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Using Hadoop to process data for targeted web advertising efforts is nothing new, but this week, two companies in the video advertising space also stepped forward to highlight how Hadoop is helping them deliver the right ads to the right viewers for their clients. Read more »

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Consumer electronics recommendation engine Retrevo launched a new feature this morning that challenges the Amazon Marketplace. However, for Retrevo to meet its lofty goals of dethroning Amazon even in this single category, it will have to rely on the accuracy of its machine-learning algorithms. Read more »

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Intel has bought Netherlands-based, system-on-chip startup Silicon Hive in an attempt to make Intel’s low-power Atom processor more appealing across a variety of devices. The most important market will be mobile devices, but it looks like the embedded processor and server markets could be potential targets. Read more »

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Just over than a month after discontinuing its Hadoop distribution to focus on the flagship Apache Hadoop project, Yahoo is proposing some changes to the Hadoop MapReduce component that could significantly improve processing performance. The proposal illustrates just how beneficial Yahoo’s renewed focus could be. Read more »


As we build technology into everything, creating entertainment, recommendation services and applications that can deliver whatever we need at the moment we ask, a new breed of application is being born, and the currency of this new breed of application is the application programming interface. Read more »

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Yesterday, HP CEO Leo Apotheker laid out his vision for the company’s cloud computing future, but given HP’s all-but-non-existent cloud strategy until this point, it’s difficult to believe the company can be a real competitor until it actually starts to deliver what Apotheker is promising. Read more »


IBM and Revolution Analytics have brought together SQL queries and predictive analytics by integrating R Enterprise statistical analysis software with IBM’s Netezza TwinFin data warehouse appliance. It’s part of a significant evolution in analytics strategies as big data becomes a big issue for all types organizations. Read more »


Animoto’s new partner program will put it in front of millions of potential new users. By hooking into photo galleries offered by Kodak and others and striking revenue-share deals, the program could increase usage of the service and revenues that it collects. Read more »


Microsoft is developing a new big data tool called Dryad. Dryad and the associated programming model, DryadLINQ, simplify the process of running data-intensive applications across hundreds, or even thousands, of machines running Windows HPC Server. Dryad builds upon lessons learned from Hadoop, but differs in some significant ways. Read more »

Calxeda CEO Barry Evans

Calxeda, the company building servers out of clusters of cell phone chips, to optimize power efficiency, has briefed analysts about its upcoming products. The results look compelling according to Forrester analyst Richard Fichera, who recommends that IT pros consider ARM servers in their strategic technology plans. Read more »


The move toward cloud computing and webscale computing has helped Intel drive its earnings higher, while, a number of startups clearly see an opportunity to redesign servers and try new chip archiectures to deliver more power efficient performance for different workloads. But where is AMD? Read more »

New tech to cram more bits in your hertz.

Infinera has demonstrated that it can built an optic transmitter capable of delivering multi-terabit speeds, paving the way for growth of the next generation of the Internet. The world is moving toward 100 Gbps in the coming years, but this enables growth for decades to come. Read more »


Cloud provider Tier3 announced this morning that it has secured $8.5 million from Ignition Capital and Madrona Venture Group to fund its “enterprise platform-as-a-service” offering, a term that might not be entirely accurate, but that might actually be indicative of a forthcoming trend in cloud marketing. Read more »

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Private cloud software startup announced that both Tata Communications and Logicworks have selected’s CloudStack software as the foundation of their IaaS offerings, suggesting that it’s still service providers that seem to be buying the most cloud computing software. Read more »

Nick McKeown speaking on Open Flow at Structure 2010

NEC has delivered a new type of experimental switch to European research institutions based on OpenFlow packet routing. The goal of OpenFlow is to fundamentally re-architect the Internet in a way that allows networks to be more flexible even as more data goes over them. Read more »


VMware has expanded its cloud computing reach once again by acquiring WaveMaker, a startup focused on letting users build cloud applications without having to write code. It’s just the latest move by VMware to grow its platform business by bringing in all the developers it can. Read more »


The giants of the web are taking on the giants in the telecommunications industry when it comes to optical networking. Google and Facebook are unhappy with the way the optical gear makers are building their wares, citing a slow time frame for products and uncessary features. Read more »

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Hot private-cloud startup Nimbula is getting in on the ecosystem act, announcing this morning a partner program currently comprised of Opscode, Puppet Labs, Scalr, enStratus and Cloud Cruiser. It’s more proof that it’s very difficult to go it alone in the cloud computing software space. Read more »

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Rackspace is now offering official support services for the OpenStack cloud platform under the moniker of Rackspace Cloud Builders. Until now, companies wishing to deploy OpenStack-based cloud offerings had to either rely on community members for informal support or seek out third-party consultants. Read more »


OpSource stepped up its enterprise cloud push again today, bundling advanced networking and security capabilities into its public cloud offering free of charge. Giving away what once commanded a relatively high fee seems like a bold move, but it has everything to do with staying competitive. Read more »


A battle rages for the hearts, minds and wallets of cloud computing’s users. Public, hybrid and private clouds each deliver clear value for today’s enterprise customers, but it can’t be many more years before the public cloud’s ubiquity and economies of scale win over alternative models. Read more »


We’re in the midst of a computing implosion: a re-centralization of resources driven by virtualization, many-core CPUs, GPU computing, flash memory, and high-speed networking. We have a lot to watch over the next few years: what I like to call the coming of the Super Server. Read more »

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