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Update: Larry Gross is heading up an AltraBiofuels spinoff called Edeniq that will focus on cellulosic ethanol, more details here. While we were digging into a list of biofuel startups backed by Valley firms, we noticed a changing of the guard at Los Angeles, Calif.-based AltraBiofuels. […] Read more »

With President Bush suddenly concerned about America’s carbon emissions, it seems appropriate that Bush’s favorite fuel of yesteryear, hydrogen, should be getting some recent attention, too. The California Air Resource Board (CARB) is making $7.7 million available for the improvement and expansion of the state’s hydrogen-fueling […] Read more »

Yeah, I know, loan guarantees aren’t the most scintillating topic around, but stay with me. They’re a big deal when it comes to financing big clean energy projects and not really that difficult to understand. Essentially a loan guarantee is a promise by the government to […] Read more »

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Hydro Green Energy Brings More $ to Hydrokinetics: The Houston-based startup has just closed a $2.6 million round of funding led by the Quercus Trust. Hydro Green mounts its tidal turbines on barges, making deployment and maintenance easy – Release via VentureBeat. Report on PHEV Design: […] Read more »

Addressing the nation from the verdant White House Rose Garden, President Bush delivered an agenda-shifting speech today on carbon emission controls. The take-home message was that Bush has set a goal of stopping emissions growth by 2025. While the president failed to offer any specifics as […] Read more »

The entirety of Tesla Motors’ lawsuit against Fisker Automotive became available today, enumerating six charges, including breach of contract, fraud, and violation of unfair competition laws. Aside from alleging that Fisker simultaneously sabotaged Tesla while preparing to launch a competing company and car, the suit claims […] Read more »

Everything is going portable these days, but . . . nuclear reactors? Hyperion Power Generation, a startup based in Santa Fe, N.M., is working on a self-contained compact nuclear power reactor unit that it says is “about the size of a typical backyard hot tub” (a […] Read more »

As we approach Earth Day, the news and studies related to power consumption and energy waste in the data center are on the rise. We read a study released this week by the BPM Forum and sponsored by BlueArc, a company that makes energy-efficient storage products, […] Read more »

With the meter running on Bush’s presidency, he’s added “solve global warming” to his last-minute to-do list. President Bush is set to unveil a set of intermediate climate mitigation goals on Wednesday, Reuters reports. “This speech is not going to lay out a specific proposal,” White […] Read more »

UK Institutes Biofuels Mandate: Starting today, fuel in Britain must contain a minimum of 2.5 percent biofuels as part of the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation which will ratchet that number up to 5 percent by 2010 – Celsias. MakeMeSustainable Blog: MakeMeSustainable gives a few thoughts on […] Read more »

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The “last mile” — that distance between centralized transport hubs and your final destination — is often the biggest barrier to taking public transit. Maybe you’ve been thinking that perhaps a bicycle could help you go that extra mile and give you a good work out, […] Read more »

While Tesla Motors v. Fisker Automotive is a juicy story of alleged automotive espionage, we came across another lawsuit involving the Roadster maker as we were digging through the online records of the San Mateo Superior Court: Magna Powertrain Inc. USA v. Tesla Motors. And in […] Read more »

Tesla and Fisker Automotive, the two electric-car startups backed by Silicon Valley’s most well known cleantech VCs, are involved in a now very public feud. On Monday Tesla filed suit in Superior Court in California alleging that Fisker stole Tesla’s design ideas and trade secrets. The […] Read more »

Ask execs at the major solar cell makers what’s kept them up at night over the past year and the answer you’ll get will undoubtedly center around the tight supply of polysilicon, the key ingredient in traditional solar panels. That could be changing even sooner than […] Read more »

Sometimes it takes an IPO to draw the spotlight to a promising idea. That may be the case with Codexis, a chemical company located in the heart of Silicon Valley with an interesting approach to synthetic biology. Codexis, which filed on Monday a prospectus with the […] Read more »

Thermoelectrics Heating and Cooling Hybrids: Hybrid makers are looking to use nanotech thermoelectrics to efficiently convert electricity into heat (or power heat sinks) which could appear in cars as soon as 2012 – MIT Technology Review. Norwegian Solar Supplier Invests in U.S. Installer: Renewable Energy Corp. […] Read more »

While there were a few reports out last week showing that venture investing in cleantech startups was at a record high in the first quarter of 2008, things weren’t as rosy when it came to private equity. A new report out from New Energy Finance says […] Read more »

The power grid can only get smarter, a fact that is motivating Silver Spring Networks and a growing number of other startups looking to smarten up our electrical system. Redwood City, Calif.-based Silver Springs has raised an additional $17.4 million in funding, according to VentureWire (hat […] Read more »

Our favorite oil-baron-turned-wind-power-wildcatter, T. Boone Pickens, will make the first down payment this month on 500 wind turbines for his plan to build the world’s largest wind farm in Texas, says the Guardian. Over the next four years, Pickens plans to build 2,700 wind turbines that […] Read more »

