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Apple has used Austin’s South By Southwest music festival to introduce a new type of pre-paid cards for the iTunes Music Store, according to Playlist magazine. Over 200 bands appearing at South By Southwest are distributing their own numbered, limited edition iTunes cards, which usually entitles […] Read more »

There’s a lot of iPod accessories floating around these days, from a variety of manufacturers. Of the ones I’ve seen, the best and most useful tend to come from either Griffin Technologies or MacAlly. I’ve just spent a week playing with MacAlly’s PodWave speakers and I’ve […] Read more »

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The reactions that Apple products elicit from “passers-by” are – in my experience – always some form of awe. Whether I’ve got my powerbook out at work, on the train into the office, or in a waiting room someplace, it gets noticed and always brings people […] Read more »

Well, at least “according to sources close to [Apple]“. April 1st is not confirmed or denied as the announcement date (while it IS April Fool’s Day, it’s also the anniversary of the Apple I…) of the Tiger release, but mid April does seem to be the […] Read more »

It’s pretty hard to swallow the rumors floating around that Tiger (OS X 10.4) may be announced by Apple on April 1st. I mean, really. Who announces something that big on a Friday, but especially April Fool’s Day? Well, in recent history, Google’s GMail was announced […] Read more »

In the Rainbow Six 3 games, you’re part of “Rainbow” – an elite squad of counter-terror specialists, taking down the scum of the earth, wherever they roam. Your team is the last hope for all of the citizens on earth. But don’t be confused – this […] Read more »

Looks like someone wants to be sued. A company out of Taiwan known as LUXPRO has created a new mp3 player that was obviously ripped off inspired by the iPod shuffle called the Super Shuffle. I expect we will hear about Apple sending a cease and […] Read more »

The second round of Mac mini car installations is a huge step up from the first. Read more »

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Let’s be honest here. eBay is highly addictive. I can go months without ever putting anything up for auction but the day I put something up on eBay I immediately want to sell everything I own! Now, maybe I’m a bit of an odd case…but from […] Read more »

Let’s be honest here. Alarm clocks could be the worst invention ever created. I mean, honestly, who actually thought a screaming loud pulsating siren sound was a good way to start your day. If I ever met t hat guy I’d kick him in the shins […] Read more »

A very brave modder has rigged up a LED based clock on the front of his PowerMac G5. It is just a hacked up alarm clock placed inside of a G5 case but it is still kind of cool. Read more »

During an announcement at CeBIT, Apple has committed to joining the the Blu-ray Association and will occupy a seat on their board. Obviously Apple’s joining will have a pretty big impact on the success of Blu-ray with Apple now using their technology. Dell and HP are […] Read more »

I just finished playing the game “CSI”, from Ubisoft, ported to the Mac by Aspyr. It lets players jump in the car with the characters from the show and investigate all-new crimes yourself, using the tools they use to solve the mysteries, interrogate people, and match […] Read more »

We’re all expecting great things from Tiger; that’s understandable. But I think it’s easy to forget just what goes on under the hood in a new OS release that many end users just fail to even notice. Core Image could end up being one of those pervasive tools that as users we take for granted, but which developers can’t help but play with. Read more »

I got the chance to review this recently updated app, StickyBrain. This app allows users to do more than the “Stickies” app that Apple has created. (Obviously, Stickies will be inside of Dashboard when Tiger is released, but StickyBrain still is much more than that). At […] Read more »

I’ve just spent some time reviewing an amazing drawing app that’s available for Mac OS X. You may not understand what it does, but if you’re an architect or designer, you’ll wonder what you did without it. Now, ask yourself, “what if Photoshop or Illustrator got […] Read more »

Recently I was lucky enough to grab the attention of the venerable Quicksilver developer, Alcor, and ask him some questions about the OS X-altering program he conceived. If you haven’t heard of Quicksilver, or don’t know what it does, or haven’t tried it yet, stop right now! Read this, this.
Ok, welcome back. So I got to ask some questions about Quicksilver, it’s background, Alcor’s intentions with the application, and so on. But instead of me babbling about the background of the interview, just read what he had to say:

The Apple Blog:
I LOVE QS. I’m honestly giddy and like a little school girl when I gush about Quicksilver to others. It’s just so natural when you get used to it. I don’t know any other application that people would be this gung-ho about. How does it feel to be the creator of such a groundbreaking app with such a cult following? And What’s it like to be responsible for changing the way so many people use their computer?
It is nice to have people so passionate about it. The community that has grown up around it is probably the greatest reward. In the end, the users are the ones who do most of the innovating. We are just providing tools. Read more »

Taking Amit’s information to the next level, these guys used the Powerbook Motion Sensor along with some custom code (which they provide for download if you’ve got a tasty new Powerbook) to control their iTunes music – mainly skipping to the next track – by bumping […] Read more »

Amit Singh has done it again with a fantastic look at the Motion Sensing technology in the new Powerbooks. It’s pretty in-depth, so if you’ve got some time and wanna know all the geeky details, definitely check it out. Amit also explains how to change the […] Read more »

We take the download of files from the net largely for granted. Most of us do it without thinking, you retrieve a PDF here, a disk image there, movies and music, not to mention numerous applications, utilities and updates. But managing your downloads can be difficult, especially since new browsers don’t seem great at managing the process. Read more »

Apple today announced that the 300 Millionth download has occurred from the iTunes Music Store. For those of you not keeping track, this is the second the iTMS milestone of the new year, occurring just 5 weeks after the last. Doing the math, this means that […] Read more »

Apple is testing a new web chat support service for iMac customers that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Eligible iMac owners include those who purchased their iMac less than 90 days ago, or those who have purchased an AppleCare Protection Plan for […] Read more »

This article at CNN Money makes note of unnamed music labels planning to up the cost of digital music from the current 65 cents/song. As the article mentions, The Steve ain’t happy about this. The Record Labels are said to be comparing the higher cost of […] Read more »

Recently I posted about iCal and Address Book, and my suspicion that they were a couple of unsung heroes amongst the OS X-included apps. As a follow-up, I’ll start with iCal and my findings after using it daily for a few weeks.

My general conclusion is that iCal is a good calendar program as far as calendar programs go. I mean, what do you really do to make a calendar really stand out from another? On its own, I don’t think it shines the way I suspected it would. It’s helped me keep better track of my life and all the stuff that goes on around me. (My wife is especially appreciative of this aspect of my new iCal use.) At the end of the day, that’s what it’s really about, isn’t it? Read more »

Apple’s earbuds hurt. Plain and simple. They just hurt. I have yet to talk to someone who thinks the stock iPod earbuds are comfortable or even stay in their ears good. Upon realizing within the first 5 minutes of wearing the Apple earbuds that they were […] Read more »

TiVo’s stock jumped about 17% after an article from Reuters started the rumor mill buzzing today that Apple is eyeing a takeover of TiVo. Despite Michael Ramsay, TiVo’s chief executive, saying that the company is not for sale, analysts figure the company might be an easy […] Read more »

We all know the Mac Mini suffers from a distinct lack of both USB and FireWire ports. Hubs are not exactly difficult to come by, but who wants multiple boxes attached to your svelte Mini? The Compaq USB and FireWire hub might be one solution. Read more »

Last week we posted an introduction piece to Quicksilver, meant to walk the un-innitiated through the world of Quicksilver. This week Dan Dickinson has a great mid-level piece on tweaking Quicksilver. It’s meant for the more Quicksilver-familiar crowd, and is a great next step for those […] Read more »

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