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First the news: Yes, the rumors are true. We are indeed buying the assets of ContentNext Media from Guardian News & Media Limited. And no, we are not disclosing the terms of the deal. Here are the reasons why we are acquiring paidContent and its sister sites. Read more »

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Data, I believe is like plastic. You can use it to make wonderful things. However, like plastic, it can be a great polluter and create havoc on the environment. Or as I like to say, data without context is dirt. Read more »

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Red Hat says its new POSIX-compliant virtual storage appliance will make it easier for IT shops to move legacy Unix applications to Amazon’s public cloud. The scale-out NAS appliance, based on Gluster technology, also replaces Centos with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Read more »


In its bid to stay the high-volume, low-margin provider of cloud storage, Amazon cut prices on standard S3 storage, according to the Amazon Web Services website. The price changes — good for the U.S. region — are retroactive to February 1. Read more »

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Twitter is fast becoming the focus group of the 21st century, a status solidified yet again during Sunday night’s Super Bowl. The platform saw 453 times the maximum tweets per second it saw during 2008’s game, and sentiment analysis of tweets might have predicted the upset. Read more »


As more companies put workloads on Amazon Web Services or other public cloud platforms, many are paying for more cloud than they need. That overprovisioning is the problem Cloudyn, an Israeli startup, is taking on with its new software as a service. Read more »


EMC’s promised Project Lightning server-based flash storage product is now available under the VFCache brand. But EMC’s not done — it plans a bigger, more powerful flash appliance dubbed Project Thunder, due later this year. Both products take direct aim at the Fusion-IO threat. Read more »


Just thirty years ago, innovation in almost any category was measured in years, but today it’s measured in weeks or months. That cycle will continue to accelerate, especially in IT. So here’s how to build an IT ecosystem that can keep up. Read more »

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Oracle and HP used to coexist quite well — People forget that the first Oracle Exadata ran on HP hardware. Then Oracle bought Sun and things went downhill fast. Public spats played out in CEO letters to The New York Times, and now court documents. Read more »

Programmable networks could mean less downtime.

HP is following other big systems makers into the world of software defined networking with a line of 16 OpenFlow-enabled switches. That’s a pretty serious commitment to OpenFlow, a protocol that helps take the intelligence associated with routing packets off of the high-priced switching gear and […] Read more »


The most striking thing about Amazon’s Q4 filing was that head count was up a whopping 67 percent to 56,200 full- and part-time employees, compared with 33,700 from a year ago, according to Amazon’s 8-K filing; 67 percent is a very big number — even for Amazon. Read more »

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It looks like some of the bloom is off the SaaS rose. New numbers show the booming growth in valuations of SaaS companies is slowing after a long run-up as pure-play SaaS companies face more competition from legacy players. Read more »


HP won a tactical battle last night when a judge tossed out an Oracle fraud claim. But it also lost one — when he unsealed previously redacted documents that show just how desperate HP was to keep Oracle working on software for HP’s Itanium servers. Read more »

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As promised, storage kingpin EMC has integrated its Isilon NAS product with Hadoop in a way that will bring Isilon’s OneFS file system to bear on data. EMC isn’t alone. Vendors from Amazon to Oracle are trying to tame this big data beast. Read more »


Sumo Logic emerged from the shadows on Tuesday with $15 million in Series B funding from Sutter Hill Ventures, Greylock Partners and Shlomo Kramer, bringing its VC take to $20.5 million since April 2010. The company aims to help businesses monitor and protect their cloud infrastructure. Read more »

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