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As mentioned recently here on TheAppleBlog, The iLife ’05 suite of applications has been causing a good number of users some headaches. Well Apple knows (or knew…) and has released a software update for iMovie HD – a mere week after its ship date. iMovie HD […] Read more »

I have just gotten to play around with Apple’s new application Pages and I have to say that I like it. It isn’t as fully featured as Word but I think that for many people it will be more than capable of replacing Word. My first […] Read more »

In a story run by both The Register and Gizmodo, Apple apparently had a snippet of HTML that included the reference to “apple_g5_powerbook” on it’s powerbook page. It’s gone from Apple’s site now (The Register reports it being gone within an hour of their finding it). […] Read more »

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As we reported recently, some of the Mac Mini customization options have been lowered in price a mere 2 weeks after it’s release to market. Well rest assured (if you’re one of the folks who bought and upgraded early), Apple will be refunding the difference in […] Read more »

Oftentimes Apple has been referred to as the BMW of the computer world – high quality, stylish, and expensive. And for anyone that’s ever unpacked an Apple product, dealt with Apple technical support, or even visited an Apple retail store, it’s blatantly obvious that Apple wants […] Read more »

The DLO iDirect Remote Control for iPod will set you back $50, but will also set you back away from your iPod with full control of its music. There’s a small IR adapter that fits into the headphone jack – resembling the size of the iTrip […] Read more »

If you’ve not yet picked-up or installed the new iLife ’05, then heed some warnings from folks who have. Learn from their experience my friends. Ya know the readme files? Read them! First off, there are txt files with each of the iLife apps that give […] Read more »

So, it turns out that Pages isn’t the Word killer we thought it might be. Check out Dan Pourhadi’s review to see why. Basically, Dan explains that it’s much more a layout program than a word processor, although a pretty good one. Read more »

Daniel Kushner has dissected the iPod Shuffle…literally. He explains in detail the inner workings of the Shuffle with fun pictures to go along with it. An interesting read indeed. Read more »

While no computer system will ever be secure in absolute terms, analyzing which routes toward security the two major consumer operating system vendors have taken, ought to provide some valuable insight as to why so many of us are staunch advocates of the Mac platform, and most specifically Mac OS X. Read more »

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Apple today made available via the Software Update utility Security Update 2005-001. This naming scheme is in a departure from previous releases, which used the date as the name. Taken from the update screen: Security Update 2005-001 delivers a number of security enhancements and is recommended […] Read more »

(Hat tip: AppleInsider) Target has pulled the Mac Mini from the website, four days after listing it as a purchasable item. In response to customer emails about the sudden disapperance, Target cited availability concerns as the sole factor that prompted it to remove the product […] Read more »

iTunes promo bottles of Pepsi have begun to show up at select retailers across the nation. Apple, with little fanfare, announced last week the promotion, as reported here. There have been several changes from last years promotion, including the change of odds of 1 out 6 […] Read more »

Seems everybody and their dog wants to use a Mac mini as a media center, I know I do. Currently there are a few solution out there for doing this, most of the best ones from El Gato. Gadget site galore Engadget posted a how-to on […] Read more »

The Apple Store has dropped pricing of it’s custom components for the Mac Mini. 1GB Ram now down to $325 80GB Hard drive down to $50 Wireless combo of Bluetooth and Airport Extreme down to $99 Also, the superdrive option is now an 8x offering rather […] Read more »

21 years ago today, Apple introduced Macintosh to the world. Its been a great 21 years. (never-mind that I have only been around for 16 of them). A video has surfaced, kept on beta-max for 21 years. Restored and released to the public for the first […] Read more »

The iPod Shuffle is lame. It’s overpriced. Is it that great? In recent days these things have been mentioned with more and more frequency (or so it seems through my perusal of the web and rss feeds). Obviously it’s a hot topic, especially for the Apple […] Read more »

Looking for some decent priced memory to jack up the speed of your Mac mini? MemoryToGo has some fantastic prices. They offer both 512MB and 1GB sticks for for adding on to your system. Read more »

With recent news of Target selling the Mac mini on it’s website, there has also been recent new of how you can get 10% off of your purchase. DealsOnTheWeb is has a 10% discount coupon available for use on all purchases from Obviously you could […] Read more »

