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Box will use six Equinix IBX data centers worldwide to serve the business users of its file-sharing and storage solution. Up till now, Box had no data center capacity outside the US although more than half of its customers were international. Read more »

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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison

It never ends. Oracle says its latest acquisition — Instantis — will make it a bigger player in cloud-based project portfolio management. Instantis capabilities will be combined with Fusion and Primavera functions, the company said. Oracle competes with — who else? — SAP in this space. Read more »

NodeFly team
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Developers love Node.js for building web applications. But they need better, more user-friendly application monitoring tools to see what goes on in the innards of what they build. That’s where NodeFly’s new APM suite comes in, says NodeFly CEO Glen Lougheed. Read more »

Hurricane Sandy

After Sandy, disaster recovery is on everyone’s minds. But for companies who can’t find the budget for a full-on business continuity plan, here’s a way to start small by focusing on your post-disaster communications plan. this ensures you keep in touch with customers and employees. Read more »

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