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Former Yahoo cloud VP Todd Papaioannou and Facebook engineer Jonathan Gray are trying to big data for programmers with a new platform service called Continuuity. It’s a development environment and runtime layer that sits atop a company’s Hadoop infrastructure and abstracts the complexity of writing apps. Read more »

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When cartoonist Scott Adams decides that cloudwashing has become too much to take, maybe it’s time to give this annoying practice the boot. Sooooo … what do you say Oracle, HP, IBM, Microsoft? Can we agree to put the mindless use of the C-word on ice? Read more »

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Simply moving to the cloud isn’t an environmental strategy. Now, says Eirikur Hrafnsson of GreenQloud, the conversation has shifted to how we can make the cloud more sustainable and resilient in a 24/7 connected and data-hungry world. Read more »

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With consumers increasingly turning to ecommerce and web-to-store shopping, brick-and-mortar stores utilizing cloud technology to ensure their associates have the right information at the right moment will in turn have an edge on their competition. Join GigaOM Pro and Box on Oct. 24 to learn more. Read more »

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