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The Mac mini is everybodies favorite HTPC to be these days with numerous projects working on software for it. Well now someone has tossed together a great looking docking station concept for it. This is really cool but they missed a few things. Like A/V capture […] Read more »

My comments about the books from iPhoto 5 sparked a lot of feedback. Thanks to everyone who left comments; The insight, personal experiences, and information were great to read. As promised, here are my impressions from the book I ordered last week and received last night: […] Read more »

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Engadget is reporting about the new Mini Skirt Blue-glo from Plasticsmith. It’s really cool looking. Of course first thought is, without a usb or firewire hub (or both) built in, it’s pretty useless. But hopefully that’s to come soon. Some of the commenters had some cool […] Read more »

Apparently, everyone was a bit pre-mature to report that the Motorola E1060 was the long awaited iTunes-Phone. It seems that the E1060 was just a demo model to show off the software, and not the actual phone. I was under the impression that you release a […] Read more »

Finally Apple is opening a retail store in my home state of Oklahoma. The new store is going to be located in Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City. At this time it is unclear if this is going to be a full sized or a mini […] Read more »

Apple has posted an open call to all switchers to send their stories in. Here is a blurb from the page: Let us know what made you get a Mac instead of a PC. Did you fall in love with your iPod and then buy a […] Read more »

Sony just announced it will be releasing a cell phone that will apparently compete with the “iTunes Phone” from Motorola. It’ll be named after Sony’s long dominant (until the iPod came along) Walkman line of products. And get this: It’ll play mp3 and AAC files! So […] Read more »

In DAILY FEEDING, I’ll attempt to help you simplify some of the more daily and mundane tasks of computing. To kick things off, I’ll start with protecting your data through regular backups.

I consider myself somewhat of an expert on this topic – why? I’ve lost way too much data due to poor back-up practices. But the past few months have brought some break-throughs that will hopefully help you avoid my mistakes.

I actually lucked out about 5 months ago: I’d just run my first backup of my Home folder (after having my powerbook for almost 2 years), when I hosed myself the very next day. Thank goodness I’d made a backup the night before! And oh yes – the biggest issues arise from user-error, and I generally know what I’m doing on a computer… Read more »

Raise your hand if you’ve ordered a book from iPhoto. My father-in-law ordered one right after installing and opening iPhoto 5. He got it in about a week later and called me. He was not impressed (mind you, he’s a huge Apple nut). I figured he […] Read more »

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While Hewlett Packard is having a bad week or so, Apple stands to gain some firepower. HP’s senior vice president of marketing, Allison Johnson will be moving to Apple to breath some new life into Apple marketing. In her new position, she will be responsible for […] Read more »

In what appears to be an answer to Apple’s Mac mini, Japan’s Soldam has released the Lepty PC. It comes in a casing that has the option of a Pentium M or Celeron M process and a DVD-+R/RW/RAM burner. One plus (for the Jr. High girl […] Read more »

Motorola has just officially announced the E1060 phone, with support to play iTunes music. The phone comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera that can be used to take still photos or to participate in a video conference. Other features include bluetooth and a/v streaming. The phone […] Read more »

I recently bought some Radtech OmniCleanz cleaning solution. In the past I have tried pretty much everything to clean my notebook displays, with no avail. Soapy water leaves residue, and is water… which is bad for electronics. Alcohol leaves streak marks. Along with my order I […] Read more »

A French consumer group has filed suit against Apple and Sony over their music services. The group argues that the companies are deceitful in the fact that their music will only work on their own players. This is the second challenge to Apple in the French […] Read more »

Reading over this post gives a decent overview of why you might initially think porting MacOS to other hardware platforms is a good idea. Oh, other hardware is so much cheaper, it would offer such great competition. MacOS should stay firmly where it is: on Apple-controlled […] Read more »

I remember hearing rumors of Apple building and testing x86 based PowerMacs with an x86 build of Mac OS X back months before the announcement of the PowerMac G5. Well now in an interview on Fortune (subscribers only for full article) it is mentioned that Apple […] Read more »

I’m an organizational freak. I organize everything. All of the files on my machine are organized into sub-folders of sub-folders of sub-folders using my own personal organizational system I’ve developed over the years. I know where everything is. The hardest files to organize and find, though, […] Read more »

Speculation has arisen in the Mac community that Apple is planning to release a Powerbook with a display capable of high definition video. MacosXrumors has received an email from a very observant reader: I noticed the new powerbook manuals have changed their wording from referencing the […] Read more »

For months I’ve been trying to fine tune the equalizer in iTunes. No matter which frequencies I meticulously adjusted or how high or low I set the Preamp at, it always just sounded like dirt. I’m no professional sound engineer by any means but I’ve spent […] Read more »

Check this out. This guy turned his Mac mini into a “mini” server. The Mac mini he used get’s ripped to shreds. Good times. Read more »

