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Amazon CTO Werner Vogels

Amazon says its new Simple Workflow Service (SWS) will run applications that are distributed between customer sites and Amazon cloud infrastructure, thus further blurring the line between the customer’s own data center and their chosen cloud. Read more »

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Cloud service providers are all rushing to claim compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002. The only problem is that FedRAMP, the federal effort to ensure a safe move to the cloud, won’t sign off on certifications for three or four more months. Read more »


Data-warehouse veteran Teradata has tightened its embrace of the Hadoop big data platform via a partnership with Hortonworks. The goal is to give customers big data environments that integrate everything from the Teradata Database for advanced SQL analytics and the Hortonworks Data Platform Hadoop distribution. Read more »

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Microsoft isn’t taking the cloud storage challenge lying down. The company plans to build tight links between its Windows 8 and its SkyDrive cloud storage, making it easy for users running Windows 8 on tablets, PCs or phones to put their digital stuff on SkyDrive. Read more »


It may not be Silicon Valley but the Boston-Cambridge metro area has a lot going for it — infrastructure expertise, a deep talent pool, and VC funding. Facebook famously went elsewhere, but here’s why other local companies started here (and will stay put.) Read more »

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Structure:Data 2012 will provide you access to the people and information you need to manage and analyze the staggering amount of data your company creates. Will you be left behind? Read more »


If you are a data scientist, or have other “big data” chops, you can write your own ticket, headhunters say. A search of popular job posting sites shows huge demand for anyone who can demonstrate these skills even in this tough economy. Read more »


SpiderOak says its new cloud storage service will offer consumers and businesses a cheaper way to keep their data archives. Yes, cheaper than Amazon S3. The service, to go live later this quarter, will be available as a commercial product and open-source project. Read more »

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Zynga the newly public company behind the games played by gazillions of people, is relying far less on Amazon’s public cloud than it has in the past: 80 percent of its daily average users now run on Z Cloud — not on that other cloud. Read more »


Cloud platform-as-a-service provider Heroku has added a new feature to its Postgres database service that lets users share the results of an SQL query simply by sending a URL. The feature, called Data Clips, shows viewers both archived and current result sets in their web browsers. Read more »


Zerto Virtual Replication 2.0 promises to bring enterprise-class business-continuity/disaster recovery to VMware virtualized environments, taking aim at applications that run “in and between private, public and hybrid clouds.” Target customers are large businesses and cloud service providers. Read more »

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When HP CEO Meg Whitman addresses thousands of partners Wednesday, there will be a lot on the line. She has to convince them that the management snafus of the last two years are firmly in the past. The partners would love to believe that. Read more »


CloudBees Java-centric platform as a service can now run inside a customer’s data center, at a hosting provider or on the Amazon cloud, or on some combination of the above. Anycloud will compete with Red Hat OpenShift, and VMware’s Cloud Foundry. Read more »


SpaceCurve, a startup pushing a database designed for location data, has raised $2.7 million on the promise it can help developers better leverage the Internet of things. SpaceCurve is designed for apps that need to analyze lots of complex location data in a hurry. Read more »


If you didn’t think that Amazon was the king of cloud, just look at what other cloud companies announced Monday. Even paragons of the private cloud world are trying to cloak themselves in the glow cast by Amazon, which is squarely in public cloud realm. Read more »

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It’s become almost cliche to bemoan the state of infrastructure monitoring and management tools. Cliff Moon, the CTO of Boundary, cuts through the litany of complaints and explains why it’s time for us to think of monitoring in a new way. Read more »

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Charlie Oppenheimer may be a fan of Amazon Web Services. But, as he explains here, he’s long felt that the economics of the choice between self-hosted and cloud provider had more texture to it than the patently attractive sounding “10 cents an hour.” Read more »


VC power player Kleiner Perkins is reportedly considering a new fund that will be dedicated to cloud computing companies. Whether or not it follows through, KPCB has already backed big-time cloud plays including Zynga and brought a former Twitter exec in as senior partner. Read more »


More news from the Google-data-scientists-conduct-the-coolest-research desk: YouTube has created an algorithm for determining what videos are funniest based on the intensity of viewer comments. It sounds fairly unimportant, but YouTube’s work actually speaks volumes about the potential of social-media sentiment analysis. Read more »

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