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Eucalyptus Systems released the third generation of its pioneering private cloud computing software on Wednesday, complete with high-availability capabilities to ensure maximum uptime. Rumors of Eucalyptus’s demise have been circulating since OpenStack launched its open-source cloud project last summer, but the company isn’t slowing down. Read more »

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At GigaOM and GigaOM Pro, we provide our readers with information and insights that can guide their business decisions. GigaOM RoadMap will do that as a one-day conference, focusing on broader technology trends, how they impact businesses, and what opportunities they can create. Read more »


VMware has released Micro Cloud Foundry, a fully functional version of its open-source, Platform-as-a-Service software condensed into a virtual image that runs on developers’ personal computers or laptops. The aim is to make it easier to create cutting-edge applications without the hassle. Read more »

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Semantic recipe search engine Yummly is tuning its search features to include more flavor profiles, just as it’s hitting a major milestone. The year-old company says it’s reached 2 million unique visitors for the month for the first time, the company is set to announce Wednesday. Read more »

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Web applications that are deployed in one or a few data centers can watch their bandwidth costs exceed their server and hosting costs as their applications scale up, according to a paper looking at what telecommunications companies can offer as cloud providers. Read more »


Platform-as-a-Service veteran Engine Yard is getting on board with the recent trend of multi-language support by acquiring Dublin, Ireland-based PHP PaaS startup Orchestra. An industry shift toward supporting more than one language and/or framework likely influenced the decision to close the Orchestra deal now. Read more »

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Hopper wants to make searching for travel options a more complete experience using big data tools, and it has raised millions to do it. Hopper lets users enter keyword searches, but it provides results far beyond those typically found in a keyword search. Read more »


Without thinking about the SLA it’s impossible to compare costs between clouds. An enterprise gigabyte comes with a whole host of services around it, while Amazon’s does not. So while it seems like cost per gigabyte is a good measure, it’s not. Here’s why. Read more »

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Hewlett-Packard plans to spend some $10.25 billion to acquire Autonomy, the United Kingdom–based software and services company. HP’s balance sheet currently has $13 billion in cash. Why is the company making such a big bet? According to HP’s CEO, Leo Apotheker, it’s now or never. Read more »

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Achieving the ultimate in green building badges — the LEED platinum certification — is pretty rare and is particularly unusual for data centers. But on Thursday GE showed off its new LEED platinum-certified data center in Louisville, Ky. Here are some photos from the green facility. Read more »


Software-as-a-Service startup GoodData has raised a $15 million Series B funding round for its cloud-based business intelligence product. Andreessen Horowitz led the round, along with other existing investors General Catalyst Partners, Fidelity Growth Partners and Windcrest Partners. GoodData has now raised $28.5 million overall. Read more »


Dell’s Crowbar installation-and-configuration tool now works VMware’s Cloud Foundry. With servers fast becoming low-margin commodities thanks to the push toward micro servers, Dell is doing its best to make deploying the software that inspired the new generation of servers a breeze. Read more »

vidly logo’s universal URL service is now ready for professional users, with features and pricing designed to provide a turnkey solution for video delivery on any device. Pro is rolling out to users today, in an effort to capture more of the cloud-encoding market. Read more »


Amazon Web Services has rolled out a new region, called GovCloud, designed specifically for federal government workloads. The region is designed to meet the myriad regulations that government agencies must meet when deploying new infrastructure, which have proven a hindrance in terms government cloud adoption. Read more »

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Nutanix is counting on mid-size enterprises to drive its adoption of its converged infrastructure appliance. CEO Dheeraj Pandey’s stance is that SMEs have the budgets, the IT demands and the right cultures to justify taking chances on new approaches to infrastructure. He could be onto something. Read more »

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OpenLogic, a software vendor that helps companies better utilize open-source software, is turning its attention toward cloud computing. On Tuesday, it announced $2 million in funding for a new Platform-as-a-Service offering featuring open-source components. Read more »


The market for smart grid data analytics — software and services that can mine data and provide intelligence for smart grid vendors, utilities and consumers — could reach a cumulative $11.3 billion between 2011 to 2015, according to Pike Research. Read more »

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Zerto, an Israel-based startup focused on providing disaster recovery for virtualized and cloud resources, has closed a $15 million Series B funding round from U.S. Venture Partners, Battery Ventures and Greylock Partners. The company launched in June and has now raised $21 million overall. Read more »

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Joyent has open-sourced its cloud operating system. Called SmartOS and already utilized in Joyent’s public cloud and SmartDataCenter private-cloud software, it will be available via an open-source license much like the Joyent-led Node.js effort is, says Joyent CTO Jason Hoffmann. Read more »


What do Egypt’s former president and Lotus Notes have in common? Middle East dictators and enterprise software solutions do not, on the surface, appear to have a lot of shared characteristics, but there is a connection. They are both victims of the will of the people. Read more »

A new way of thinking about data and data scientists illustrates the broader shift that is slowly under way in the economy, a shift from simply collecting big data toward gathering and using data in order to make businesses better informed. Read more »

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