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A new startup called CrowdControl is launching today, and it aims to bring order to the world of crowdsourcing by using artificial intelligence to judge workers’ accuracy. Think Amazon Mechanical Turk, only with a quality control mechanism in place to help ensure jobs get done right. Read more »

Drew Houston, Dropbox - GigaOM RoadMap 2011

With 45 million users, Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service. Consumers use it for photos, documents and other material so they can access it from PCs, phones or other devices. But it’s much more than that, said Drew Houston, founder and CEO of the company. Read more »

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Although it appears significant venture capital investment in Platform-as-a-Service startups is drawing to a close, Standing Cloud was able to raise another $3 million, it announced on Thursday. The money comes from Foundry Group and Avalon Ventures, bringing Standing Cloud’s total investment to $8 million. Read more »


Hewlett-Packard, the world’s biggest PC maker, has cycled through a flurry of client device strategies in the past year. Those changes, including the discontinuation of the TouchPad, bred confusion not only about HP’s hardware roadmap but also about its ability to drive future cloud services. Read more »

Virident media preso 11-03-2011

Virident, the PCIe solid state memory player that competes head to head with Fusion-io, scored $21 million in Series C funding including money from new investors Intel Capital and Cisco Systems, as well as contributions from Sequoia Capital and Artiman Ventures. Read more »


The Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments in a case that could decide how connected the concept of big data is to constitutional expectations of privacy. How much data is too much before allowable surveillance crosses the line into an invasion of privacy? Read more »


Berlin is fast becoming the destination of choice for entrepreneurs, thanks to the emergence of hot startups such as SoundCloud, Amen, EyeEm, Phonedeck, Txtr and Wunderlist. And thanks to this burgeoning startup scene, Amazon Web Services is looking to establish its operations in Berlin. Read more »

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Amazon Web Services is making available a new US West region located in Oregon, which it is positioning as a lower-cost alternative to the company’s existing Northern California region. AWS says services in the Oregon region costs about 10 percent less than in Northern California. Read more »


VMware’s Cloud Foundry is already catching on among companies wanting to become PaaS providers, and now it might start finding a home in private data centers too. ActiveState has created a commercial Cloud Foundry distribution called Stackato that’s meant to give customers their own private PaaS. Read more »

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Cloud provider CloudSigma has become the first to add solid-state-drive storage to its public cloud computing service. It’s designed to better CloudSigma’s price-performance ratio overall, which will bring in more and bigger customers that want to do things in its cloud that they can’t do elsewhere. Read more »

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Splunk has integrated its product with Apache Hadoop to enable large-scale batch analytics on top of the product’s existing capabilities around real-time search, analysis and visualization of machine-generated data. Users can bring Hadoop data back into Splunk for visualization or run MapReduce jobs from Splunk. Read more »


Accel Partners is trying to capitalize on the popularity of big data with a $100 million Big Data Fund. The VC firm’s office across the globe will invest in applications that help form an ecosystem around existing big data building blocks such as Hadoop and NoSQL. Read more »


SaaS startup New Relic made its name monitoring application performance, but it has added server monitoring to the mix to make the service more functional. It’s actually a natural fit, though, as server issues can have a big impact on how an application is running. Read more »


Rackspace has productized the OpenStack open-source software stack to run in customer data centers. This is an interesting private cloud move for Rackspace, a big cloud provider/managed services provider which now runs customers’ compute loads in its own data centers. Read more »

Hadoop funding

Hadoop isn’t the only thing going in big data, but it’s driving the bus at this point and it seems to have a reverse Midas touch: everything that touches it turns to gold. The latest to experience this is Cloudera, which has raised another $40 million. Read more »

pile of money

Minneapolis-based cloud computing startup enStratus has raised $3.5 million in Series A funding to grow its business of managing all types of clouds across a common interface. EnStratus’ technology provides a secure platform for managing and monitoring numerous cloud offerings through a single interface. Read more »

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Targeting customers demanding more-reliable and efficient Hadoop clusters to power their big data efforts, NetApp has partnered with Cloudera to deliver a Hadoop storage system called the NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop. It combines Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution and management software with a NetApp-built RAID architecture. Read more »

Abiquo 2.0_screen shot_just in time provisioning

The next release of Abiquo’s enterprise cloud management software will integrate with the Chef configuration management tool and sport a customizable user interface. Before moving workloads to the cloud, businesses want the sort of management tools they’re using now in their own data centers. Read more »


Join GigaOM Pro and our sponsor CenturyLink for “The Secure Cloud,” a free analyst roundtable webinar on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. PDT. Read more »


Yahoo’s magic elixir for web developers frustrated by writing web applications that display on multiple devices is Mojito, a “100 percent” JavaScript application framework and Manhattan, a cloud-based Mojito hosted environment that layers higher-level services atop a basic Node.js server execution engine. Read more »


CityFibre, a London-based telecom operator, wants to raise $800 million to build a fiber-to-the-home network and compete with British Telecom in the race to wire up Britain with super-fast networks. It’s one of the many upstarts with big dreams for big and fast networks. Read more »


Big data technology is attracting some big bucks. Kaggle, a startup that helps companies outsource large business analytics projects by turning them into large-scale competitions for scientists around the world, will announce Thursday it has secured $11 million in venture capital funding. Read more »

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