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Macheen CEO Richard Schwartz

Macheen, a company trying to provide retailers and device makers with mobile broadband service, launched today and could possibly fill a much-needed niche as more and more people buy connected devices but don’t want to sign up for more data plans. Read more »

photo: Infochimps co-founder Flip Kromer

Infochimps is attempting to build a data market, and in doing so, the company is wading into some of the messiest and most unstructured data around, attempting to clean it up and put it up for sale. I talk to co-founder Flip Kromer about the challenges. Read more »


With the number of cloud-based mobile services expected to explode in the next few years, Finnish stealth startup Blaast — which says it is working on the world’s first true cloud operating system for phones — has raised a substantial seed round from European investors. Read more »

everyone's welcome

Flexible PaaS startup DotCloud has raised $800,000 in angel funding, although it should be seeing a lot more if its alignment with the evolution of the platform-as-a-service space is any indication. DotCloud prides itself on simplicity, but it sets itself apart by providing a flexible platform. Read more »

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DynamicOps has raised $11 million in Series B funding from Sierra Ventures, Next World Capital and investment bank Credit Suisse’s Next II venture group. Given its already-solid foundation, the new capital could go a long way toward making DynamicOps a household name in the private-cloud space. Read more »


Data marketplaces add value when they combine facts drawn from different data sets. However, as new products are created to accomplish this, the relationship between suppliers, the original data and those who download or buy it changes, with trust becoming a critical part of that relationship. Read more »


After hemorrhaging cash for the better part of a decade and filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy twice in three years, it looks like storied server and supercomputer maker SGI might actually turn a profit again. It’s plan involves everything from diversification to, unfortunately, cutting personnel costs. Read more »

changing guard

Cloud-design guru Randy Bias has stepped down as CEO of the company he co-founded, Cloudscaling, but will remain on as CTO. Bias wrote on this blog today that Michael Grant is coming on board as CEO so that Bias can focus on technical innovation, his forte. Read more »


Juniper Networks unveiled a new data center architecture that will flatten out the network layer to improve performance, scale and manageability. Called QFabric, the new product line will help customers to create a fabric of servers, storage and networking from their data center resources. Read more »

free beer

Add Microsoft to the list of cloud providers offering free usage levels for their cloud offerings, as the company is now offering 750 free hours of Windows Azure usage. Like most things free, though, there is a catch. Read more »


There’s a divide within data centers today between the people who manage data center cooling, power and security systems and the folks that manage the IT side of data centers. But right now the efficiencies of IT have more to offer the future of greener data centers. Read more »


Shortly after its second-quarter earnings statement revealed a rapidly growing server business, Cisco this revealed Tuesday morning its server-customer count was nearing 4,000 as of Jan. 29. That’s an impressive number considering that Cisco’s Unified Computing System server business has only been shipping since September 2009. Read more »


While the U.S. government sets the bar low for residential broadband at 100 megabits per second, the telecommunications infrastructure guys are laughing all the way to the bank as demand for 100 gigabits per second pipes is expected by the telecommunications and computing infrastructure players. Read more »

skyscraper build

Cloud computing represents a fundamental technical and business trend, but there are barriers in cloud computing that limit broad cloud-based deployment of scaled enterprise-class services. Hybrid clouds will overcome some of these barriers, but the future requires improvements in cloud architectures and virtualization technologies. Read more »

Swiss flag

Switzerland-based cloud provider CloudSigma opened a U.S. office this week, the first step in what could be a successful attempt to bring its unique brand of cloud computing to the United States. CloudSigma’s “freedom through technology” approach stands out in its resemblance to traditional colocation services. Read more »

Watson schooling Jeopardy champions. Source: IBM
photo: IBM

President Obama’s budget is asking for $126 million for the Department of Energy to reach a supercomputing milestone — exascale performance. Research paid for by these millions could create more power-efficient silicon and networking technologies that will benefit information technology in general. Plus we’d get faster supercomputers. Read more »

IBM Watson

Aaccording to one machine-learning expert, one key takeaway from Watson’s “Jeopardy!” victory is simple: humans are very smart. That a system such as Watson can understand natural language is a huge step forward, but it’s still only as good as its data and algorithms. Read more »


While many of today’s companies talk a good game, many are just paying lip-service to cloud computing when it comes to mission-critical tasks. We’ll examine what areas and applications within the enterprise stand to gain the most in our free webinar on March 3. Read more »

Cash stack

CacheIQ announced earlier this week that it has raised $6 million for its network file system caching product that offloads data to either DRAM or flash memory. Assuming it can gain a toehold against some established competition, CacheIQ chose a wise market to enter. Read more »

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