll out mobile data protection, mobile device management and fund special mobility strategy teams within IT to handle the issue. IT folks would likely welcome that, but won’t hold their breath. Read more »

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