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In the past week or so, we have seen keynote speeches from both Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs, and Microsoft CEO Bill Gates. Gates’s CES keynote was filled with negative comments, including his comparison of “free culture” advocates to communists. Job’s speech, on the other hand, […] Read more »

Reading (more and more all the time) about the Mac Mini, a thought just hit me. With all the new Mac users this machine will attract, these previous windows users will have one litte niggle to get used to right off the bat: There’s no eject […] Read more »

Wired’s got a cool article about the insanity the iPod Shuffle caused at the conclusion of Steve’s Keynote yesterday. …at the close of his Macworld keynote address at Moscone Center, Apple CEO Steve Jobs had said he’d “heard a rumor” that the iPod shuffle was available […] Read more »

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Can you tell me what’s wrong with this picture? Ok, maybe it’s just my interpretation of this Ad image. But what is the girl looking at? There’s no screen on the iPod Shuffle. Plus, with only 5 buttons (which come in a very common configuration) I […] Read more »

The first issue of Free Software Magazine is out and one of the first articles is on the ecology of Mac OS X. THis is a walk through about OS X, the options open to developers and why this makes it such a cooll platform to […] Read more »

Ordered your Mac Mini yet? I have, but I’ve got the same problem I always have with Apple computers, only this time with no alternative. See, the Mac Mini comes with just 256MB RAM, that really isn’t a lot for OS X and most people are […] Read more »

The Mac Mini is what the Cube should have been: small footprint, cheap, powerful and bring your own peripherals. One thing the Mini isn’t is user-upgradable and this is something to keep in mind when you’re buying it. The new Mac Mini has SuperDrive, AirPort Extreme […] Read more »

This report may seem a little scattered, due to my trying to type as fast as I could as the keynote progressed. It looks like the rumors were mainly right on, especially with the Mac Mini and the flash-based iPod Shuffle. Steve’s out on stage. He’s […] Read more »

Now that Steve has ushered-in this new era for Apple in the form of the Mac Mini, those of us who already know/love/use Apple computers have a duty to fulfill. So many people will be flocking to this new low-priced Apple, to try it out for […] Read more »

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A new version of iTunes is avaiable via software update. Check it out. Read more »

No, the Mac Mini is not a major powerhouse (though it’s got a faster cpu than my 17″ powerbook!), but it’s got potential. I’m just messing around here, but think of the possibilities… A “Big Mac Mini” cluster….hm, cool idea at least, maybe not hugely functional […] Read more »

The Keynote Stream is up! Watch it! Read more »

Well we didn’t get the on-the-spot, live iChat coverage we were hoping for (no wifi available to our ‘reporters’ there). BUT, all the dozens of folks who dropped in and made it a party were great about posting the updates as they came. Chris and Dan […] Read more »

Steve Jobs announces iLife ’05, the Year of HD, the Mac Mini, and the iPod Shuffle Here are my quick notes taken from the keynote speech today – please forgive the abbreviated format and lack of formatting in some descriptions, but I was typing quickly to […] Read more »

CNBC will be speaking to Steve Jobs sometime in the coming hour. Check it out! Read more »

Wow! Rumours have turned into beautiful fact! The mini iMac, iWork, Keynote 2, iPod Shuffle, iPhone! This is going to be an amazing year for apple. Read more »

Allow me to be the first to admit: Not only was I wrong, I was spectacularly wrong! Though I could try to win on a technicality, my prediction that the $500 Mac wasn’t going to occur now looks like a colossal error of judgment on my […] Read more »

live updates as we get them: – – – – Yes we know we screwed up on the shuffle pic, it was an error. We have sooo many links floating around. – Shuffle shipping TODAY! – We will have pics of mini iMac and Shuffle ASAP […] Read more »

One thing to watch out for, for first-time MacWorld attendees, is making sure the color-coding on your badge and badgeholder match. Noticing a problem at the registration desk will save you trouble later. The MacWorld organizers were a little disorganized today with badges and it took […] Read more »

