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The economic impact of AWS is much bigger and wider than most think, as it is crucial to the startup revolution. In order to push that philosophy, Amazon holds an annual contest, the AWS Startup Challenge, which is now back for its fifth year. Read more »

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Couchbase has big plans to take NoSQL mainstream. It unveiled two today: Couchbase 2.0, which combines the Membase Server key-value store with the CouchDB document database in a single product, and UnQL, an open query language designed to bring uniformity to the diverse NoSQL landscape. Read more »


Already incredibly useful for helping us get directions, find the nearest grocery store and find out our state capitol, Google Maps is now becoming the hot way to display enterprise or organizational data that’s tagged with location data. The timing of this trend isn’t surprising. Read more »

Big data has the potential to cut operating costs by nearly 50% across all sectors of manufacturing. Get Satisfaction makes several interesting claims about opportunities for big data in an infographic released this month. Market segments such as manufacturing are generating far more data (966 petabytes […] Read more »

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HP has joined OpenStack, the open-source cloud software project led by Rackspace. HP joins fellow IT heavyweights Dell, Cisco, Intel and Citrix as OpenStack contributors, which should help ensure that OpenStack is supported by a wide variety of enterprise hardware and software products. Read more »


When the federal government finally does undertake the task of legislating cloud computing, it seems very likely that security measures and data privacy will dominate. The TechAmerica Foundation’s CLOUD2 commission announced Tuesday a data- and security-heavy set of recommendations that mirror proposed legislation targeting the cloud. Read more »


Nodeable, a San Francisco–based startup that uses social-media tactics to provide analytics on cloud-computing infrastructure, has closed a $2 million Series A round from True Ventures. Essentially, Nodeable feeds customers data about the performance of their cloud resources via a Twitter-like stream. Read more »

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On Tuesday Dell announced a reference architecture, open-source software and services offering designed to make deploying an OpenStack-based cloud as easy as following directions. Called the Dell OpenStack Cloud solution, the collection of tools shows that OpenStack will be a driving force in the private-cloud space. Read more »

Green:Net MiniNote: Jonathan Koomey on Green Cloud Computing

There have been a few recent analyses showing that cloud computing has significant efficiency and cost advantages. I can think of four reasons why cloud computing is (with few exceptions) significantly more energy efficient than using in-house data centers: Read more »


OpenFlow may be one of the hotter buzzwords these days, but getting past the exuberance and down to brass tacks can be difficult because the technology can be applied many places. It also sprouts up in new contexts as the ecosystem around the technology expands. Read more »

[OpenStack] looks not only like an open-source alternative to Amazon Web Services and VMware vCloud in the public Infrastructure as a Service space, but also a democratizing force in the private-cloud software space. As my colleague Derrick Harris suggests, the open-source cloud-computing project OpenStack has come a […] Read more »


It’s been clear for years now that cloud storage technology is hot — even Amazon, Google and Apple have made big moves into the area. But judging by the latest funding news out of storage startup CX, heavyweight investors are still bullish about newcomers to the space. Read more »

magnify dollar is getting into the cloud-computing mix with a new “semantic search and analytics platform” service called SeeMore. Merging two hot capabilities — cloud-based delivery and analytics — makes a lot of sense for Monster, which no doubt supplies many companies with a lot of data. Read more »

Yesterday, Google announced a new feature that alerts web surfers when their PCs might be infected with malware, but it’s hardly the only company using big data to fight cybercrime. We’ve covered a handful of them of over the past couple years. Read more »


Alpine Data Labs, a predictive analytics startup that incubated within Greenplum (now part of EMC), is expanding its support beyond the Greenplum Database and into Oracle’s Exadata appliance and the open-source Postgres database. Alpine tries to distinguish itself by running entirely within companies’ analytic databases. Read more »

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