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iTunes Music Store has been huge for digital music for purchase and download – that’s no secret. But as more and more people flock to purchasing their music via direct download stores, they’re missing one very tangible part of the CD-buying experience: The Cover art/Booklet. Well […] Read more »

Troll Touch has introduced a new touchscreen adapter for Powerbooks. Simply place the SlipCOVER over your screen, and plug it into a free USB port. Viola! You now have a touch screen Powerbook. I personally have never been a huge fan of touchscreens. No matter what […] Read more »

Many pundits are spending large amounts of energy putting down the mostly symbiotic relationship between Apple and the RIAA, materialized in the form of the iTunes Music Store. Read more »

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Rumor has it tha the next revision of the iPod mini will have its storage capacity bumped up to 5GB. If this is the case, it will increase the number of songs it is able to hold from 1000 to 1250. The 5GB capacity will put […] Read more »

Just FYI, in case you didn’t notice, we’ve made some changes to the categories here. We’ve added some, moved some around, as well as removed some. Hopefully they’ll be a little more user-friendly now. If you have any suggestions we’d love to hear them. Enjoy! Read more »

With the XtremeMac audio splitter, you can easily share your music with a friend. The XtremeMac audio splitter does pretty much what you would expect, it splits the audio and sends it to two jacks. Never get stuck sharing only one headphone with a friend again. Read more »

Developers: Fire up your XCode…Now check out the Job Posting on Specifically the portion that reads: “The iPod Division is looking for an individual who will be responsible for improving and maintaining the IDE for embedded applications. The person in this position will be required […] Read more » is the new site for the development of the Power PC platform. They’re launching it in China (but it’s in english for the rest of us – woohoo!) and celebrating their millionth G5 chip being shipped. That’s a lot of PowerMacs, iMac G5′s, and presumably, […] Read more »

Consumer Reports has an article in its latest issue reporting on Apples customer support. “In this atmosphere of low expectations, Apple Computer has actually raised its support satisfaction for desktop computers over the past three years to levels above all competitors, while offering the most reliable […] Read more »

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Apple Security Updates Apple has just released Security Update 2004-12-02. This patch is reccomended for all Mac users. Read more »

Apple .Mac Affiliates Apple has started what it is calling the .Mac Affiliates program. As an affiliate, you can earn up to $15 for every person you get to sign up. Read more »

Now you too can express your geeky-ness by wearing this shirt that proudly proclaims: “I had an iPod before you even knew what one was.” Read Read more »

We have confirmed reports that the Canadian localization of the popular iTunes music store is now open. Read more »

Apple today announced that the iTunes Music Store service in Canada was going to miss its November mark. “We said that we would launch the iTunes Music Store in Canada by the end of November, but we’re going to miss this deadline by a bit,” the […] Read more »

CompUSA will be holding a make-shift Macintosh User Group meeting at all of its stores tommorow morning. “Get into the holiday spirit and join the festivities at CompUSA nationwide for an Apple users exclusive holiday celebration. The event will be held from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 […] Read more »

A source inside iTunes Canada has leaked that the Canadian localization of the popular online music store will be released today. This comes after dissapointment over its faliure to launch by the end of November, as it had been rumored. Read more »

Okay…well maybe not you…but if you like to write about Apple…then YES! YOU! If you are even remotely interested in helping out then skip on over to the contact page and shoot us a line. Rock. Read more »

“iZoom is a free, simple application designed to allow you to easily resize and crop your photos for optimized display on your iPod photo, on the web, or in email messages to friends. iZoom is very useful for creating web photo galleries, forum-user avatars, and image […] Read more » has just released a couple of fun new toys for all you GarageBand users! The first is Bandmates Synth Player – Padtastik. Over 45 new synth loops for “the ultimate in sonic warmth.” The next is Bandmates Guitar Player – Acoustic Guitar. This one containing […] Read more »

“IMac’s G5 top choice of year” from The Washington Times – “…It will cost close to $2,100 to get the supersized 20-inch model with extra RAM and a wireless keyboard and mouse. That’s a relatively high price in this age of far-less-expensive Windows-based machines. But Apple […] Read more »

Merrill Lynch speculates at Apple introducing an entertainment server to the market, to possibly compete with current DVR’s and Media Center PC’s. “A 200GB Apple server at a reasonable price and possibly with PVR technology could be Apple’s next category killer,” the firm was reported saying. […] Read more »

AppleInsider is reporting that the public is warming up to the iPod faster than it did to the Sony Walkman during the ’80s and ’90s. iPod sales are approx. 1 million units ahead of the Walkman after Walkmans equivilant 2.5 years. Read more »

Canadian television has started showing ads for the much anticipated iTunes Canada music store. The commercials appear to be exactly the same as the iTunes ads shown in the United States, but instead of ending with, they end in This follows Apples statment earlier […] Read more »

Two financial institutions have raised their target prices for Apple stock. Merrill Lynch, stating that they are expecting an increase in iPod sales in the December quarter, 4 million up from 3.5 million, and 12.9 million for fiscal 2005 up from 10.7 million, raised target share […] Read more » is a great recource for all of you ‘Book users. It has reveiws of all of the most popular laptop bags, including, messenger bags, backpacks, and sleeves. They also have reviews of iPod cases. The reviews are broken down into Asthetics, Comfort, Construction, Organizational Features, […] Read more »

Apple beat out Dell computer’s website in the number of unique visitors by almost twice as many. According to Nielson/NetRatings, Apple had 4.9 million unique visitors to its site for the week ending November 14th, while Dell only had 2.7 million. Good times. Read more »

Raise your hand if you’ve ever struggled managing contacts and calendaring information on your computer, across various programs, handheld devices, and remote systems? I have. Read more »

After reading an article in both Wired and on CNN’s website as well as talking to several people who had successfully completed their requirements and received their free iPod…I decided I to would give a try. I personally know I completed not 1 offer, but […] Read more »

The DVForge brand, MacMice, has recently debuted it’s newest product. GarageKey is a USB-MIDI device made specifically for GarageBand users. The GarageKey USB-MIDI keyboard is the only keyboard on the market designed exclusively for use by Apple GarageBand software users who want a small, elegantly styled […] Read more »

Here’s a nifty little shareware program that’s perfect for storing all your usernames and passwords. It’s called PasswordWallet. It’s better than Apple’s keychain for a couple of reason. 1) It has a very easy export function incase you need to print your information out or save […] Read more »

Mactracker – Get info on any Mac Heres a cool little program for all us Mac historians. Mactracker will show you system information on practically any Mac you can think of, along with information on peripherals that will work with that Mac. Read more »

The Apple Blog has its own IRC channel! Join us in #theappleblog on If you are unfamiliar with IRC, click here for a short introduction. If you are in need of an IRC program, check out Colloquy for Mac, and mIRC for Windows. Read more »

It looks as if Apple might finally be entering the blogosphere. Apple has set up what it is calling a “student weblog”. Their plan is to feature new bloggers every month. Oddly enough though, the only blogger as of this posting is a recent graduate of […] Read more »

According to Needham & Co. analyst Charles Wolf, it is expected that Apple will sell 13.3 million iPods in 2005, 23.5 million in 2006 and that more than 100 million Windows users will own iPods by 2008. 100 million Windows users eh? As much as Windows […] Read more »

Looks like Apple is officially taking over the world. They’ve just opened their largest store to date in London. Literally thousands of people showed up for the grand opening with many of them braving the bitter cold weather. The checkout counter in the new London Apple […] Read more »

So basically first posts are awkward. You and I both know that. So let’s go ahead and face facts here and sit in awkward silence until the next post is made. Read more »

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