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The Guardian has a great article about the mind-set of a Mac-head. It discusses how the novelty of being a select few will soon wear off as Apple moves farther into the main stream. Read more »

According to CNET News, Apple has filed suit against Think Secret and other unnamed individuals for allegedly stealing trade secrets. “Apple has filed a civil complaint against the owner of and unnamed individuals who we believe stole Apple’s trade secrets,” Apple said in its statement. […] Read more »

Looks like a disgrunteled iTunes customer is suing Apple. According to Thomas Slattery, “Apple has unlawfully bundled, tied, and/or leveraged its monopoly in the market for the sale of legal online digital music recordings to thwart competition in the separate market for portable hard drive digital […] Read more »

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Well, I’m not sure how it happend, but somehow myself and all the writers here at The Apple Blog have managed to not be able to attend Macworld next week. Big bummer for sure. So, what we need is a rogue reporter to get in the […] Read more »

My Favorite Apple blogger, Adri, is covering recent and ongoing price slashing from Apple. WTF, iSight for only $150 at could this be?. Also 150 Euros at french Apple Store? Somebody pinch me? Read more »

(credit Symphonix over at Ok, I had to. With all the insanity flying around I wanted to add a little humor. I hope we’ll be hearing about an iPhone and seeing the real pics soon (next week?), but until then, keep your pants on and […] Read more »

In the days and weeks leading up to any major Mac event, the web is bulging with all sorts of rumors about what the big announcements will be. From headless iMacs to the fabled iPhone, everyone seems to have a new idea about what we will […] Read more »

We here at The Apple Blog would like to encourage you to donate as much as possible as quickly as possible to help aid for the tsunami relief. We suggest any of the following organizations: American Red Cross International Response Fund AmeriCares South Asia Earthquake Relief […] Read more »

It has come to our attention that our RSS feeds are currently giving errors. We are taking a look into right now and things should be back to normal hopefully within the next couple of hours. Edit: RSS Feed problem fixed. Thanks to those who reported […] Read more »

Chalk it up the the amplification powers of the blogosphere. Earlier this morning, Think Secret broke the news of a sub-$500 iMac: With iPod-savvy Windows users clearly in its sights, Apple is expected to announce a bare bones, G4-based iMac without a display at Macworld Expo […] Read more »

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Rumor has it that we may be hearing about a $500 “headless” iMac at the MacWorld Expo in just a couple short weeks. It’s purpose would be to target all the windows users who are a part of the Halo Effect that’s all the buzz lately. […] Read more »

Not that Halo. The iPod’s success has drawn so many Windows PC users to the Apple brand. The Halo effect is the resulting purchase of other Apple products – namely computer systems – because people have come to love the iPod so much. It’s brilliant, and […] Read more »

Wired posted quite the interesting article about 2 men who, for six months snuck into the Apple Headquarters to write a script. 12 hours per day, 7 days a week, for 6 months, Ron Avitzur snuck into his former employer’s offices to write a Graphing Calculator […] Read more »

I realize that kicking around John C. Dvorak is not exactly a challenge anymore. His half-baked theories regarding a PC world that moved beyond his understanding 15 years ago rarely make very much sense. However, occasionally, he uses his predictive powers on the Mac world, where […] Read more »

Arik Hesseldahl’s (of Forbes) 2005 wishlist includes a video iPod. Those who’ve followed Steve closely (what Mac Fanatic has not?) know that he’s already said he doesn’t see the iPod video product as feasible. I suppose that could be debated, but I agree with the thinking […] Read more » has a really cool post about a new Apple Patent. The Patent is for an Application referred to (by Waxy) as iTunes Producer. It’s an App to be used by recording artists/Studios/Managers (Garageband musicians?) to upload music and enter relevant metadata for each track/album. Looks […] Read more »

Reading MobileWhack’s discussion of the “iPhone,” you almost get the impression that it’s conventional wisdom that the iPod will soon be obsolete. In fact, Simon says as much: With micro hard drives like the one in the iPod mini making their way into phones, Apple’s fantastic […] Read more »

I think (hope) everyone knows how fantastic iPhoto and Graphic Converter work. This isn’t about those applications. I wanted to write about a few small image utilities/apps/whatever that you may not have heard of yet. I use these almost daily and haven’t found anything I like […] Read more »

There’s an awesome story at PacificT (the current owners of Graphing Calculator) about the history of the app. It’s written by Ron Avitzur, the guy that made it happen – skunkworks style – after the project had been canned by Apple. Very entertaining read if you […] Read more »