A couple of weeks ago Apple released the iPod Shuffle at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. Steve Jobs made the annoucement during his keynote and at the end he casually mentioned that they were available in the Apple store down the street. Following the keynote, […] Read more »

I present to you now… For your Friday night viewing pleasure… Apple Ads! I found this site after seeing this great compilation of ads. Read more »

I’m a big fan of Mozilla and it’s related applications, particularly Firebird (which I’m using as I type this), and Thunderbird, their email app. But while Thunderbird is a great little application it’s got just a few faults which keep me from using it all the […] Read more » is now selling the Mac Mini, in both the 1.25GHz/40GB and the 1.42GHz/80GB configurations. This is great news for those seeking an even cheaper Mac Mini, because there are always coupons for that apply to anything on the site. For example, a search on […] Read more »

According to AppleInsider, Apple will be releasing what could be it’s final version of Panther next month. This next build will include increased system and graphics stability, faster application launch speeds, and updates to various drivers. Read more »

Not sure what CompUSA is thinking…but if you’re interested in getting one of the new Mac mini’s from there, you better be willing to drop some cash. They are selling the systems for the low low price of $1220.50. Make note of one of the headings […] Read more »

Well too bad. No big bucks here. But, we still need writers! If you long for fame across the globe and want to exercise your writing skills, then contact us about becoming a contributor for The Apple Blog. Your writing skills need to be good and […] Read more »

I’d been taking a look at blogging tools before I started writing here at The Apple Blog, and one of the best software packages that I found was Dan Schimpf’s MacJournal, now published by Mariner Software. MacJournal is a program for creating, modifying, and managing a […] Read more »

Om Malik points to a post by Jonathan Greene speculating about an alleged upcoming DVR/Video-on-Demand solution from Apple. I’ve not seen anyone mention DRM as part of the picture. Or has this already been figured out by Netflix through a subscription model? Would one be able […] Read more »

Looks like the Apple users in Europe aren’t to happy with the price Apple has set for the Mac mini in their country. In-fact, a petition has been started to the tune of over 8000 signatures as of this post. The petition starts with: We’d like […] Read more »

Apple has (quietly) announced the beginning of the second Pepsi/iTunes promo. This year’s promotion will be giving away 200 million free iTunes song codes–under 1 in 3 bottle caps, according to the promo page. In addition to the free music, Pepsi is also giving away an […] Read more »

A quick note on Apple’s In Ear Headphones, many people have bought them and quickly came to the conclusion that they were horrifically bad. However, the secret is that you just have to shove these things right IN your ears (not too far, I’m not trying […] Read more »

One thing I did when I was planning my trip to MacWorld was plan for how I was going to handle internet access in the hotel room. I’d stayed at the King George Hotel off of Union Square before for WWDC and had liked it, so […] Read more »

The innovations and potential uses for the Mini Mac are running wild since it’s announcement earlier this week. One of the more interesting ideas comes from car-modders. They’ve taken notice that the size of the Mini Mac makes it ideal for fitting into a DIN slot […] Read more »

Here’s a software quickie for everyone. If you’ve ever looked at your hard drive and wondered, “where the heck did all my gigabytes go?” then JDiskReport is just what you need. It’s a freeware java app (that’s actually available on OS X & Windows) that gives […] Read more »

As Steve put it, Tiger will be here “…long before Longhorn”. I loved that (though was dismayed at the failure to give a hard release date – oh well). Longhorn was originally slated for…last year. It’s still almost 2 years out at last count. (read Wired’s […] Read more »

Apparently those early adopters in the UK who ordered the iPod Shuffle on Tuesday have had thier orders shipped! This begs the question, "Where the hell is mine!?". Related Products: Apple 512 MB iPod Shuffle MP3 Player Read more »

Digitimes has an article giving the timeline of the Apple hardware line. Apparently, Quanta Computer has signed a deal with Apple to begin shipping the new Powerbooks sometime in Q2. This would coincide nicely with WWDC. Oddly though, this comes after Apple describing a G5 Powerbook […] Read more »

Man, Griffin must have emptied their cupboard of cool product ideas and brought them all to MacWorld, as I ran across Griffin’s new TuneJuice today. TuneJuice is an inexpensive alternative to the rechargeable battery packs that some manufacturers are already selling for the iPod. Where others, […] Read more »

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