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Microsoft has spent billions to make Bing a search contender against the heavyweight champ Google. Now it’s inviting users to judge for themselves with an online contest. Check it out and let us know how it goes. Read more »

Basho CTO Justin Sheehy

Basho says its Riak CS object store will fit nicely into the CloudStack open-source cloud platform. As service providers and enterprises look for Amazon S3 compatible storage, entries like Riak CS and DreamHost’s new Ceph-based store could be viable options. Read more »

In this analyst roundtable discussion, our experts will discuss best practices for interpreting customer big data and techniques for integrating Hadoop, among other topics. Join GigaOM Pro and Autonomy on Sept. 5 and participate in the live discussion. Read more »


Frustrated by a lack of hardware innovation, gaming fan favorite Valve Software is taking matters into its own hands and is seeking industrial engineering expertise. That could mean that the rumored Valve Steambox is on its way. Read more »


Mellanox, a maker of Infiniband interconnects and switches, has doubled its sales in the last two quarters. What is behind its recent success and what does that say about Mellanox, Infiniband and the current state of scale out data center networking? Read more »

Person with walker

Sometimes stodgy and stable is good. That is certainly the case for enterprise technology buyers. While the product news out of VMworld 2012 this week wasn’t earth shattering, what the company is doing bears study if you’re an IT person. Read more »

photo: company web site

Data is a hot topic among the startup community, which is why stealthy startup RelateIQ has a bunch of people excited about its product and plans. The startup has some big data street cred with executives from Palantir and LinkedIn’s former data scientist DJ Patil involved. Read more »

Jay Chaudhry, CEO of Zscaler.
photo: courtesy of Zscaler

Zscaler is done saying no to venture capitalists and has managed to raise $38 million in its first round of outside investment from Lightspeed Ventures. The company is offering a new form of security software designed to accommodate today’s mobile workforce and delivered as a service. Read more »

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