Apple today announced a 2 for 1 stock split, approved by Apple’s Board of Directors. The number of authorized Apple common stock was proportionally increased from 900 million to 1.8 billion. All shareholders on record at the close of business on February 18 will receive one […] Read more »

Okay, so Napsters CEO doesn’t “directly” call iPod users stupid, but in an interview Chris Gorog talks about Napster’s newest marketing ploy which will “be communicating to people that it’s stupid to buy an iPod.” Stupid? Napster will be selling music on a subscription based model […] Read more »

The former founder and CEO of Michael Robertson’s new online music store MP3tunes has launched. The new site features 192kbps DRM-less mp3 files that will work cross-platform and on nearly every portable music player made for 88¢ per song. Currently the site has no support […] Read more »

I am not sure which is worse; the Mac mini Bodysnatcher I mentioned last month or the new Mac mini Mind Stealer that was mentioned on Slashdot yesterday. At least this newest one still runs Mac OS X. If I can get the Bodysnatchers to send […] Read more »

Portraits & Prints from Econ Technologies is an application much like those you will find at many portrait studios. It features quick and easy touch-up and picture printing functions with easy to use templates for printing multiple images in different sizes on the same sheet of paper.

Being a photography major I was the natural choice for reviewing this software, and this is actually a product I have been meaning to try out. I am an almost daily user of Adobe Photoshop so I wasn’t quite sure whether or not I would like this application at first. It didn’t take me long to realized that it was actually a very handy application. Read more »

As reported in detail on MacRumors, Panther update 10.3.8 is now available through Software Update. It weighs in at a hefty 27mb and fixes/optimizes a number of different things across the operating system. As good sense goes (and by popular recommendation), it’s generally better to wait […] Read more »

Looks like some more classic Apple media has surfaced over here. It was mentioned by Slashdot, so slashdotting is in effect… Plan your download times accordingly. (I imagine the it’s only a matter of time before sites start getting “TABbed” like crazy… ;)) Read more »

If you’re all about showing that iPod Shuffle off, and don’t care to spend more on accessories than the Shuffle itself, then here’s the case for you! Gizmodo reported on the iPodLounge mention (where you can see some other pics of sick iPod casings as well) […] Read more »

I never thought I’d able to do this (or want to), but I’ve now completely cataloged my entire library of books and DVDs. What’s more, I now have the genre the various tomes fall in, how much the copies are currently going for on and […] Read more »

Newsfire is an amazing news aggregator from developer David Watanabe. Unlike many of its competitors, Newsfire confronts the user with the elegance design and OS integration of an iApp. From the brushed metal interface, to the iChat-esqe feed bar, Newsfire screams “Panther”. Newsfire has been my […] Read more »

In my ten-minute review I may have mistakenly compared Pages to Word. I have since been informed that it is actually very similar to Microsoft Publisher which is one of a whole sea of Windows applications I haven’t used or heard of so I can’t base any of my comparisons on it. I can only compare this product to other products I am familiar with such as Word and PageMaker.

Pages is part of the new iWork software suite from Apple. I am not really sure how well this bundle works since Pages will appeal to a broader consumer audience while Keynote is something that would be more popular among business professionals and college professors or anyone else who use PowerPoint on a regular basis. Of the two Pages is much more interesting to me so I would have rather been able to pay half of the iWork price just for it since I have never needed or even used Keynote except to just try it out. Pages on the other hand is an application that I can see myself using on a regular basis. Read more »

I noticed Scott over at TUAW talking about TextWrangler 2.0 and wanted to also to give some praise for TextWrangler 2.0, recently released as freeware by the fine people at Bare Bones Software. I’d been a user of BBEdit Lite, which was Bare Bones’s free text […] Read more »

Back when I was in high school, I worked at Best Buy for about 6 months. (Of course I was selling computers!) Yeah, that was a fun time…trust me when I say, no one knows anything there. But I digress. I mention this job because we […] Read more »

As mentioned previously here on The Apple Blog, some people had been experiencing speed issues and other things with iPhoto ’05. Well Apple released iPhoto 5.0.1 in Software Update. I couldn’t verify personally because my Powerbook is at AppleCare for a screen replacement, but the good […] Read more »

Following the release of newly upgraded Powerbook G4’s, I feel it’s time to do a little soul-searching on the topic of the G5 processor in Apple’s Powerbook line. There are so many things that Apple has to contend with (way to go, to The Apple Blog’s […] Read more »

I recently acquired the Spire Endo messenger bag. I decided on the Endo after looking around for quite a while at many different laptop cases. It was Nick who eventually convinced me to choose the Endo. Being a student, I will be looking at the Endo […] Read more »

I have a haunting feeling that I’m not the only one who has neglected the power and ease-of-use that Apple offers in their OS X based iCal and Address Book. I use them very simply (at best) and every time I open one to do some […] Read more »

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