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Jason Hoffman (Joyent), Anant Agarwal (Tilera Corporation), Jason Waxman (Intel) - Structure 2011

The cloud may have driven down the cost of bandwidth and computing instances dramatically, but engineers shouldn’t take this as carte blanche to be wasteful with resources, said Intel’s GM of high density computing, Jason Waxman, at GigaOM’s Structure conference in San Francisco on Thursday. Read more »

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Jason Hoffman (Joyent), Anant Agarwal (Tilera Corporation), Partha Ranganathan (HP) - Structure 2011

The world is becoming a giant computer comprised of data centers, networks and devices on the fringe, but that’s not good enough. Datacenters need custom multi-core processors, improved memory and better software before we can gain the rich, immersive services that some computer scientists envision. Read more »

James Urquhart (Cisco), Luke Kanies (Puppet Labs ), Jesse Robbins (Opscode) - Structure 2011

Cloud computing technologies have helped remove many of the intrinsic barriers programmers used to encounter when developing, deploying and scaling software applications. Now, the biggest hurdles developers often face are human: their own corporate IT teams. That’s the problem DevOps aims to solve. Read more »


If there’s one thing that can make the idea of platform as a service (PaaS) succeed, it’s this: make it easy for developers. That was the overall consensus from a panel of execs working on the platform as a service at Structure 2011. Read more »

Derrick Harris (GigaOM), Nolan Goldberg (Proskauer LLP), Michelle Quinn (POLITICO Pro)

The move to the cloud requires a lot of discussion on the boundaries and expectations for data privacy in a cloud environment. The government’s approach to data privacy, in particular, is of great concern, from the legislation it enacts to the way law enforcement uses it. Read more »

Geva Perry (Thinking Out Cloud ), Mike Miller (Cloudant), Razi Sharir (Xeround), Jim Starkey (NimbusDB), Barry Zane (ParAccel) - Structure 2011

Cloud databases present their own challenges but opportunities abound for companies pushing the edge. That’s the word from a collection of cloud database executives who shared their views at the GigaOM Structure conference on the future of cloud databases. Read more »

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Jonathan Heiliger (Facebook), Sid Anand (Netflix), Claus Moldt (Salesforce), Jacob Rosenberg (Comcast), Kevin Scott (LinkedIn) - Structure 2011" src="" alt="Jonathan Heiliger (Facebook), Sid Anand (Netflix), Claus Moldt (Salesforce), Jacob Rosenberg (Comcast), Kevin Scott (LinkedIn) - Structure 2011

The old days of securing information with virtual barbed-wire fences are over. Today, security aspects have to be incorporated into software applications from the ground floor to ensure safety. And whether an application is hosted in the cloud or on a native server is almost moot. Read more »

John Stankey - President and CEO, AT&T Business Solutions - Structure 2011

AT&T isn’t going after Amazon or Microsoft with its cloud computing offerings. But the company does see a natural intersection between the cloud and its business of infrastructure and managed service and mobility, said John Stankey, AT&T’s president and CEO of business solutions. Read more »

Teresa Lunt - VP and Director of the Computing Science Laboratory, PARC, a Xerox company - Structure 2011

PARC is working on a new networking technology that would make it possible for end users to connect with each other through “a Facebook without” With Content-Centric Networking, data would self-organize, benefiting both end users and enterprises. First commercial applications could emerge within 18 months. Read more »

att cloud

AT&T is making another big push into the CDN market, leveraging its existing network infrastructure along with CDN software from Edgecast to offer content delivery services to its large base of Fortune 1000 clients. The new offering will include a massive boost in capacity and storage. Read more »

Lew Moorman (Rackspace), Derek Collison (VMware), Frank Frankovsky (Facebook), Forrest Norrod (Dell) - Structure 2011" title="Lew Moorman (Rackspace), Derek Collison (VMware), Frank Frankovsky (Facebook), Forrest Norrod (Dell) - Structure 2011

While open standards give customers options, execs from Dell, VMware and Facebook said the availability of free computing options isn’t necessarily the death of innovation. However, businesses that wish to survive will need to provide value over and above the commoditized aspects of open computing platforms. Read more »


Michael Chertoff, the former head of the Department of Homeland Security, said that with the explosion of open data flowing from the Internet and social networks, the key to improved security is to capture that information and analyze it for signals that yield important insights. Read more »

Satya Nadella - President, Server and Tools Business, Microsoft - Structure 2011

It would be understandable for people to view Microsoft Azure, the company’s enterprise cloud hosting service, as a direct competitive play. After all, the product was launched in February 2010, well after Microsoft’s fellow software giants Amazon and Google had positioned themselves in the cloud computing […] Read more »

Om Malik, Joe Weinman, Stacey Higginbotham at Structure 2011

After years of debating what cloud computing really is, we’re finally starting to get a clearer picture. Today and tomorrow at Structure 2011, we’ll look at how the cloud landscape is shaping up. Click here to watch the live stream. Read more »


Simon Crosby is leaving his post as data center and virtualization CTO at Citrix Systems to launch a new company called Bromium that will utilize virtualization technology to tackle cloud computing security. The company raised $9.2 million from Andreessen Horowitz, Ignition Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners. Read more »


For decades, innovation in the chip industry has largely been governed by the needs of personal computers. But thanks to the proliferation of connected mobile devices, the growth of the consumer web and services available online and on-demand, the PC’s influence on chip design is fading. Read more »

3crowd ui

Technology startup 3Crowd just made the process of managing and rolling out a CDN even easier, by rolling out an updated user interface for its CrowdDirector CDN management product that gives its users an at-a-glance view of all the CDN and caching resources available to them. Read more »

SolidFire hopes to shrink the size of storage systems.

Cloud storage startup SolidFire is giving cloud providers early access to its solid-state-disk-based systems for storing customers’ data. The Atlanta-based company is building SSD-based appliances that it says will help ease the migration of enterprise applications into the cloud by significantly boosting storage performance. Read more »

bridge the gap

IDC today released the results of a report finding that the cloud services market by $72.9 billion by 2015, drive almost entirely by Software as a Service. This suggests — likely accurately — that SaaS is the key to cloud computing ubiquity. Read more »


Zynga has been releasing details about its innovative hybrid cloud deployment, called Z Cloud, over the past year, and it has finally revealed the final piece of the puzzle. Namely, that the private cloud component of its infrastructure was built using’s CloudStack software. Read more »


Today the Brookings Institute will host a panel discussion about proposed legislation called the Cloud Computing Act of 2011. I spoke this morning with panelist Dan Reed of Microsoft about his thoughts on the draft legislation, based on what he has seen of it. Read more »


Vivek Kundra, the U.S.’ first Chief Information Officer, is stepping down later this summer to take a fellowship position at Harvard University. Kundra has worked to transition the federal government to the cloud while strengthening cybersecurity and promoting more transparency and openness. Read more »

scottmcnealy feature
photo: Yuichi.Sakuraba

WayIn is a new startup being developed by Sun Microsystems’ co-founder Scott McNealy. But so far, the tech industry veteran is going about WayIn’s launch in a slightly unexpected way: entirely over Twitter. On Wednesday, McNealy took to Twitter to answer questions about his new company. Read more »

sand hill

Apple’s iCloud and other consumer-focused cloud efforts represent a golden opportunity for startups to raise venture capital, but it might not be from jumping on the bandwagon. According to NEA’s Peter Sonsini, the key to getting VC investment is selling the infrastructure that underlies popular clouds. Read more »

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