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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison

Oracle’s still fighting to recover, recoup and profit from its $7.4 billion buyout of Sun Microsystems three years ago. In its first quarter, Oracle’s overall hardware business was off 24 percent year over year despite “triple-digit growth” in engineered systems like Exadata. Read more »

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The OpenStack Foundation is official as of Wednesday with a new 24-person board, $10 million in funding, 5,600 members, and a mandate to promote flexible open-source cloud infrastructure. Question: Will the foundation echo the success of Eclipse or the failure of OpenOffice? Read more »

Amazon Web Services
photo: Flickr/Will Merydith

With its new marketplace for reserved instances, Amazon Web Services has taken another step towards turning cloud computing into a commodity. But Dr. James Mitchell, CEO and founder of the cloud broker-dealer Strategic Blue, thinks AWS needs to implement more commodities market best practices. Read more »

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MongoDB proprietor 10gen has raised more money, this time an undisclosed sum from intelligence-agency strategic investor In-Q-Tel. 10gen is the firm’s first foray into NoSQL databases, although certainly not its only investment in the next-generation data-management space that also includes big data technologies like Hadoop. Read more »

Eiffel Tower - clouds
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Yes, cloud adoption in Europe hasn’t happened as fast as in the US. But despite the difficult economy, there’s considerable interest in cloud on the continent. The market bears watching and here are 5 things you should know about it. Read more »

clouds segmented_Materials Aart

As the PaaS market transitions from nascent to mature, a new opportunity is emerging: cloud services curation. Peter Sonsini, general partner at NEA, predicts that cloud services curation will help PaaS players broaden their reach and amplify their strategic impact within the technology landscape. Read more »


Github’s planned migration to a new 3-node MySQL cluster didn’t go as planned, resulting in outages Monday and Tuesday. In addition, Github’s status site, which runs on Heroku, had its own problems, acccording to a Github post-mortem published Friday. Read more »


In-Q-Tel which finds and vets strategic technology for use by the CIA and other intelligence agencies, has given a boost (and some money) to Huddle, the UK provider of cloud collaboration services. Together they”re working on a version for use by US government entities. Read more »

Amazon Web Services
photo: Flickr/Will Merydith

Amazon — which knows a thing or two about online marketplaces — is launching one for Amazon Web Services customers who may have over-provisioned their EC2 reserved instances. Now they can buy or sell those instances with other AWS customers Read more »


It’s bad enough when Twitter or Facebook fail, but when Github goes down, real work is affected. And Github has now gone down twice in two days. Developers want to know: what’s up with that? Read more »

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