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Two sectors that could provide some concrete and immediate reductions in energy use — more efficient lighting and a smarter power grid — saw investment this week. LED startups Bridgelux and Illumitex, and smart meter software firm eMeter all brought in some fresh funding for their […] Read more »

There’s nothing like cash and travel prizes to help motivate innovation. The Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at UC Berkeley is hosting the Venture Lab Clean Technology Innovation Competition, which offers up a $20,000 kitty and a trip to Copenhagen to attend Copenmind for the winning […] Read more »

Google’s been tracking its plug-in electric vehicle project for a couple months now, and has started compiling some of that data on its website. While they don’t have any conclusions yet as to whether or not plug-in Priuses are substantially better than Priuses (patience folks), they […] Read more »

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Waterless Biodiesel Gets $20M: Greenline Industries, the makers of a waterless biodiesel production system, has raised $20 million in first round funding from Leaf Clean Energy, part of the Shaw Group – Cleantech Media. U.S. Alt Fuel Sales Near 1.8M in 2007: Nearly 1.8 million alternative […] Read more »

There’s nothing like breathless morning show radio reports declaring “what the kids are up to these days.” NPR says young people are “flocking” to the carbon markets, both to make money and to feel like they’re doing some good in the world. After listening in on […] Read more »

The venture firm Foundation Capital might not generate as much press coverage as the Kleiner Perkins’ Gore/Doerr duo, or the oft-mentioned biofuel advocate Khosla, but with demand response firm EnerNOC, which went public in May 2007, they had one of the cleantech industry’s first exits. Apparently […] Read more »

Although the Internet was supposed to make reams of paper documents a thing of the past, the business of printing on dead trees is still going strong. And despite the Government Paperwork Elimination Act, government is still a huge user of paper. In an attempt to […] Read more »

Whether you believe that the world’s oil production has peaked yet or not, Big Oil is certainly looking for ways to extend the life of its current reserves. And a report out this morning from the folks at Lux Research says nanotechnology startups will be crucial […] Read more »

The scientific journal Nature featured a loud addition to the climate debate last week by a team of UC-Boulder professors led by Roger Pielke, Jr, a noted climate and policy blogger at Prometheus. The paper (pdf) argues that the Nobel Prize winning IPCC assumed too much […] Read more »

RockBlocks wants to take your retail business online. They don’t mean selling your goods online; they mean managing your entire supply chain through a web app. The idea is that if you can aggregate all the information about all the costs of your products “from design […] Read more »

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The week started off with big moves in solar, had some midweek fools, and ended with some movement for the renewable energy tax credits on the hill. In case you missed the week’s cleantech moves, catch up here. Want an Electric Vehicle? Check eBay: Where can […] Read more »

The modern day work station is a mess of wires, cords, cables, extensions, connectors, adapters, and fiber, and all that spaghetti is leaching power a lot of the time, jacking up your electric bill and wasting energy. This is the problem that San Ramon, Calif.-based Green […] Read more »

If you’ve ever tried to use one of those carbon footprint calculator web sites, then you’ll likely understand why mobile entrepreneur Andreas Zachariah would try to build a better way. Most online carbon calculators aren’t too user-friendly and rely on the user to input a significant […] Read more »

Two Senators have reached across the aisle in an attempt to resurrect an extension for the soon-to-be-deceased renewable energy investment and production tax credits (ITC and PTC, respectively). Sens. Mary Cantwell (D-Wash.) and John Ensign (R-Nev.) introduced The Clean Energy Tax Stimulus Act of 2008, which […] Read more »

We’re such big fans of Google’s mapping services that we’ve been been racking up a list of our own creations: 101 Cleantech Startups, Coal Plant Deathwatch and E2T’s Eco Tour. Turns out Greenpeace is a bit of a Google Earth groupie too, and this week the […] Read more »

Tired of waiting for the Chevy Volt? Didn’t get your name on the Tesla list? Doubtful ZAP’s Alias will materialize? Have no fear! There’s a little place on the internet called eBay where you find things you can’t get anywhere else. A simple search for “electric […] Read more »

Dell Goes Green: Dell will be powering their 2 million square foot Texas headquarters with 100 percent renewable power. Following Intel’s lead, Dell wants to reduce its carbon footprint but also says renewable energy gives them price stability – SmartPower Blog. Fuel Cell Powered Planes: Forget […] Read more »

Presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton unveiled an agenda this week in Pittsburgh, Penn., that seeks to dole out $7 billion in tax benefits annually to encourage job creation. Why does the cleantech world care? Because of that money, a whopping $1 billion would be used to […] Read more »

Startups that are taking a holistic approach to making homes greener are coming out of the woodwork this week. We profiled Sustainable Spaces on Monday, and a Houston, Texas-based startup called Standard Renewable Energy, which sells green building solutions like solar PV for homes and businesses, […] Read more »

