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Cloud computing provider Virtustream, a hot player in the enterprise cloud space, with a cloud platform designed for mission-critical and heavy-duty enterprise applications such as SAP, has raised another $15 million in investment capital. The money brings Virtustream’s total funding to $75 million. Read more »


Boston and Cambridge are battling it out to be the site of Google’s proposed expansion in the Hub. Google’s current local headquarters is in Kendall Square, but it’s unclear if it can expand there. Boston is pitching its Innovation District to the search giant. Read more »

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Banks and their customers are under constant threat from cybercriminals trying to get at their money, but at least one bank is using Hadoop to help ensure those attacks aren’t successful. And it has changed the face of its analytics efforts. Read more »


New medium Elastic Compute Cloud instance fills the gap between — you guessed it — smaller and larger “medium” EC2 instances. That brings the total number of EC2 instances to 13 (for now) as Amazon keeps churning out options for every possible compute load. Read more »

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Whether you think cloud computing creates or kills jobs depends on what kind of jobs you’re talking about and how companies will use the IT savings they reap in moving to the cloud. Consultant David Linthicum sees validity in the cloud-as-jobs-creator argument. Read more »

Look, Ma! Six servers on a board.

Intel and AMD are at it again. Intel could have bought SeaMicro, the energy efficient server vendor that recently got snapped up by AMD, but it decided to pass, said Diane Bryant, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Datacenter and Connected Systems Group. Read more »


AMD acquired low-power server maker SeaMicro in a move that says a lot about how low power is the new black and how the relationships and market dynamics between chip makers and server OEMs is transforming. Read more »


Nearly $2 million in funding. An ex-Cisco executive team. The promise of networking technology that could unite compute and networking under one configuration scheme. Cumulus Networks is a startup that has it all. It’s stealthy, but here’s what we know. Read more »

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Semi-stealthy startup Numecent says its virtualization technology speeds up the remote operation of server applications. It also launched Approxy, a spinoff, to bring its technology to the gaming world, which also has problems with slow connections and devices that aren’t quite smart enough. Read more »


From Apple to Amazon, everyone is on a data center building binge. Utah-based NSA Data Center and the Building 2 (second phase) of Facebook’s Prineville, Oregon data center were two of the five largest construction projects in the United States during 2011, according to Read more »


Matt Howard of Norwest Venture Partners predicts that 2012 and 2013 will be Hadoop’s breakout years. Howard gives us insight into the five factors that will accelerate Hadoop’s mainstream adoption over the next 18 months. Read more »

Large Hadron Collider

Scientists have a limitless hunger for computing power and storage. That’s why three European agencies — CERN, the force behind the Large Hadron Collider; the European Molecular Biology Laboratory; and the European Space Agency and supporters — are cooking up a European science cloud. Read more »

Cisco's UCS server.

Cisco and EMC have come up with a reference architecture featuring Cisco UCS server gear that’s designed to run the EMC Greenplum MR software, the company’s “enterprise-class” Hadoop distribution that features technology it OEMs from Hadoop startup MapR. Read more »


Azure, Microsoft’s platform-as-a-service cloud, went down Monday night and stayed down for at least 10 hours. The news comes as Microsoft is trying to pitch two-year-old Azure as a safe and reliable platform for consumer and business applications. Read more »


When Microsoft and VMware latch onto a technology, you know it’s for real. VMware is now pushing a project called Spring Hadoop that lets developers use the popular Spring Java framework to write big data applications atop Apache Hadoop. Read more »


The big hosting provider that, along with NASA, launched the open-source cloud infrastructure project two years ago, will start beta testing the software, running tens of thousands of computing instances as opposed to the hundreds under test now, said John Engates, Rackspace’s CTO. Read more »


Database startup Basho on Tuesday released details of how its Riak NoSQL database underpins Bump. Bump is the seventh most-downloaded free iPhone app of all time — with more than 80 million downloads — so it has a lot of data to store and transfer. Read more »

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