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In-Q-Tel which finds and vets strategic technology for use by the CIA and other intelligence agencies, has given a boost (and some money) to Huddle, the UK provider of cloud collaboration services. Together they”re working on a version for use by US government entities. Read more »

Amazon Web Services
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Amazon — which knows a thing or two about online marketplaces — is launching one for Amazon Web Services customers who may have over-provisioned their EC2 reserved instances. Now they can buy or sell those instances with other AWS customers Read more »

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It’s bad enough when Twitter or Facebook fail, but when Github goes down, real work is affected. And Github has now gone down twice in two days. Developers want to know: what’s up with that? Read more »

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Flash storage startup Nimble Storage has raised another $40 million in preparation for an IPO within the next two years. The company, which builds appliances fusing both flash and hard disk drives, is part of a hot flash market that’s raking in venture capital. Read more »


Microsoft has spent billions to make Bing a search contender against the heavyweight champ Google. Now it’s inviting users to judge for themselves with an online contest. Check it out and let us know how it goes. Read more »

Basho CTO Justin Sheehy

Basho says its Riak CS object store will fit nicely into the CloudStack open-source cloud platform. As service providers and enterprises look for Amazon S3 compatible storage, entries like Riak CS and DreamHost’s new Ceph-based store could be viable options. Read more »

In this analyst roundtable discussion, our experts will discuss best practices for interpreting customer big data and techniques for integrating Hadoop, among other topics. Join GigaOM Pro and Autonomy on Sept. 5 and participate in the live discussion. Read more »


Frustrated by a lack of hardware innovation, gaming fan favorite Valve Software is taking matters into its own hands and is seeking industrial engineering expertise. That could mean that the rumored Valve Steambox is on its way. Read more »

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