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Early attempts at cloud-based video gaming were a flop. Roy Bahat, of OUYA, says it’s still a worthy pursuit, but should be based on a new generation of games built specifically to take advantage of the cloud’s supercomputing strengths. Read more »

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VMware CEO Paul Maritz

VMware plans to turn over SpringSource, Cloud Foundry, GemStone and other non-core technologies over to a new EMC-owned subsidiary, GigaOM has learned. The move helps separate the money-making, enterprise-focused VMware business from the future CloudFoundry unit that will compete against Amazon and Microsoft Azure. Read more »

Apprenda CEO Sinclair Schuller
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Apprenda, a true believer in private Platform as a Service, is embracing the hybrid cloud with its latest release. CEO Sinclair Schuller said many companies are ready to test out at least some workloads in a public cloud. Read more »

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Historically, the public and private sectors have had different priorities. But Chris C. Kemp, CEO of Nebula and co-founder of OpenStack, says it doesn’t have to be that way. The key to aligning their goals is open-source projects. Read more »

competitive advantage
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Competitive advantage used to come from using pricey enterprise applications to create operational efficiencies. Ross Mason of MuleSoft says SaaS and APIs have killed that model, and the future belongs to companies that integrate applications to discover new business models. Read more »

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