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The Apache Software Foundation resigned its seat on the Java SE/EE Executive Committee Thursday, according to a blog post and email sent out to committers. Apache had threatened to leave the committee last month over licensing concerns for its software. Read more »

Marc Benioff, CEO of, at Net:Work 2010 CEO Marc Benioff said embracing social media and collaboration can obliterate hierarchies and transform companies. And he should know. It’s already happening inside Salesforce with his enterprise social networking product Chatter. Benioff spoke at the GigaOM Net:Work conference about the company’s shift to social. Read more »


Amazon Web Services jumped on the mobile-application development bandwagon today with software development kits for both the Google Android and Apple iOS operating systems. The move underscores the need for cloud providers – even the mighty AWS – to target the increasingly important mobile-developer market. Read more »

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Believe it or not, there was cloud activity today outside of buying Heroku. What struck me was Oracle defining Java victory on its own terms, Microsoft announcing the forthcoming SQL Azure Reporting, SAP’s mission to change BI and open source expert Matt Asay leaving Canonical. Read more »


Marc Benioff’s insistence on calling a cloud computing company used to draw a few laughs. That’s been changing over the past several months with offerings like VMforce and, and its acquisition of PaaS pioneer Heroku for $212 million is the icing on the cake. Read more »

byronsebastian’s decision to buy Heroku for $212 million seems to be a giving Ruby developers a pause, making them wonder about the future of their beloved platform. Heroku CEO says there is no reason to worry, as he outlines the future plans and Salesforce’s intentions. Read more »


Salesforce is bulking up its position as a cloud platform for developers by agreeing to snap up Heroku, a Ruby application Platform-as-a-Service for $212 million. The deal will further establish Salesforce as a platform for app developers along with its VMforce enterprise cloud collaboration with VMware. Read more »

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There’s a lot to talk about today if you’re a cloud developer. Aside from, we have Amazon Web Services achieving PCI compliance, a rundown of developer-centric cloud strategies, an argument that services trumps APIs and a question on whether PaaS providers should publicize their shortcomings. Read more »

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Joyent today launched three new services targeted at online gaming studios. They’re noteworthy on their own because of the natural symbiosis between online and mobile games and cloud computing, but they’re also part of a greater trend of prepackaging cloud solutions for specific audiences. Read more »


Rackspace today launched two new services targeting the enterprise customers: Cloud Connect, which allows folks to seamlessly integrate Rackspace Cloud and dedicated hosting. Cloud Connect, which was released from beta at the beginning of November. Critical Sites is a monitoring service for large customers. Read more »


Nimbula Director is now available as a public beta release. Nimbula has received lots of attention since emerging from stealth mode in late June, primarily because of its founders’ pedigrees as the creators and builders of Amazon EC2, but now Nimbula’s product has to prove itself. Read more »


Cloud computing hopes to deliver convenient, on-demand access to shared pools of computing resources that can be provisioned with minimal effort. But since the virtualized environment becomes even more dynamic, complex and real-time in the cloud, the benefits of IT analytics become even more dramatic. Read more »


Since virtualization has created a dynamic management environment that defies human analysis, any new solution will need to be much more advanced than any approach requiring human interpretation and/or manual processes. The answer lies in advanced mathematics and automation found in “behavior learning” technology. Read more »


If you’ve been wondering why Enterprise 2.0 hasn’t taken off like it should, maybe it’s because companies have forgotten about business intelligence. Netvibes CEO Freddy Mini analyzes BI’s failure to adapt to the real-time web and offers a glimpse into what future of BI should be. Read more »


The advent of virtualization and cloud computing infrastructure has made conventional, rules-based approaches to systems management obsolete. But a new breed of performance management technology that uses machine learning and analytics, can enable end-to-end management in the cloud. But first, we need to understand the landscape. Read more »

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Amazon Web Services is taking its CloudWatch monitoring service to the next level, announcing on Friday morning a half-dozen new features. Cloud monitoring is becoming big business, so anything AWS can do to keep those dollars in-house is probably worth the effort. Read more »

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Chalk another one (two, actually) up for Hadoop. Among the big news today is Apple stepping up its Hadoop development efforts, and Datameer targeting social-gaming companies for its Hadoop-powered spreadsheet application. Elsewhere, data center spending is still high, and IBM is looking to revolutionize high-end processors. Read more »


Every day covering infrastructure forces one to think about what’s next, not just what’s happening right now. Today, that came in the form of thinking about many-core GPUs in mobile devices, and in considering how Big Data tools might find their way to the masses. Read more »

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Could 1.7 billion processor hours put a dent in the fight against climate change? That’s what the DOE is hoping, and this week unveiled a program to donate computing power from two super computers for dozens of projects working on energy innovation. Read more »


Cisco this morning announced its intent to acquire LineSider Technologies, a purchase that will give Cisco advanced capabilities in managed virtualized network resources. As Cisco evolves its cloud computing capabilities, especially, technologies that make network management more dynamic will make Cisco a more-appealing choice. Read more »


Aside from Red Hat buying Makara, the other big cloud news has to be Wikileaks using Amazon to host its Cablegate repository. The Wikileaks data aspect leads to two other interesting items today: Geostellar’s clean-energy analysis tool and Aster Data partnering to combine analytics and visualization. Read more »


Cloud startup Abiquo has closed a $10 million Series B funding round. Abiquo sells internal-cloud management software, making it one of many vendors fighting to establish a foothold in what many experts think will be a very lucrative market over the next few years. Read more »

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Today’s news underscores my feeling that 2011 will be a huge year for cloud computing. Aside from CloudBees’ funding, we have Mellanox buying Voltaire, rumors of Oracle buying, Enomaly continuing to push cloud brokerages, and questions about whether Intel’s Open Data Center Alliance can succeed. Read more »

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Boston-based cloud computing startup CloudBees has received $4 million to advance its vision of building a top-to-bottom Java Platform as a Service (PaaS). CloudBees already offers a Java development Platform as a Service, but its plans include a production-ready Java runtime PaaS called RUN@cloud. Read more »


The cloud provides resources that organizations requiring HPC have never had access to before without buying their own clusters. GPUs are everywhere and proving adept at boosting performance. It seems likely that future HPC architectures will be a lot more virtual and a lot less CPU-centric. Read more »

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