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An open data standard for food has emerged on the web. This way restaurants, food apps, grocery stores, the government and other interested parties can tell that arugula is also rocket salad, no matter where on the web it occurs. Read more »

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Flow Corp. says its new platform-as-a-service will help companies ingest and aggregate multiple data streams, filter them and deliver the right data to the right people or applications in real time. That all sounds great, but it’s a very tall order. Read more »

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With Microsoft Hyper-V 3 coming down the pike, and Red Hat revving its KVM push, VMware executives continue to tout vSphere as the best way to virtualize everything — including the mission-critical databases and ERP systems that power businesses of all sizes. Read more »

SolidFire hopes to shrink the size of storage systems.

There’s a big change that is sweeping the business world — instead of buying their infrastructure by spending millions of dollars upfront, companies are now getting comfortable with the idea of paying for their needs as they go along. And that spells trouble for many. Read more »


Everywhere you look, you see the web economy booming and growing like never before. And that boom is spurring demand for data centers like never before. A new survey by Campos Research & Analysis on behalf of Digital Realty Trust, has data to back it up. Read more »

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Microsoft issues credit, apologies and an explanation to Windows Azure customers affected by the recent Leap Day outage that took down several services. Snafus like this one not only affect the specific vendor but can hurt overall confidence in the cloud computing model. Read more »


The massive amount of data that is emerging from connected, digital systems, is fundamentally changing everything, from Internet search to entertainment, to disease management, to energy consumption. Here’s 10 case studies that highlight the power of big data. Read more »

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Seemingly overnight, big data became the behemoth to conquer. But the truth is, tried and true technologies have been tackling the problem for years. Versant’s Robert Greene gives respect to three unsung heroes of big data. Read more »

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Moving to the cloud and SaaS is simpler than many executives believe and can deliver significant business gains relatively quickly, says Zohar Gilad, executive vice president at Precise. Gilad shares the two key decisions that a company should make when considering its cloud strategy. Read more »


There’s a reason Larry Ellison called cloud computing “nonsense” and why he still won’t permit Amazon-style metered pricing for Oracle’s mainstream database and middleware. George Gilbert lets us in on the company’s expensive secret. Read more »


It all seems so easy: You log into Facebook, update your status, tell everyone where you are and — voila! — your Timeline is geospatial. Only, while it’s just one extra step for you to add location, building that capability was a tad more complicated for Facebook. Read more »

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Cloud computing provider Virtustream, a hot player in the enterprise cloud space, with a cloud platform designed for mission-critical and heavy-duty enterprise applications such as SAP, has raised another $15 million in investment capital. The money brings Virtustream’s total funding to $75 million. Read more »


Boston and Cambridge are battling it out to be the site of Google’s proposed expansion in the Hub. Google’s current local headquarters is in Kendall Square, but it’s unclear if it can expand there. Boston is pitching its Innovation District to the search giant. Read more »

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Banks and their customers are under constant threat from cybercriminals trying to get at their money, but at least one bank is using Hadoop to help ensure those attacks aren’t successful. And it has changed the face of its analytics efforts. Read more »


New medium Elastic Compute Cloud instance fills the gap between — you guessed it — smaller and larger “medium” EC2 instances. That brings the total number of EC2 instances to 13 (for now) as Amazon keeps churning out options for every possible compute load. Read more »


Whether you think cloud computing creates or kills jobs depends on what kind of jobs you’re talking about and how companies will use the IT savings they reap in moving to the cloud. Consultant David Linthicum sees validity in the cloud-as-jobs-creator argument. Read more »

Look, Ma! Six servers on a board.

Intel and AMD are at it again. Intel could have bought SeaMicro, the energy efficient server vendor that recently got snapped up by AMD, but it decided to pass, said Diane Bryant, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Datacenter and Connected Systems Group. Read more »

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