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Newvem has tested its analytics with customer data for 8 months and says its key finding is that customers need to hear how use of Amazon services will make them more profitable. Saving money is one thing, making money is better. Read more »

BetterFit CEO Julia Winn
photo: Barb Darrow

There is no shortage of ambition in this class of startups. NDB Nano claims to turn air into water; Ovuline “makes” babies; Careport automates post-hospital care; BetterFit aims to take the trial-and-error out of medications; and Urban Hero has reinvented the spring. Read more »

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Kiji resides in the lower left section

HBase is a great option for developing big data applications, but it’s not necessarily easy to use. WibiData is addressing this by open sourcing a portion of its predictive analytics infrastructure that adds structure to data, followed eventually by a whole HBase development framework called Kiji. Read more »

Team Continuuity
photo: Continuuity

Hadoop is nothing without applications, and Continuuity aims to deliver those apps by making Hadoop something developers can work and innovate with. Its efforts haven’t gone unnoticed — the company just closed a $10 million Series A round from a who’s who of big data VCs. Read more »

Drew Houston, Dropbox - GigaOM RoadMap 2011

Dropbox is an online storage success story and if recent numbers are to believed, then it is headed for even greater glory. Competition from Google has not impacted their growth. And now mobile phone makers like HTC have already helped it become really big. Read more »

photo: Google

Google opened up on its data center operations today at an industry event in Phoenix. It shared how its thinking and practices have changed as it seeks to lower the costs and environment impact of its servers and IT infrastructure. Read more »

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photo: Julia de Boer Photography

DataSift raised another $15 million in venture capital, bringing its total investment to nearly $30 million. In this video from Structure: Europe, DataSift Founder and CTO Nick Halstead describes how the company handles the firehose of social media data it receives. Read more »


One hurdle to corporate adoption of PaaSes is customer concern about being locked into one vendor’s platform. A new Cloud Foundry app will let them, in real time, see which of several Cloud Foundry PaaSes will run their workloads. Read more »


Zoomdata has a plan for business intelligence that involves tacking the difficult problem of streaming data, and doing so with a mobile-device-first mindset. The result is pretty and compelling in theory, but it’s technologically challenging and will face tough competition from new and old vendors alike. Read more »

Amazon Web Services
photo: Flickr/Will Merydith

Cloudability says its analytics can cut your overall cloud services cost. Available now for Amazon Web Services, support is coming for other major cloud service providers, A raft of companies have sprung up to help companies get a better grip on their cloud spend. Read more »

Box Logo

Box will use six Equinix IBX data centers worldwide to serve the business users of its file-sharing and storage solution. Up till now, Box had no data center capacity outside the US although more than half of its customers were international. Read more »

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison

It never ends. Oracle says its latest acquisition — Instantis — will make it a bigger player in cloud-based project portfolio management. Instantis capabilities will be combined with Fusion and Primavera functions, the company said. Oracle competes with — who else? — SAP in this space. Read more »

NodeFly team
photo: NodeFly

Developers love Node.js for building web applications. But they need better, more user-friendly application monitoring tools to see what goes on in the innards of what they build. That’s where NodeFly’s new APM suite comes in, says NodeFly CEO Glen Lougheed. Read more »

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