In a recent photo essay done by a photography who was able to spend some time with President Bush in his daily routines, he snagged a picture of President Bush sporting a 4th generation iPod. Read more »

Here are some specs of the new flash iPod that were leaked to sources. It will hold 240 songs and will have no screen. It will play unlisted tracks either in a set order or randomly. The slogan for the new iPod is “240 songs a […] Read more »

Well, I’ve seen some creepy things in my day…and this my friends is one of them. DecalGirl has found the need to make a Human Skin cover for the iPod mini. And at only $6.99 you can’t really beat covering your iPod in synthetic human skin. Read more »

Kevin Rose apparently has it on good authority (the same claim as everyone else) that the headless mac, flash iPod, and iPhone will be released at the keynote tommorow. But then again, everyone and their mother has a so called “reliable source”. And with conflicting sources, […] Read more »

Looks like Apple has registered two new trademarks. Today, the US Patent and Trademark Office showed that Apple Computer has registered “Pages” and “Shuffle.” It is rumored that Pages is the name of the upcoming word processor being developed by Apple to be part of the […] Read more »

Confirmation came earlier today that the Macworld Expo keynote speech will not be webcast live. MacCentral received a statement from Apple indicating that the keynote speech by Steve Jobs will not be webcast until 6:00 pm Pacific time. This is definitely a disappointment for many Apple […] Read more »

An Italian Mac news site was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the flash iPod banners as they were being put up in San Francisco. The device will be thinner than current iPods, white, and have no screen. First hand account and photos Update: Apple […] Read more »

W000T! The long rumored powerbook upgrades have finally been confirmed! The 15 and 17 inch Powerbooks will be bumped up to 1.67 Ghz, given a 100GB HDD, 128MB VRAM, and Bluetooth 2! Read more »

iPhone (from eweek, Slashdot, our coverage) G5 PowerBook or enhanced PowerMac G5 (from eMac G5 ??? (from Headless sub-$500 Mac (from from Think Secret) iHome? These guys believe the sub-$500 headless Mac and iHome may be one and the same??? So do these guys. […] Read more »

Engadget has pics of what could be the headless mac. There were “real pictures” of the iMac G5 floating around before its release, which turned out to be fake, but these look real. Check them out! Read more »

eWeek’s got the exclusive apparently. The Motorola phone that works with iTunes has been demo’d or at least talked about at CES. There’s no pictures which is a drag, but hopefully we only have to wait for Steve to show it off next week. It syncs […] Read more »

We all know about VoIP and how it’s going to be the next big thing, but one of the big issues is interface and cooperating with the existing analogue and digital ‘Plain Old Telephone Service’ (POTS). There are a few companies in the US that offer […] Read more »

If you’ve got an iTunes Music Store account, you can go download a free mix album of songs, courtesy of Apple. Clicking this link will open iTunes and take you to the free album. I can’t access iTMS from work, so don’t know how good the […] Read more »

The Guardian has a great article about the mind-set of a Mac-head. It discusses how the novelty of being a select few will soon wear off as Apple moves farther into the main stream. Read more »

According to CNET News, Apple has filed suit against Think Secret and other unnamed individuals for allegedly stealing trade secrets. “Apple has filed a civil complaint against the owner of and unnamed individuals who we believe stole Apple’s trade secrets,” Apple said in its statement. […] Read more »

Looks like a disgrunteled iTunes customer is suing Apple. According to Thomas Slattery, “Apple has unlawfully bundled, tied, and/or leveraged its monopoly in the market for the sale of legal online digital music recordings to thwart competition in the separate market for portable hard drive digital […] Read more »

Well, I’m not sure how it happend, but somehow myself and all the writers here at The Apple Blog have managed to not be able to attend Macworld next week. Big bummer for sure. So, what we need is a rogue reporter to get in the […] Read more »

My Favorite Apple blogger, Adri, is covering recent and ongoing price slashing from Apple. WTF, iSight for only $150 at could this be?. Also 150 Euros at french Apple Store? Somebody pinch me? Read more »

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