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The tractor on the Dible farm, similar to this one, represents a capital investment of almost one million dollars.
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The Internet of things (IoT) will enable profound improvements in productivity. To see it in action, let’s use a farmer and food production as an example. Read more »

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Microsoft is doing something super interesting and experimental: using fuel cells to create self-powered racks in data centers. Microsoft, which is now testing the tech, says such a set up could make data centers more efficient, minimizing energy distribution losses and reducing dependence on the power grid.

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Amazon Web Services is now offering up free access to three NASA datasets from the NASA Earth Exchange project about the world’s weather, geology and vegetation. The cloud is a natural place to house large datasets that many people or institutions might want to analyze without requiring everyone to download, store and analyze the data locally. Scientific data has proven particularly appealing early, with numerous cloud providers already hosting various datasets, often in the fields of genomics and biology.


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A Dallas-based startup called Servergy, which makes low-power servers about half the size of traditional servers, has raised a $20 million series C round of venture capital. The company’s servers run on 8-core 1.5 GHz Freescale Power Architecture processors and, although 1U high, are only 14 inches deep and 8.25 inches wide. Servergy appears to have raised just under $30 million so far, according to SEC filings, although its has not named its investors.

Correction: This post was corrected at 3:15 p.m. to correct the manufacturer of Servery’s processors, which is Freescale and not IBM.

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Tesla went from a high of over $180 per share earlier this week to, at one point, under $135 per share on Friday. The company’s shares have been over valued for awhile, and a modest earnings report sent the stock falling this week. Will it head back up or even more down next week?

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According to PatentlyApple, Apple has filed yet another solar panel patent. While this is the eighth patent for the Cupertino, Calif.-based company in an effort to make proprietary solar technology, the “Power Management for a system having non-volatile memory” has eliminated the need for a power converter to turn the solar power into electronic energy. In practical applications, this means that a solar panel could be attached directly to the Magsafe port of a computer or onto the back of a phone.  It’s just a concept now, but it could mean that solar power won’t come at the cost of slimness and style.

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JumpStartFund, a crowdfunding site that has taken it upon itself to make Elon Musk’s ultrafast hyperloop transit system a reality, has formed a now-operating company around the project called Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. JumpStartFund released a timeline of planned milestones the company has set, including demoing hyperloop technology in early 2015. JumpStartFund announced last month that former SpaceX director of operations Marco Villa and former American Society of Civil Engineers president Patricia Galloway would lead the company.

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