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Boston-based cloud computing startup CloudBees has received $4 million to advance its vision of building a top-to-bottom Java Platform as a Service (PaaS). CloudBees already offers a Java development Platform as a Service, but its plans include a production-ready Java runtime PaaS called RUN@cloud. Read more »


The cloud provides resources that organizations requiring HPC have never had access to before without buying their own clusters. GPUs are everywhere and proving adept at boosting performance. It seems likely that future HPC architectures will be a lot more virtual and a lot less CPU-centric. Read more »

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fault line

Many groups within the IT organization have significant stakes in the decision-making process when it comes to moving production applications to virtualized servers or to the cloud. One group in particular, the application owners, can take opposing viewpoints when it comes to these two technologies. Read more »


In 2009, Cisco launched its Unified Computing System. It signaled to data center equipment vendors that the separation between servers, networking, and storage was gone. With that single move, the industry set forth on a course to consolidate. Here’s a play by play since then: Read more »


Three years ago, I spent a few post-Thanksgiving hours wondering whether applying the cloud label to everything – now commonly referred to as “cloudwashing” – was a wise idea. In the meantime, marketers correctly decided it was, but concern over the wisdom of overusing buzzwords hasn’t gone away. Read more »

riding the wave

Matthew Aslett at The 451 Group posted some Google Trends graphs showing that searches for “Hadoop” far exceed searches for “big data.” I ran some of my own to dig deeper. Users, it seems, are just concerned with tools to help them ride the big data wave. Read more »


Today’s links demonstrate that there’s a long way to go before we have issues like cloud computing and web infrastructure figured out, but also that we’re making progress: Twitter teaches lessons on scaling, Google runs test queries, and IBM Research is tackling cloud privacy. Read more »


The U.S. health care system remains one of the most fragmented, expensive and inefficient health systems on the planet. But cloud computing is fast-becoming a solution that could re-configure how we think about health care delivery — and the cost of it — in the years to come. Read more »

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Thanksgiving Turkey

Perhaps it’s in the nature of sharing that the Thanksgiving week kicks off with a lot of talk about open source: Novell gets bought, Cisco might be eying up an open source router play, and VoltDB has developed Hadoop integration. Read more »

green racks

Menlo Park-based nlyte Software has closed a $12 million round founded on the promise for nlyte’s data center infrastructure management (DCIM) product. In an IT world dominated by discussions about server virtualization and cloud computing, however, I wonder just who is buying into the DCIM vision. Read more »

Patent  Defined

Attachmate, a privately held software vendor, bought Novell, the once-powerful enterprise networking player, for $2.2 billion. The interesting part of this story, however, is not who bought Novell, but who didn’t – namely, VMware. In fact, bitter VMware rival Microsoft might end up with some valuable assets. Read more »

va tech data center

The analogy goes that with more organizations hosting applications in the cloud, and with data volumes skyrocketing, the data center takes the place of the on-premise server. If that’s the case, the cloud computing management software must be the new operating system, so scalability is critical. Read more »


Both corporate IT and web operations geeks matter greatly to you if you are building a technology start-up because these are your customers but, depending on what you are building, you may not be able to or want to span web/corporate IT divide in version 1.0. Read more »

evolution reader

We’re beginning to see some real shifts in architectures, even for cutting-edge technologies. Today, for instance, IBM Research announced a HDFS alternative, ZT has an ARM-based server on the market, and Cloudscaling takes a look at the relation between grid-, cloud- and high-performance computing. Read more »

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A pair of New York Times researchers have been poring over the newspaper’s data, looking for a way to understand the way influence plays out online. The work shows how organizations are looking to mine their data to find ways to improve their operations. Read more »


It was a bittersweet day: The FCC moved to Terremark’s cloud, while some discussed why users aren’t embracing it; Juniper bought Blackwave, which doesn’t bode well for CDNs; NetApp had a good Q2 but a questionable forecast; and Gear6′s fall means great product for Violin Memory. Read more »

crumbling wall

Here’s reason to stop doubting the potential of cloud computing: OpenStack is on pace to deliver updates to its open-source platform, HPC in the cloud is a reality, Qualcomm is embracing it, and a new set of security tools is available. The barriers are all crumbling. Read more »


Marc Benioff, Paul Maritz and Andy Jassy shared the stage at Web 2.0 to talk about the democratizing effect of the cloud: a fair word choice when discussing the underlying value proposition for cloud computing, but not necessarily when discussing their respective roles in it. Read more »


The OpSource cloud is built atop VMware, and a switch to vSPhere 4 means customers can now deploy eight-core, 64GB. Large instances are critical for cloud providers targeting enterprises and complex applications, and OpSource is among a small number of providers offering this much performance. Read more »


Today, we have either-or questions, like whether cloud computing kill virtualization, or if NoSQL replace SQL in the cloud. But the news proves the answers lie in the gray area, such as Facebook choosing HBase, AWS getting ISO certification, and another complement to the CPU. Read more »


What’s fascinating to hear how a company that deals in analytics and mobile-device management software approaches these issues within its own walls. For SAP, that means embracing the iPad as a business tool, dumping CRM databases in-memory and tracking carbon emissions down to the molecule. Read more »


AWS’s GPU Instances aside, today is all about money. On top of the $2.25 billion EMC is paying for Isilon, scale-out SAN vendor Coraid closed a $25 million Series B round, and one research firm predicts NoSQL to be a $1.8 billion market by 2015. Read more »


EMC Corp. said today it will acquire scale-out storage provider Isilon Systems in an all-cash deal worth $2.25 billion. The deal is one of several high-profile acquisitions and fundings in the storage space as companies try to handle the data created by our online activity. Read more »


Amazon Web Services upped its HPC portfolio by offering servers that will run GPUs. The move comes on the heels of AWS releasing its Cluster Compute Instances, and validates the idea that specialized hardware may be better suited for certain types of computing in the cloud. Read more »


It’s a big news Friday. On the NoSQL front, Microsoft is giving Membase and MongoDB some love, while CouchOne distances itself from the term. In the cloud world, there was another revenue prediction, Appistry and Dell teaming on cloud storage, and Eucalyptus potentially working with OpenStack. Read more »


Though it’s tempting to assume the proliferation of cloud computing dramatically changes the way database administrators work, that may not actually be the case. obin Schumacher, director of product strategy at EnterpriseDB, takes a look at what the cloud means for today’s database administrators. Read more »

internet map bike rack

With computing figured out, the next frontier of innovation in cloud computing looks to be a t the network level. Today, for example, we see lots of competition for Akamai, AWS improving the upload process to overcome network reliability, and Extreme Networks winning VMware’s business. Read more »


Cloud application-platform provider Appistry has teamed with Accenture to develop Cloud MapReduce product. Cloud MapReduce is focused on real-time analysis of streaming data, and it complements Appistry’s distributed file system to form a Hadoop alternative for certain applications. Read more »


It’s all about disruption today: Apple OS X becoming a more-appealing server OS, NoSQL being too disruptive for some, ARM enabling high-performance server systems, Apache threatening to pull the plug on Java development, and IT vendors not getting that cloud computing is supposed to be disruptive. Read more »


Today’s new demonstrates just how young, but promising, the cloud really is. Engine Yard is adding users fast, streaming video is driving demand for computing resources, and Rackspace is growing its cloud revenue and offerings while battling a little negative PR from disgruntled users. Read more »

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