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The need for a way to plan and deploy cloud computing most efficiently is growing. The latest proof: RightScale’s acquisition of ShopForCloud, a free service that assesses the costs for cloud deployments before they’re rolled out. It works across multiple clouds and currencies. Read more »


Akiban, the hot Boston-based NewSQL database startup, is making two offerings Akiban Server and Persistit available as downloads this week. To date beta testers have run Akiban Enterprise as an add-on to existing SQL databases. Akiban Server goes it alone. Read more »

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A new ARM-based OpenStack cloud comes online this week, courtesy of HP, Calxeda and Canonical. The new “TryStack” facility gives developers who want to test out OpenStack clouds another flavor to try. The news comes out of the OSCON conference this week. Read more »


EMC might be smarter than we thought it was. If it handles the rumored spin-out and the Maritz-Gelsinger transition well, the companies under its banner could do great things. Of course, there are a lot of moving parts here and the transition won’t be easy. Read more »

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Basho Technologies, the company behind the Riak NoSQL database and the Riak CS cloud storage platform, has raised $11.1 million and has entered into a partnership with data center provider IDC Frontier to distribute its technology throughout Japan. Read more »


Racemi, which specializes in moving business workloads onto and between clouds, snagged $7 million in second-round funding led by Paladin Capital Group and Harbert Venture Partners. The money will fund the expansion of Racemi’s sales, service and engineering efforts. Read more »

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Aryaka, a startup offering cloud-based wide area network optimization raised $25 million in Series C funding. The round was led by InterWest Partners and brings Aryaka’s funding to $54 million. As the reliance on clouds and remote working grows, Aryaka is poised to succeed. Read more »


Cisco Systems is buying Virtuata, a specialist in virtual machine security and will meld that company into its data center security group, led by David Yen. As virtualization of workloads proliferates across organizations and data centers, the need for VM security will only grow. Read more »


The OpenStack cloud computing project turns two this week. That means the open-source project — which fancies itself the Linux of the cloud — is entering a critical stage of its development process. The opportunity is huge, but the challenges are too. Read more »

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“Write once, run anywhere” (WORA) was hot stuff years ago. Today, a new technology wave is forming, “Deploy once, scale anywhere,” or DOSA. Gaurav Pal of Smartronix, Inc. believes the history of WORA holds clues to how current cloud computing paradigms may evolve. Read more »


Two big Amazon outages over the past month certainly got everyone’s attention. Here are three tactical measures cloud users should take to minimize damage from future cloud computing snafus. Broadly, the outages also ratchet up pressure for companies to move to multiple clouds. Read more »

HP had one of the larger booths at MacWorld 2011.

Here’s a sour reminder of a bleak chapter of Hewlett-Packard’s past. Two private investigators — a father-and-son team — face sentencing Thursday for their role in the HP pretexting scandal in which they assumed other identities to get phone records of reporters and board members. Read more »


It’s a tough economy out there. That’s why some figures from the new Uptime Institute’s 2012 Data Center Industry Survey might surprise those who would expect spending on data center infrastructure to be cut to the bone. Also, cloud is big, duh. Read more »

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