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In the era of cloud computing and big data, chief marketing officers can either sink or swim depending on their ability to recognize the importance of the consumer information available to them and are able to capture and put it to use. Read more »


The company behind the enterprise Linux market leader has now made preview code of its OpenStack cloud platform available for download. The final release is due next year. Rackspace, Internap, HP and others already have OpenStack deployed. Is IBM next? Read more »

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For Indian IT service powers, growth and valuation is becoming an issue, says M&A consultant Marty Wolf. Perhaps not surprisingly, he foresees more mergers and buyouts as tier two players scramble to add size to survive and tier one companies stockpile IP and domain expertise. Read more »

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The massive charge is related to HP’s enterprise services arm constructed around its $14 bilion purchase of Electronic Data Systems (EDS) in 2008. The company will announce its third quarter earnings on August 22. Read more »

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BMC, a specialist in the systems management technology used in traditional data centers, is buying VaraLogix to make it easier to deploy and update multi-tier applications. This deal follows BMC’s acquisition last year of StreamStep and its application delivery know-how. Read more »

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A UBS analyst is calling for the breakup of Hewlett-Packard arguing that the separate parts are way more valuable than the whole. Ironically, that’s the kind of thinking that got former CEO Leo Apotheker booted last year. Read more »

Rackspace CMO Suaad Sait.

With its OpenStack cloud now ready for its closeup, Rackspace is rebranding itself to emphasize open cloud as opposed to its hosting roots. Company CMO Suaad Sait said the company will continue to stress “fanatical support” as a key differentiator. Read more »

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Not everyone is enamored of the notion of cloud computing. Count Apple co-founder and tech icon Steve Wozniak among the skeptics. Woz worries that consumers putting their information into the cloud sign away their rights to it. “I want to own things,” he said. Read more »


Many SaaS startups will eventually be acquired. Unfortunately, most of the acquiring companies don’t use SaaS metrics. As Matt Fates of Ascent Venture Partners explains, if potential acquirers don’t recognize the overall value of a SaaS company, negotiations will be hindered from the start. Read more »

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Microsoft issued a fuller explanation late Thursday for the 2 hour outage that afflicted Windows Azure in Europe a week ago. If vendors want to bring more businesses into their respective clouds they need to be fully forthcoming about operational issues and their causes. Read more »

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