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Rackspace and Akamai have entered into a relationship through which Rackspace will resell a wide range of Akamai’s CDN services across Rackspace’s business lines. The partnership appears to be another indicator that Rackspace is doing everything it can to put pressure on Amazon Web Services. Read more »


The big items today were the resignations at Microsoft and AMD, but there are a couple other important goings on, like Oracle getting sued for essentially the same behavior that accused SAP of committing, and Switch Communications planning a huge expansion for its SuperNAP data center. Read more »

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MeghaWare, when it officially launches in the spring, will give users a single portal to view and manage the entirety of their web identities — from Google Apps to Netflix to, interestingly, Amazon S3. It’s a strange combination of services, until you consider the business model. Read more »

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Cloud CRM provider Salesforce has announced the acquisition of web conferencing and meeting tools provider Dimdim. Salesforce says that it will use Dimdim’s presence and on-demand meeting and collaboration technologies and development team to add new real-time communication capabilities to its Chatter collaboration platform. Read more »


Amazon Web Services has made available two additional support options for customers of its cloud computing services. Customers can now choose from the Bronze level, which costs $49 a month, or the Platinum level, which costs at least $15,000 a month. Read more »


I really do hate CES. Not because I dislike gadgets or the saturation of CES stories in the media, but because I live in Las Vegas. Try getting a table at a restaurant in any Strip property anywhere. Or, better yet, don’t — you won’t succeed. Read more »


Despite the fact that it’s still a mystery how big the cloud computing business really is, it’s already having huge effects on the IT world, including shortening the timeline from idea to product, maximizing profit per server and changing CIOs’ jobs. Read more »

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In the case of the following companies (and one open-source project) — ranging from Cisco to Twitter — I think that although they made lots of headlines in the past year, the true effects of their actions won’t be realized until later this year. Read more »


Gluster today announced streaming music pioneer Pandora as a customer, which is telling in a couple ways. It helps validate the billions that large vendors and investors have poured into scale-out storage providers, and it suggests a possible target market for these providers going forward. Read more »


Among the most interesting cloud discussions around the web today were those about what we learned about cloud computing in 2010, how Net Neutrality will affect the delivery of cloud services and what cloud providers presently offer the most-complete portfolios. Read more »


Hadoop startup Cloudera has rounded out its support of the Apache Software Foundation by becoming a Silver-level sponsor. Cloudera already contributes code and personnel to the Apache Hadoop project and Cloudera’s Doug Cutting (and Hadoop creator) is the ASF chairman. Read more »


Heading into the new year, there are a lot of questions, including whether Netflix is a friend of open source and whether Facebook will build more data centers. In some cases, such as Apple move into cloud services, the only question remaining is “when?”. Read more »


In 2010, the rapid growth of the application and mobile-driven internet pushed APIs into the spotlight. Fueled by new device platforms and cloud computing, 2010 saw a two-fold increase in new APIs per month over 2009, with more than 2,600 APIs counted in ProgrammableWeb’s API directory. Read more »


Some of the most creative uses of cloud computing use a hybrid of cloud servers and conventional servers to provide the best of both worlds. But there are disadvantages to such an approach, so here’s how engineering organizations have designed hybrid architectures to counter issues. Read more »

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The transition to cloud computing won’t realize its potential until more vendors and buyers fully understand security requirements in the cloud. By establishing basic security requirements early and discussing these five questions, companies can position projects for success and avoid common security-related issues. Read more »


Thanks to SaaS, the marketplace for business software in many ways reflects the way consumers have acquired web-based goods and services for years. The expectation is that by making the technology easy to acquire, early customers will use it and influence broader adoption in their organizations. Read more »

Pan for Gold Pays Off

In the last 18 months, Dell, HP, IBM and EMC spent almost $10 billion on data storage and warehousing companies. This all-out gold rush was driven by a massive consolidation wave sparked by Cisco’s entry into the server market and Oracle’s acquisition of Sun. Read more »

I reported earlier this week on Amazon’s new VM Import service, which some have described as a Hotel California for VMware images. Today, I received word from Amazon Web Services that it’s planning to address this issue, to a degree, as the offering evolves. Read more »


Given the myriad technological, political and cultural obstacles, what chance is there that cloud computing or Green IT will be there within the next 12 months, or that something will convince Apple to open up? I’d say “minimal,” but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Read more »

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Data warehousing firm Teradata said it will buy cloud-based integrated marketing software provider Aprimo for $525 million. The deal will help Teradata bolster its analytics and business intelligence services by adding Aprimo’s suite of integrated marketing applications to help enterprises wrangle their stored data for profits. Read more »

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