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Meteor, a new real-time JavaScript framework targeting web app developers, is causing quite a stir on Twitter and Hacker News. One of the company’s biggest claims is that its open-source technology will enable hot code updates that won’t disturb app users. Read more »


We’ve all heard the saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” It’s a simple, but profound message that many of us forget on a daily basis. When it comes to the cloud the same idea prevails, but using multiple clouds can have advantages. Read more »

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Whatever you do, don’t compare IBM’s new PureSystems to Oracle Exadata or Cisco’s Unified Compute System. The company said it’s spent three years and $2 billion to get these systems just right for cloud computing and other workloads. Read more »

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Social-media data aggregator Gnip is taking on its biggest data source yet — China’s Sina Weibo microblogging service. The plaform has more than 300 million users, so it only makes sense that Gnip users would want to know what people there are talking about. Read more »

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Hewlett-Packard is putting more of its chips on OpenStack as a key foundation for its upcoming public, private and hybrid cloud implementations. HP says its Converged Cloud will amalgamate existing HP technologies and OpenStack so applications can be managed uniformly across cloud types. Read more »


Updated: Twitter has shared numerous aspects of its infrastructure over the past few years, and its decision to open source its work on MySQL might be the social media platform’s most useful contribution yet. Sure, open source big data tools are valuable, but they’re not MySQL. Used […] Read more »

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In the wake of CloudStack’s announcement, Cloudscaling’s CTO, Randy Bias, takes issue with its claims of “AWS compatibility” and “true Amazon-style architecture.” According to Bias, “no one should be under the illusion that CloudStack is more AWS/Amazon compatible than any other open source cloud software.” Read more »


Social and mobile analytics startup Kontagent has expanded its business to include a data-mining service powered by Hive, the SQL-like interface for querying data stored within Hadoop. It’s a smart move by the company, and one that other cloud-based analytics providers would be wise to replicate. Read more »


The federal government talked a lot about grand scientific visions when it unveiled its big data agenda last week, but the government has consumers on its mind, too. Specifically, it doesn’t want to unduly hinder innovation, and it might even be willing to provide data. Read more »


Two major tech players — IBM and Red Hat — are ready to sign on the dotted line to join OpenStack, sources said. That should go a long way to ease the pain of Citrix’s decision to set up CloudStack as an OpenStack rival. Read more »


From a single app, Fileboard lets users manage documents on a number of cloud services, including Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Dropbox, SharePoint and Salesforce. The newest partner to get added to the list is Box, which has also integrated some key Fileboard capabilities into its own app. Read more »


Koding has come out of private beta with a cloud-based development platform that allows programmers to immediately start building and testing out code, without having to worry about different development frameworks or things like domain management. The release follows a $2 million Series A financing round. Read more »


I loved this talk by Jer Thorp, currently the data-artist-in-residence at the New York Times. His work has appeared in my publications but it is the first time I have seem him speak about humanizing data. This talk for Tedx Vancouver is highly recommended. Read more »

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Jonathan Heiliger, Northbridge Venture’s newest general partner will be all about infrastructure, just as he was when he helped scale up Facebook’s foundation to meet the needs of 800 million users. Given his super-star status, Heiliger’s hire is a coup for Northbridge. Read more »


Managed hosting provider Sungard is getting into the big data space with a new Hadoop service that gives users on-demand access to the popular data-storage and processing platform. Called Unified Analytics Service, Sungard’s new offering joins the growing ranks of cloud-based Hadoop offerings. Read more »

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