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Selling customers on the cloud as a set of technologies that will improve their business and agility is fine, but vendors need to be able to back up those lofty claims with experienced teams that can really deliver on the promise of the cloud. Read more »

LEGO to work_kennymatic

Amazon has proven that developers are happy to outsource the data center, and Salesforce has proven that end users and IT organizations are content to consume a Web-based application — but what about all the core functions in between? Enter the providers of business process APIs. Mayfield’s Robin Vasan offers an overview of the emerging area. Read more »

Facebook's Prineville data center

We know that Facebook is building a storage facility next to its Prineville data center, but in a conversation ahead of our Structure Europe event this month in Amsterdam I spoke with Facebook’s Jay Parikh to learn more about Facebook’s data center for digital packrats. Read more »

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