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With its new Idol 10 software, Hewlett-Packard brings together key Vertica and Autonomy technologies acquired over the last year for an assault on knotty big data problems. HP says the software can collect and analyze unstructured data including video, audio and social net feeds. Read more »

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Today, I read a press release from Sourcefire touting its “big data” approach to security and the fact that its Immunet anti-malware-for-PCs product is now monitoring 2 million endpoints. I reached out to find out what’s under Immunet’s covers and, no surprise, found Hadoop. Read more »

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The Spanning engineering team.

Spanning is a backup service for Google Apps that’s completely hosted and run from Amazon’s web services. The idea of backing up one cloud service via another was intriguing enough that I asked Mike Pav, the VP of engineering at Spanning, how he does it. Read more »


Call it M2M, the Internet of Things, or a web that talks back, but once we start connecting devices and sensors we’re adding complexity to a system that’s already highly complex. Axeda wants to deliver a cloud with the intelligence capable of managing the connected world. Read more »

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Infochimps, the two-year-old company that runs a “data marketplace” where owners of datasets can charge for their usage, is swapping CEOs. Co-founder Nick Ducoff has stepped down from the CEO role, and the company is looking for a “seasoned executive” to take his place. Read more »

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Heroku Postgres

Platform-as-a-Service provider Heroku is expanding its horizons by offering an on-demand version of the PostgreSQL Database-as-a-Service. Heroku Postgres is a commercial version of what Heroku has been providing for years, only it’s now available to all developers regardless where they host their applications. Read more »


Hewlett-Packard continues to struggle with fallout from the decision to nix its webOS-based tablets, a less-than-stellar mix of IT services, and its newly completed acquisition of Autonomy. The question is how long those reverberations will impact the company’s profitability and growth prospects. Read more »

SAP co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe.

SAP ‘s looking for acquisitions to help the enterprise software giant enter new “categories,” co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe said this week in comments that sparked a flurry of conjecture about potential targets. So what’s it going to buy to beef up its cloud- and consumer-cred? Read more »

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In the latest indication that Node.js support is table stakes for all Platform-as-a-Service players, Engine Yard is adding support for the popular server-side framework as part of a trial program. Developers like to use Node.js because it supports JavaScript and is fast and scalable. Read more »


Google may be a giant in Internet search, but it’s still a 98-pound weakling in business-oriented application development tools. That doesn’t stop it from trying to bulk up: This week Google opened up its revamped BigQuery data analysis service to more users. Read more »

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We often ascribe life-changing powers to high-speed Internet connections in our personal lives, but can they cure cancer? The Chan Soon-Shiong Institute for Advanced Health thinks so, and it’s investing hundreds of millions of dollars in a nationally distributed computing system to make it happen. Read more »

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Mayfield Fund named Sandeep Johri as its new executive in residence. He willl use his experience in enterprise software to drive the VC’s enterprise strategy. Johri helped drive HP’s cloud and enterprise strategy and also held management posts at Silicon Graphics and Gemini Consulting. Read more »

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Data center operator Telx will break ground soon on a 215,000-square-foot data center next to an existing facility in Clifton, N.J. The network-rich Clifton Cloud Connection Center will target customers that want to build hybrid cloud computing solutions. Read more »

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IT services company Unisys recently released its biannual Unisys Security Index. The latest study found that many have already been victims of cybercrime, but this infographic shows that companies charged with protecting consumer data might be the biggest losers when it gets exposed. Read more »

Interviewing DotCloud's CEO

DotCloud, the platform as a service that won our Structure 2011 Launchpad competition, said Wednesday that it will support three new data stores as part of its multi-language platform. The company will add MySQL, Redis and MongoDB support. Read more »


Fujitsu’s new hybrid implementation of Microsoft Windows Azure could address corporate concerns about deploying global workloads on Microsoft’s public cloud. With Hybrid Cloud Services for Microsoft Windows Azure, Fujitsu can use its global presence to make sure that data stays within prescribed areas Read more »

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New Relic, the cloud-based startup that has become synonymous with the term “lean startup,” has raised a $15 million expansion round. It actually closed a $10 million round in October 2010 and has now raised $35 million in total, the venture funding belies New Relic’s success. Read more »


Servicemesh snagged $15 million in initial venture funding from Ignition Partners and Ignition’s Frank Artale will join the board. Four-year-old Servicemesh focuses on helping large companies make sure their cloud service deployments meet governance and compliance policies. Read more »


Amazon Web Services on Tuesday beefed up its Cluster Compute family with an extra-large CC2 iteration that packs in two eight-core Intel Xeon processors each connected to a 10-Gigabit network, 60.5 GB of RAM, and 3.37 TB of instance storage. Read more »


Red Hat is bringing more cloud-based automation to Java developers in an update to its OpenShift Platform as a Service which integrates the JBoss tool suite and supports two open-source tools that will shift more of the programming workload to the cloud itself. Read more »

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Vyatta, which provides open-source networking software, has raised $12 million in expansion round financing as the entire networking field finds itself on the cusp of big changes. The round, its fifth, was led by HighBAR Partners and brings Vyatta’s total funding to $45 million. Read more »

Japan's K supercomputer is the fastest in the world.

In the past decade supercomputers were dressed-up versions of Intel’s x86 machines, but increasingly supercomputers are borrowing innovations (and silicon in the form of ARM-based chips or DSPs) from the mobile and big data realms to add speed without guzzling too much power. Read more »


What happens when you place the equivalent of 1024 neurons in parallel on a chip? Well, you get a new form of computing for cloud computing and sensor networks as well as toys that can recognize cue cards, better artificial intelligence and pattern recognition. Read more »

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