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Microsoft could use Web Matrix 2.0 tool — now in beta — to entice new-age web developers to Azure, its cloud-computing Platform-as-a-Service. While the Azure PaaS has a potentially huge built-in audience of .Net programmers, it lacks cachet among the “cool kid,” next-gen web developers. Read more »


For the Internet of Things to achieve its full potential, Alex Salkever of Joyent believes that operators must fundamentally change the way they build and run clouds. In particular, they need to update the decades-old infrastructure technology and create more flexible APIs. Read more »

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Data is changing computing and the Internet, and centers can combine advances in database architecture with commodity server and storage technology. Dr. John Busch, the founder, Chairman, and CTO of Schooner, explains how to achieve the high availability imperative without sacrificing performance, scalability or cost-effectiveness. Read more »


As the OpenStack project moves into its second year and more companies evaluate the open-source cloud technology, prospective users have some requests. Documentation, for one. A longer-term roadmap, for another. A more formal process for submitting and receiving feedback, for yet another. Read more »


The OpenStack community is pleased that RackSpace will relinquish control of the open-source cloud infrastructure effort, but many OpenStack Conference attendees want to see the details before they fully endorse the effort. The foundation is expected to be operational next year. Read more »


Hadoop is becoming a popular choice for large organizations needing to store and process large volumes of unstructured data, but is it merely the flavor of the day? An eBay exec recently questioned his continued use of the platform if the pace of development doesn’t improve. Read more »

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To glimpse the future of the data stack, Oracle need look no further than its own backyard. Silicon Valley start-ups are embracing Hadoop, NoSQL data stores like MongoDB, and cloud platforms. Michael Driscoll of Metamarkets explains why Oracle should step up its game. Read more »

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Rackspace will be giving up control over its OpenStack cloud computing project to an indepedent foundation. OpenStack is the open-source cloud computing platform that Rackspace and co-founder NASA began pushing last year, but it has been somewhat plagued by concerns over Rackspace’s control of the community. Read more »


Oracle’s rumored NoSQL database made its splashy debut along with its Big Data Appliance at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 yesterday. Less trumpeted was news that MySQL, the venerable open-source database for cloud companies, hit a milestone, offering faster queries and more powerful clustering. Read more »


Red Hat’s planned $136 million purchase of Gluster should give the enterprise Linux leader a strong play in the cloud-inflected world of scale-out storage. This is the latest in a series of acquisitions by vendors trying to stake a claim in the storage of unstructured data. Read more »


Along with all the big-iron appliance and big data hype at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 come a lot of questions. Is this Sparc resurgence for real? Is anyone buying Oracle’s soup-to-nuts software-hardware stack pitch? Can standalone business intelligence players survive? And just what is Oracle NoSQL anyway? Read more »


With its latest appliance, Oracle officially signaled its embrace of big data. Company execs said the appliance marries big data technologies with Oracle’s core 11G database and new Exalytics analytics appliance. The Big Data Appliance bundles Oracle NoSQL and an open-source Apache Hadoop distribution. Read more »


Fusion-io has released a pair of new components that more than double the capacity and improve performance of its previous-generation products on the latest generation of NAND flash. Enterprise flash providers must keep up with short consumer innovation cycles while operating within long enterprise buying cycles. Read more »


Exalytics, an appliance for near-real-time business intelligence applications, debuted at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 Sunday night. A key part of Oracle’s big data strategy, Exalytics layers in-memory and multi-dimensional database technology atop 40 Intel Xeon cores, all running in parallel, said Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. Read more »

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While the computing side of history is well known, the storage side remains hidden from common view. Ed Lee, of Tintri, Inc., takes a look at the state of storage today and compares it with the radically different environment that existed back in 1984. Read more »

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Karmasphere, a Cupertino, Calif.-based startup focusing on helping analysts write better big data applications, has raised $6 million in a Series B round. That brings the announced VC investment in Hadoop to more than $30 million in the last 30 days. Read more »

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Autonomy’s impending acquisition by Hewlett-Packard is nearly done. The controversial $10.3 billion deal was cleared by regulators in the U.S. and Australia on Thursday, according to reports. Autonomy shareholders still have until Monday morning 10:00 a.m. U.K time to weigh in. Read more »

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It looks as if Oracle’s official forays into Hadoop and NoSQL spaces will come at next week’s OpenWorld conference. The company appears to be working on an Oracle Loader for Hadoop and a NoSQL database as part of an all-encompassing big data platform. Read more »

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You might have heard of the SuperNAP data center before because of its military-grade security, more-than-400,000-square-foot footprint and roots as Enron’s attempt to build a bandwidth exchange, but the cutting-edge facility is also home to some very interesting customers. Read more »


Building at scale doesn’t just require new tools, it requires a new mindset, said Google’s CIO Ben Fried, who spoke at the Surge conference in Baltimore today. That mindset is more general than specialized, and requires a developer to admit that some things aren’t solvable. Read more »

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Oracle’s cloud computing stance has evolved, to say the least, over the past few years. As the company preps for its annual Oracle OpenWorld mega-show in San Francisco next week, a huge question lingers: Does Oracle–and its CEO Larry Ellison–really “get” the cloud? Read more »

Marc Benioff, CEO of, at Net:Work 2010

Online CRM pioneer continues to back up its ecosystem with its checkbook, this time with an investment in cloud storage provider In the past few months, has made a series of outright acquisitions of Assistly, Radian6, and Heroku. Read more »

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