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Enterprises unnerved by the bring-your-own-device movement that many had promoted are now trying to lock down employees’ own devices for security purposes. The unintended consequence is that many of those employees, frustrated by these restrictions, just use unsanctioned devices instead. Read more »


Desktop virtualization and cloud computing vendor Citrix Systems is expanding into the mobile infrastructure market, announcing on Thursday it plans to acquire mobile traffic optimization company Bytemobile. The companies didn’t disclose the terms of the deal, but they expect it to close in the third quarter. Read more »

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Privatecore, a startup launched by two VMware veterans, aims to build a secure hypervisor to protect virtualized cloud computing workloads from physical threat. It will use $2.25 million in seed funding from Foundation Capital to staff up for that effort. Read more »

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In a move to expand its utility beyond simply finding better answers to known statistical problems, hot data-science startup Kaggle is now letting its stable of expert data scientists compete to tell companies how they can improve their businesses using machine learning. Read more »

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If there were any doubts that the gulf between consumery social networking sites and the stodgier world of enterprise software is narrowing, Oracle’s plan to buy Collective Intellect should erase them. Collective Intellect’s social intelligence solutions monitor consumer conversations on Facebook and Twitter. Read more »

Structure 2011 opening remarks.

From the beginning of Amazon Web Services in 2006 to the current state of webscale and cloud vendors, the concept of cloud computing, webscale firms and corporate IT have taken a crazy journey, and at Structure, I’ve had a front trow seat for most of it. Read more »

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All right all you big data nerds — it’s time to suit up for the NIST’s Big Data workshop slated for next week. The event will focus on what state-of-the-art core technologies will drive big data and how to ensure accuracy of big data processes. Read more »

Another highly distributed system.

Modern web-scale applications like Google, Twitter, Netflix, LinkedIn, and others are implemented as distributed systems as opposed to single monolithic codebases. Surprisingly, modern startups are generally built the same way. So what can startups learn from web apps? Read more »


For renowned computer hacker turned security consultant Kevin Mitnick, his online life is like one big playground game. “It’s like I’m the king of the mountain,” Mitnick says, “and everybody wants to take me down.” He has found a knight, though, in cloud provider FireHost. Read more »


Next week, legacy tech powers Hewlett-Packard, Oracle and Microsoft will vie for the spotlight as they set forth their cloud computing game plans at closely scheduled events. All three have prodigious resources and all three lag far behind cloud giant Amazon Web Services. Read more »


For power company ABB, DC — or direct current — is the future of the data center. This week ABB and IT firm Green opened up a new DC-powered expansion at Green’s data center, which the companies say is the most powerful use of DC for a data center. Read more »


Meteor, the startup behind a hot new real-time JavaScript framework, has scored $9 million in initial funding from Andreessen Horowitz, sources said. Developers like being able to use the same APIs on both client and server devices and without having to touch servers. Read more »


A startup called Datahero launched on Thursday with a new cloud service that makes visualizing data as simple as a few mouse clicks, and $1 million in seed funding. The company’s ultimate goal is to make big data something you or I could do. Read more »


Cloud storage player gets $13.6 million from newbie OpenView Venture Partners and existing investors with the conspicuous exception of Amazon, which ponied up $9M last time out. Sonian will use the money to bring CAD and medical images into its managed/searchable cloud service. Read more »

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