CNet interviewed Karl Freund, vice president of IBM eServer pSeries to find out what’s upcoming from IBM in 2005. While the focus is on IBM’s work, there’s the obvious relationship with Apple, and therefore the benefits that may be in store for Apple Computer users. Most […] Read more »

Is the iTunes music store in trouble? Chris Gorog, CEO of Napster, sure thinks so. Napster runs on a subscription based format that allows you access to 700,000+ songs for your listening pleasure, all for only $9.95 per month. The catch is that if you want […] Read more »

So…we still want more writers. Think you got the skills to pay the bills? Then chunk us an e-mail and we’ll chat. Read more » offers baskets of iPod acessories for the hard-to-buy-for iPod owner. There are many different baskets to choose from, all offering a different selection of add-ons. Read more »

Now that we have confirmation that Apple and Motorola are partnering on a phone, I think this is a good a time as any to start dreaming. My current phone is a Treo 210. It does the phone thing, and the PDA thing, but it does […] Read more »

Apple has confirmed that it is working with motorola on what it says will be not just a phone with some version of iTunes, but a proper “accessory” to your iPod. The phone will have built in Bluetooth, and retail for around $250-$300. Read more »

200 Million songs dowloaded through iTunes Music Store. That’s a lot of Tunes. It’s reported that Ryan Alekman of Belchertown, MA is the 200 millionth download(er) with a song from “The Complete U2″ set. Steve Jobs is happy today I’m sure, as He’s definitely got the […] Read more »

Apple today released Mac OS X 10.3.7 via Software Update. This update is recomended for all users of 10.3 and provides “enhanced functionality and improved reliability”. Key enhancements include improved AFP support for saving documents with long file names, improved OpenGL technology and updated ATI and […] Read more »

According to MacDailyNews, Apple isn’t real sure what it wants to do about the next line of computers they kick out. The obvious progression would be to name them “G6″ but, General Motor’s has a new car out kindly named the Pontiac G6 and they are […] Read more »

Seattle musicians, Jeff Tolbert, has released a 106 page on making the most of GarageBand for home recording. It’s called Take Control of Recording with GarageBand. He covers topics on making the most of your current gear as well as some advice on purchasing new gear […] Read more »

MacMerc has a great article on the maintenance you should run to keep your machine in tip top running condition. Read more »

Ever want to buy songs off of the iTunes Music Store, but you don’t have a credit card? On Friday, Apple began accepting Paypal as a meathod of payment for its music store, good news for those with checking accounts but not credit cards. Also, Apple […] Read more »

Ok, it seems that you all have a lot to say about iEmulator. But, since we are all busy, Im just going to sum up all of your comments. Most of the feedback Ive received is saying that while the 30 dollar price point is great, […] Read more »

A school teacher in Orange County, CA has created his own iPod Mini ad in his spare time. He did it for fun, and has no connection (yet) with Apple Computer. The ad’s production qualities are superb, and display the kind of fanatacism that Apple products […] Read more »

Christmas season is upon us and online magazines have been musing about an “iPod Killer”. Here’s why I believe these “other guys” are looking at a sizable challenge: iPod has struck the ultimate balance of features, portability, usability and outstanding design. The “other guys” are trying […] Read more »

This guy seemingly couldn’t wait for Apple to make a tablet. As a Photographer and a Dyslexic the idea of being able to use a Tablet as a platform for showing photographs, editing, and an extension of my badly organized memory is very appealing. I had […] Read more »

Its so sweet! And geekey! So the day is almost here. I got this idea when my girlfriend fell in love with the iPod this summer after seeing my cousins´husband´s iPod in action. Great, I´ll get her one (which we both can use) for our anniversary […] Read more »

It seems that there is a new Windoze emulator out for Mac. iEmulator claims to be just as fast as Virtual PC, but are more realistic in their approach. The G4 numbers are lower than what another commercial emulator is telling me; it says my emulated […] Read more »

At a MacWorld keynote in 2000, Steve Jobs pitched the Mac as the Digital Hub, and shortly afterwards released the iPod. Now that technology has had a few years to advance, this concept is finally coming to life… The iPod was Apple’s first component of the […] Read more »

DOOM 3 for Mac was announced today to now be in Beta status, and due in Feb of 2005. Published by Aspyr, DOOM 3 is the third in an expremely popular gaming series. DOOM 3 will have a “dramatic storyline, pulse-pounding action, and incredible graphics that […] Read more »

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