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Shortly after its second-quarter earnings statement revealed a rapidly growing server business, Cisco this revealed Tuesday morning its server-customer count was nearing 4,000 as of Jan. 29. That’s an impressive number considering that Cisco’s Unified Computing System server business has only been shipping since September 2009. Read more »


While the U.S. government sets the bar low for residential broadband at 100 megabits per second, the telecommunications infrastructure guys are laughing all the way to the bank as demand for 100 gigabits per second pipes is expected by the telecommunications and computing infrastructure players. Read more »

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Cloud computing represents a fundamental technical and business trend, but there are barriers in cloud computing that limit broad cloud-based deployment of scaled enterprise-class services. Hybrid clouds will overcome some of these barriers, but the future requires improvements in cloud architectures and virtualization technologies. Read more »

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Switzerland-based cloud provider CloudSigma opened a U.S. office this week, the first step in what could be a successful attempt to bring its unique brand of cloud computing to the United States. CloudSigma’s “freedom through technology” approach stands out in its resemblance to traditional colocation services. Read more »

Watson schooling Jeopardy champions. Source: IBM
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President Obama’s budget is asking for $126 million for the Department of Energy to reach a supercomputing milestone — exascale performance. Research paid for by these millions could create more power-efficient silicon and networking technologies that will benefit information technology in general. Plus we’d get faster supercomputers. Read more »

IBM Watson

Aaccording to one machine-learning expert, one key takeaway from Watson’s “Jeopardy!” victory is simple: humans are very smart. That a system such as Watson can understand natural language is a huge step forward, but it’s still only as good as its data and algorithms. Read more »

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While many of today’s companies talk a good game, many are just paying lip-service to cloud computing when it comes to mission-critical tasks. We’ll examine what areas and applications within the enterprise stand to gain the most in our free webinar on March 3. Read more »

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CacheIQ announced earlier this week that it has raised $6 million for its network file system caching product that offloads data to either DRAM or flash memory. Assuming it can gain a toehold against some established competition, CacheIQ chose a wise market to enter. Read more »


IndexTank, a San Francisco-based startup, says it has raised $1.6 million in funding, and is using it to offer a search-as-an-API service for fast changing web sites and mobile applications. The company’s focus is on relevance and speed delivered to thousands of independent developers. Read more »


In a new Forrester report, authors James Staten and Lauren E. Nelson advise infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders to encourage their data analysts to get hip to cloud-based analytics tools and to consider making their organizational data available to the public as a cloud resource. Read more »


HP announced this morning that it has signed an agreement to acquire analytical database provider Vertica for an undisclosed amount, a decision that finally puts HP into the data warehouse market and analytics space that is becoming more important by the day. Read more »


Consolidation and convergence mean many things in this industry, and impact everything from technical minutiae to broad-brush business decisions. Monopolies are undesirable, but the opposite extreme of an unbounded set of companies may also be unhelpful in a maturing market. Read more »


The interesting story behind OkCupid, the online dating site recently acquired by, is OkTrends, its blog that analyzes the site’s wealth of data to shed light on our love lives. But the interesting story behind OkTrends is its use of R to power those analytics. Read more »


Rackspace reported cloud revenues of $31.4 million during the quarter, up approximately 17.1 percent over the previous quarter, and bringing the company’s total 2010 cloud revenue to $100.7 million. Perhaps more telling, though, is the increasing percentage of overall revenue attributed to cloud computing. Read more »


Cisco’s second-quarter earnings have investors worried, but Cisco might be able to hang some of its hopes on servers. While high-end switches are losing ground, Cisco’s server revenue grew 700 percent year over year and now has an annual run rate of $650 million. Read more »

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Is it possible that the ever-increasing demand for data center space could be the cure for vacant commercial real estate plaguing cities? In some areas, data center operators are buying up vacant real estate to house new operations and helping revitalize those areas as a result. Read more »


A new telecom infrastructure is emerging out of the disruption of old-style, twisted copper, public switched, telephone network-based business. It’s based on Ethernet, and is cheaper, more flexible and performs better than its legacy copper counterpart. Welcome to the new telecom network. Read more »


Lost in the wake of Membase and CouchOne merging to form Couchbase, and far away from Silicon Valley, Boston-based NoSQL startup Basho has raised $7.5 million for its efforts to commercialize the Riak NoSQL database, according to a report in Mass High Tech. Read more »


VMware’s announced that the first three vCloud Datacenter partners are now online and that a new tool for managing hybrid VMware clouds is available. These types of capabilities will bring enterprise users into the cloud fold, perhaps leading to even cloudier ambitions in the future. Read more »


A new video from government IT network MeriTalk and IBM illustrates how it takes a special kind of vendor to corral cloud servers and make them suitable for cloud computing at the federal level. Apparently, it takes a “cloudboy” to wrangle servers and FISMA regulations. Read more »


Hopes were high leading into Saturday’s Comic-Con ticket-sale launch that TicketLeap’s cloud-based ticketing platform would be an availability superhero after two failed attempts in November, but those hopes were dashed nearly immediately. The problem was a MySQL bug, and the solution was scaling down cloud servers. Read more »


Ignition Partners has a reputation for investing in promising cloud computing startups, and that tradition should carry on with the addition of Frank Artale as managing director. Notable recent successes for Ignition include Heroku and Splunk, while Artale has been involved with Cloudera and Membase. Read more »

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Flash-memory appliance maker Violin Memory has closed $35 million in new funding, further proof that improving the speed of data access is becoming a driving force in enterprise data centers and that flash will be a foundational piece to solving those performance problems. Read more »


This week brought several examples of existing software and on-premise cloud solutions becoming a little easier to use or more widely available. While none were individually significant enough to spark dramatic transformation of the industry, these new tools, when put together, signify a maturing market. Read more »


Like most social games, Tribal Crossing applications have a very high database write rate –- changes to the game state must be stored so the user doesn’t lose her game score, “loot” or location. Tribal Crossing migrated from MySQL to Membase to support a higher write rate. Read more »

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Netflix offers rent-by-mail and streaming movies. The shift from mail-order to streaming video had fairly significant implications for Netflix’s application infrastructure. Netflix realized it would need multiple geographically dispersed data centers and far more processing capacity so it turned to Amazon’s Web Services. Read more »

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