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Yesterday, Cisco and NetApp announced more than 150 customers have adopted their joint FlexPod converged infrastructure architecture, a sign that might point to a falling out between Cisco and its VCE partners, EMC and VMware. Rumor has it Cisco isn’t happy with that arrangement. Read more »

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DataStax, the Burlingame, Calif.-based startup that sells commercial products and services on top of the NoSQL Cassandra database, has appointed database industry veteran Billy Bosworth as its new CEO. Bosworth comes from Quest Software, where he was vice president and general manager of the company’s database […] Read more »


In five short years, cloud computing has gone from being a quaint technology to a major catch phrase. For the first time, we’ve decided to condense our knowledge into The Structure 50, a list of the 50 companies that are influencing the way the cloud/infrastructure evolves. Read more »

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Amazon Web Services has upped its enterprise credibility again, this time via a partnership with SAP that has certified certain SAP applications to run in production environments on the AWS cloud. With the designation, AWS joins a select group of enterprise-focused cloud providers. Read more »


Software-as-a-Service startup New Relic has added a new, and free, capability to its application-performance management product that lets customers monitor their users’ experiences in real time. The bigger picture is how New Relic continues to show the way to do SaaS in a cloud-computing world. Read more »


Compute giant Hewlett-Packard has teamed up with Nvidia to make a server containing up to eight graphics processors designed for the high performance computing market. The two have built the world’s “Greenest Production Supercomputer” together, and the machine using Nvidia’s latest GPUs offers more performance. Read more »

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According to a post today on the Facebook Engineering blog, the social networking leader undertook an effort called “Project Triforce,” which involved provisioning a replica production region from an existing cluster, to ensure the site could run smoothly across three regions without falling on its face. Read more »

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VMware has acquired IT management provider Shavlik Technologies in an attempt to simplify for small- and medium-sized business the process of managing their machines. Shavlik brings an interesting set of new capabilities to VMware, including the ability to manage physical machines and a SaaS delivery model. Read more »

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At Structure 2011, hear from top executives from leading companies and the most innovative minds building the next-generation of the cloud. Find out where cloud services are headed and how they’ll affect everything from application development to data center design. Read more »

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Typesafe, founded by Scala creator Martin Odersky and Akka creator Jonas Boner, created a platform for developers based on the two technologies. Here’s why Greylock invested in the startup. Read more »


Is the Foursquare, Twitter, or of real time energy data just around the corner? GridGlo, a year-old startup working on combining energy data with other big data sets, launched on Wednesday, with a plan to sell apps around energy info to utilities. Read more »


Akamai has created a partnership with Riverbed Networks to improve the delivery of enterprise applications over both public and private networks, giving Akamai a foothold in the enterprise market as cloud computing heats up. It’s a response to the changes wrought by a more connected world. Read more »


The CEO of Vigilent (formerly called Federspiel Controls) Mark Housley, says there’s been so little technology introduced into cooling systems for data centers “it’s almost criminal.” Vigilent provides smart software via a wireless sensor network to manage and optimize these cooling systems. Read more »

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Facebook’s new data center in Oregon has gotten its fair share of attention for Facebook’s decision to open up the energy efficient design. But here’s another reason to recognize the data center: Facebook has installed a smart lighting system courtesy of startup Redwood Systems. Read more »


EMC is throwing its weight behind Hadoop. Today, at the EMC World, the storage giant announced a slew of Hadoop-centric products, including a specialized appliance for Hadoop-based big data analytics and two separate Hadoop distributions. EMC’s entry is going to shake-up the Hadoop market. Read more »

opera stack

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of Opera Solutions. However, the analytics-as-a-service provider has been quietly building up its $100 million company since 2004 and, with big data on the tip of the IT world’s collective tongue, Opera is ready to start spreading the word. Read more »


Data-integration specialist Syncsort is releasing two new Hadoop tools that it says will give Hadoop users a better, faster experience than they can achieve using Apache Hadoop alone. Unlike some other recent announcements, however, Syncsort is looking to improve Hadoop rather than replace aspects of it. Read more »


The advent of Web 2.0 and its principles of scaling out and designing to fail have brought about something of a sea change in how companies buy servers. For evidence, one needn’t look any further than Dell, which is making a killing selling micro servers. Read more »

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GigaOM Pro, North Bridge Venture Partners and the 451 Group are looking for readers to take a survey on “The Future of Cloud Computing,” the results of which will be presented live at Structure 2011. Respondents will be entered to win a ticket to Structure 2011. Read more »


Facebook, Google, and Yahoo have recently been innovating around building greener data centers, but not all these energy efficiency projects have to be so novel. This morning Verizon announced it’s been cutting the energy consumption of its data centers by installing containment panels made by Polargy. Read more »


Red Hat today is launching two new cloud computing offerings, IaaS software called CloudForms and PaaS software called OpenShift. CloudForms helps users configure, deploy and manage virtual resources, and OpenShift is Red Hat’s incarnation of the Makara technology that it bought it November. Read more »


Managed service provider Internap has announced that it will be offering a public infrastructure-as-a-service cloud built atop the OpenStack platform. The service will be available in the third quarter of this year, and also features the option of running applications on VMware-based virtual infrastructure. Read more »

Facebook Chat

Jonathan Heiliger, Facebook’s vice president of Technical Operations, has been the Palo Alto-based web giant’s public face when it comes to all things infrastructure. And today he announced that he would leave the company at the end of the summer. Read more »


Rackspace has informed Slicehost customers that it will be shutting down the popular cloud-hosting service. Rackspace bought Slicehost in 2008 to serve as the foundation of its Rackspace Cloud business, but Rackspace now betting its cloud computing future on the OpenStack platform. Read more »

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