This weekend at the MIT Energy Conference, MIT and Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute said they would create the MIT-Fraunhofer Institute for Sustainable Energy Systems to do research in renewable energy technology. Once an area like Massachusetts gets established as a hub of cleantech innovation, it becomes that […] Read more »

The Earth2Tech crew was all over the Bay Area this week, meeting with cleantech-types in the city, East Bay and down on the peninsula. In case you had a hectic week as well, we’ve collected the important posts from our travels this week here for you […] Read more »

Today the U.S. Senate voted to pass an amended version of the bill, H.R. 3221 to include an extension of both the Production Tax Incentive (PTC) and the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The PTC provides extra money for wind power while the ITC helps fund solar […] Read more »

Making San Francisco a solar city isn’t enough for Mayor Gavin Newsom — he also wants to refashion it as the new windy city. Speaking beneath a 1.8 kW Skystream wind turbine in San Francisco’s Mission District (spied by E2T here), Newsom announced the creation of […] Read more »

What’s going to be the viral element that gets us to cut down on our collective carbon emissions? Who’s going to deliver us the iPod of cleantech? If we knew for sure, we’d be off building it, but these 10 web sites think they have the […] Read more »

A number of companies are building “smarter thermostats” to monitor your home’s energy use, like Onzo and Lucid Design Group. But they are often limited to measuring electricity and gas. What if you’re building a living roof, a geothermal well, or an efficient sprinkler system? Agilewaves […] Read more »

When multiple investors fund a cleantech startup and everyone issues their own press release it easy to miss what’s really going on. But sometimes we find SEC filings that keep track of who’s funding what when. This morning we reported that OptiSolar, a Hayward, Calif.-based thin-film […] Read more »

Cleantech Funds Grow and Deals Abound: The New York State Common Retirement Fund and Foundation Capital are both expanding their cleantech funds. Plus this post has a round up of 11 cleantech funding deals over the past week – Cleantech Media. US “Splash and Dash” Biofuels […] Read more »

The granddaddy of California’s cleantech contests — the California Cleantech Open — launched its third annual business competition down at San Jose’s city hall last night. It kicked off to the raucous words of San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, encouraging speeches from cleantech investor Steve Jurvetson […] Read more »

Update: Check out what we learned about OptiSolar’s funding: they’ve really added a zero to that original amount. Who says thin-film solar firms have to ditch silicon? OptiSolar, a startup founded in 2005, doesn’t think so, and neither do its investors. The Hayward, Calif.-based company has […] Read more »

The folks at Ted just put up a video clip of Al Gore’s new climate change talk, which he presented at the annual conference. It’s got the same tone — “we have work to do. . . . what is missing is a sense of urgency,” […] Read more »

Texas likes getting energy from wind, but drawing that power from the middle of nowhere in West Texas to more populated regions is going to be expensive. Despite the hefty price tag, construction on new transmission lines should begin by the end of 2009. The Public […] Read more »

Not only do cars consume lots of petroleum, they are also made of it, especially the interior. The dash, the seats and the paneling are all often made of petroleum-based polymers. But Ford is taking a step to reduce the amount of oil needed to build […] Read more »

Alaskan Village Suing Big Businesses Over Global Warming: The residents of the Inupiat village of Kivalina are suing large oil companies, electric utilities, and a coal company alleging the companies’ actions have destroyed the village, located on a precarious barrier reef – ClaimeIntel. Contraction & Convergence […] Read more »

As the first quarter of 2008 roars by like a 747 stuffed with biofuels, our research peers are tallying up the amount of cleantech investing that went down. Between $988 million and $1.25 billion globally, according to two reports out this week, the lower figure from […] Read more »

High atop Barrows Hall on UC Berkeley’s campus, the 16 semi-finalists in the Venture Lab Clean Technology Innovation Contest this week made their final pitches. Each of the competitors had a brutally enforced 3-minute window for the “American Idol”-style session. Finally the judges — which included […] Read more »

The owner of the most wind power in the world is now Spanish utility Iberdrola, according to Emerging Energy Research. The research firm’s report says Iberdrola now owns nearly 7 gigawatts of wind power plants, after adding over 1.55 gigawatts of new wind plant construction and […] Read more »

Too busy to fight climate change? Just charge the problem away with one of Middlebury, Vt.-based Brighter Planet’s credit card offers. The two-year-old startup says this morning that it has raised a $3.2 million Series B round of funding led by Crow Hill Ventures to bring […] Read more »

Coskata made a big splash at the start of the year with the claim that they could produce ethanol for $1 a gallon from such sundry feedstocks as woodchips, grasses and old tires. They also managed to launch their company with a partnership and investment from […] Read more »

Credo Mobile, the green phone division of Working Assets, has two new accessories it started touting on Tuesday. The San Francisco-based company that gives a portion of its phone plan revenues to charities has started offering its subscribers a solar-powered Bluetooth headset from Iqua, and a […] Read more »

Clear Skies in India: Clear Skies Solar says it’s signed a $20 million letter of agreement with Indian company Power Cube to develop solar systems in India — release, Cleantech Media. Congress in Crucial Period of Energy Talks: “This is one of the most crucial periods […] Read more »

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