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The OpenStack cloud computing project turns two this week. That means the open-source project — which fancies itself the Linux of the cloud — is entering a critical stage of its development process. The opportunity is huge, but the challenges are too. Read more »

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“Write once, run anywhere” (WORA) was hot stuff years ago. Today, a new technology wave is forming, “Deploy once, scale anywhere,” or DOSA. Gaurav Pal of Smartronix, Inc. believes the history of WORA holds clues to how current cloud computing paradigms may evolve. Read more »


Two big Amazon outages over the past month certainly got everyone’s attention. Here are three tactical measures cloud users should take to minimize damage from future cloud computing snafus. Broadly, the outages also ratchet up pressure for companies to move to multiple clouds. Read more »

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HP had one of the larger booths at MacWorld 2011.

Here’s a sour reminder of a bleak chapter of Hewlett-Packard’s past. Two private investigators — a father-and-son team — face sentencing Thursday for their role in the HP pretexting scandal in which they assumed other identities to get phone records of reporters and board members. Read more »


It’s a tough economy out there. That’s why some figures from the new Uptime Institute’s 2012 Data Center Industry Survey might surprise those who would expect spending on data center infrastructure to be cut to the bone. Also, cloud is big, duh. Read more »


Flash-based storage pioneer Fusion-io says it has developed a method for extending a system’s memory from DRAM into Fusion-io’s NAND-based storage tier, enabling the possibility of bigger, cheaper in-memory applications than are currently possible. Read more »

Nasuni CEO Andres Rodriguez
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Cloud storage specialist Nasuni is embracing unified storage, meaning its service now supports block storage (typically addressed by iSCSI and Fibre Channel devices) as well as the file storage it already supported and which is commonly used in branch and remote offices. Read more »


The launch of Google and Microsoft public clouds is looking well timed, as the corporate demand for public cloud services is about to go through a steep growth curve, research group, Gartner forecasts. Like Amazon, Both companies have been lustfully eyeing corporate customers. Read more »


You’re ready to launch your cloud service to the rest of the enterprise and migrate applications at a rapid clip. Unfortunately, your enterprise software vendor has a gun pointed at your head and is threatening to derail the whole initiative. This could get ugly. Read more »

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For better or worse, Hadoop has become synonymous with big data. In just a few years it has gone from a fringe technology to the de facto standard. But is the enterprise buying into a technology whose best day has already passed? Read more »


By becoming an underwriter for some of the world’s largest banks and credit card companies, ZestFinance might actually be able to achieve its goal of using big data to supply the underbanked with needed credit. It’s not altruism by any means, but here’s how it works. Read more »

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Commercial buildings represent the most significant opportunity for the energy efficiency market in the U.S., accounting for 40 percent of the U.S. electrical load and approximately $108 billion in annual energy spending. One medium-sized office building consumes the energy equivalent of 100 homes. Read more »

Roger Sippl, CEO of Connection Cloud.

Software as a service is a great for deploying applications across a company. The flip side is that it ends up creating data silos across vendors. Roger Sippl’s Cloud Connection aims to bridge those silos so users can use their data as they see fit. Read more »

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