While our nation’s labs might be delivering cleantech breakthroughs, the country’s legislatures are facing stagnation. There’s the languishing renewable energy tax credit extension, the California Resource Board’s deteriorating zero-emission vehicle program, and this week San Francisco saw its latest bout of foot-dragging on the city’s solar […] Read more »

Waves, tides, rivers, canals…if it flows, chances are someone’s figuring out a way to harness it to produce clean energy. And a Massachusetts-based startup called Free Flow Power is even working on tapping the mighty Mississippi. The company has a $3 billion plan to place thousands […] Read more »

EPA Puts Up $50M to Clean Up Diesel Engines: Targeting buses, trucks, marine engines, locomotives and non-road engines the EPA has made $50 million in grants available to clean up America’s existing diesel fleet – Green Car Congress. A Vegetable Oil-Powered Series Hybrid: Stealthy startup Electrorides […] Read more »

Design can go a long way toward getting consumers to buy gadgets — the iPod being the quintessential example. Could a little startup out of the UK called Onzo do something similar for home energy management? The London-based startup just picked up £2 million ($4 million) […] Read more »

Taking wind turbines out on the high seas is an expensive and controversial proposition. A new report from Emerging Energy Research says the cost of anchoring and constructing offshore turbines is high in part because there’s a lack of offshore construction equipment. But what if there […] Read more »

Scotland was referred to as “the Saudi Arabia of Wave Power” in the headline of a recent Fortune article. And while that might be a bit of a stretch, the Scottish government said today it will offer a $20 million prize for innovation in marine power. […] Read more »

Nanosolar, one of the first startups to begin producing next-generation thin-film solar cells has raised yet another $50 million in funding; this time from French power company EDF Energies Nouvelles. EDF’s investment also came with an agreement to be able to buy Nanosolar’s panels at a […] Read more »

The idea of “no down payment” is something you hear in loud car commercials, not the cleantech world. But that’s what startup SolarCity is offering San Francisco homeowners who want to go solar, assuming the political spat at City Hall gives way to the Solar Incentive […] Read more »

Nonelectric Hybrid Engine Saves Fuel: Mechanical engineers in the UK are working on a combustion engine that can switch between operating as a four-stroke engine and a two-stroke engine, a system they estimate can cut fuel consumption in cars by 27 percent – MIT Technology Review. […] Read more »

As if biofuels needed any more negative press, along comes this doozy. A Brazilian ethanol firm backed by hundreds of millions of dollars from a who’s who list of investors — among them former President Bill Clinton, cleantech VC Vinod Khosla, supermarket bigwig Ron Burkle, AOL […] Read more »

The northern California utility PG&E has announced one of the largest solar thermal contracts to date, with plans to buy a potential 900MW of power from five large solar thermal plants built by Oakland-based startup BrightSource Energy. BrightSource’s Senior VP of Marketing and Business Development, Charles […] Read more »

When we gathered together our post, 15 Algae Startups Bringing Pond Scum to Fuel Tanks, last week, we realized a lot of the companies are making some significant inroads on the microscopic green fuel. Inventure Chemical’s CEO Mark Tegen tells us his firm, based in Seattle, […] Read more »

Your cell phone company offers you a phone for free, but sells you wireless minutes each month. Similarly the cleantech industry is starting to realize it can benefit from the same type of service model, which can ease the transition to more expensive cleaner technologies by […] Read more »

“Sector Snap: Ethanol Shares Decline”: The USDA estimates that there will be 8 percent less corn planted this year as compared to last year’s record crop. Ethanol stocked dipped following the forecast for higher corn costs – AP via Climateer Investing. New Thermochemical and Catalytic Processes […] Read more »

Lotsa little funding announcements popped up on my radar today, kicking the week off with a feeling that the cleantech investing train won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Plus, it’s helping us ignore that whole recession thing. Following is more than $50 million in green-tinged deal […] Read more »

The fight against climate change in the U.S. is getting billions of VC dollars for tech innovation, the attention of presidential candidates, and game-changing legislation. So what else could it possibly need? Better advertising, at least according to Nobel Peace Prize winner and former Vice President […] Read more »

Even though silicon is one of the most abundant materials in the world, pure silicon — the kind used in solar cells — is hard to come by. In fact the growing demand for pure silicon led Ontario-based solar silicon purification startup 6N Silicon to disclose […] Read more »

Among clean tech solutions, we often hear about wind, solar, geothermal, and then “energy efficiency.” This one large category rarely gets the specific treatment–other than a mention of compact fluorescent lightbulbs–that the other segments of the market do. But one company we found, Sustainable Spaces, has […] Read more »

Despite the fact that Google said Blackle, the all-black site based on the company’s search engine technology that claimed to save energy, was BS, the search giant turned its home page black for Earth Hour this weekend. Google said the gesture was aimed at raising awareness […] Read more »

Data centers are becoming a bigger and bigger draw on energy resources. According to a report from the Environmental Protection Agency last year, they accounted for only 1.5 percent of the energy consumed in the U.S. But an interesting story by James Niccolai of IDG suggests […] Read more »

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