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Window positioning can be a bit of a pain with X11 on OS X, so here’s some quick help on some settings that might be helpful. Read more »

I know what your thinking. Mind Mapping software; this has got to be cool. Well, your right. Just not in the way you think. Almost all educational institutions, when teaching students how to compose essays and articles, or how to organize their ideas, teach them to […] Read more »

The latest accessory to hit the world for Mac Mini owners is just what I’d be looking for if I had a Mini at my house. Gizmodo points to the miniMate (by MicroNet) which sits beneath the Mini, looks much like the Mini, and adds 3 […] Read more »

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Reviewing the list of Tiger enhancements makes it fairly apparent that Konfabulator is not the only 3rd party application who’s functionality will be mimicked in the new version of OS X. Every piece of software (especially operating systems) ships with little holes in functionality that leave […] Read more »

It’s time to query the community of TAB readers. If you’re anything like me you’re thinking ahead 1 week, to Tiger. With that comes the nagging feeling that there will be some issues with broken 3rd party shareware apps scattered among my Applications folder. I’ve begun […] Read more »

It’s beyond me why the majority of car stereo systems (even newer ones) don’t have an auxiliary input. And if they do have one, they’re somehow “strategically” placed on the back of the unit inside your dash. It just seems to me that with the massive […] Read more »

A Marshall guitar rig can cost you upwards of $3000. What about a Marshall rig that mixes your guitar with thousands of your favorite tunes, runs off of a battery, weighs in at only a few ounces and fits in your shirt pocket? For a mere […] Read more »

I came to the conclusion long ago that people like to complain. As case in point, I relate a comment made recently by a retiring executive at my company: “There have been so many changes in my 34 years here. I remember when we first got a network setup and everyone was awe-struck by its capability and potential. Then a week later everyone was complaining about how slow it was…” We are just never satisfied. And so it goes with Apple’s iTunes Music Store.

The DRM (Digital Rights Management) used by iTMS is at the center of the complaints from iTunes users – in fact DRM is the bane of all digital music purchasers, regardless of the clearinghouse of choice. If I buy a song from iTMS, don’t I own it? When I own something, can’t I do as I please with it? Can’t I play it on whatever device I want, burn a backup copy, use it in a home movie or slide show, or turn around and sell it if I decide I don’t want to own it any longer? Well, no, not in this day it seems. Read more »

Kottke points to a article that points to some comments on Slashdot – yeah I know, it’s kinda like the telephone game huh? – by someone who represents them self as an Apple employee, and who makes some very interesting comments about where Apple wants to […] Read more »

I love my iPod. I mean I really love my iPod. It’s my little music machine and you better believe I’m not giving it up anytime soon. Unfortunately though, my little iPod is a bit fragile. Within an hour of purchasing mine, it had little tiny […] Read more »

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SingStar consists of a couple of microphones which connect into your Playstation 2. You then sing along to some popular songs, and it scores you based on how good you sound. The technology behind it is very clever, as is the quality of the software and […] Read more »

In a move that will horrify some and bring joy to others, Adobe have agreed to buy Macromedia for a straight stock swap of $3.4 Billion. Read more »

The best utilities work well when they’re needed, and stay out of sight the rest of the time. So it is with Stuffit Deluxe 9 from Allume. In fact, I almost forgot about the new Stuffit version after I installed it to review. But there’s more there than meets the eye – that is, if you look for it. Read more »

Apple have released the final operating system upgrade to Panther before Tiger hits the shelves. It weighs in at a 51.3mb download, and is available now through Software Update. If you prefer, you could also download the Delta Update Installer to your hard drive to install […] Read more »

I had been waiting for the inevitable moment when Microsoft apologist and brown-noser extraordinare Paul Thurrott would come out with a diatribe on Tiger, and credit goes to Slashdot‘s front page for bringing it to my attention. Thurrott has done this for each release since 10.1 […] Read more »

While I’m sure iPodLounge will be all over this in the weeks ahead, here’s a quick glimpse of the iPod DJ Mixer. Looks super cool. I’m no DJ, but I could have fun with that I’m sure. Hat-tip Gizmodo Read more »

Japan’s Mainichi Shinbun (English edition here) is today reporting that Apple hopes to launch its incredibly successful iTunes Music Store in Japan this year, according to statements made by Apple Japan President Yoshiaki Sakito on Tuesday 12th. The article, a partial English translation of which is […] Read more »

Something pretty significant occurred a couple days ago when Tiger was officially given a release date. Did you notice? shed some of its lighter skin for shiny black, wherever Tiger was present. Honestly, when was the last time really changed in a significant way? […] Read more »

In what is fast becoming a quite incredible farce, BBC News‘s Technology section reports that the Associated Press, together with 8 US newspapers, has filed a court brief in support of the “bloggers” Apple is currently suing for dissemination of trade secrets, on the basis that […] Read more »

It was only after I’d said that I’d review The Little App Factory’s Connoisseur that the realisation struck me – what use would a student have for a recipe manager? Baked beans and spaghetti Bolognese are the stuff of student diets, not walnut shortbread and creamy […] Read more »

A few weeks ago I looked at Download Wizard. At about the same time, Josh pointed out to me Speed Download 3, another download wizard in pretty much the vein as Download Wizard. Speed Download 3 is a more mature product, and it has a few tricks up its sleeve that might make it more practical for some, but it’s also a more complex product, and the complexities might not appeal to all. Read more »

In my opinion, pinball can be likened to the huge range of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. There are a countless number of variations on what is always essentially the same basic recipe. With this classic arcade game, the simple essentials are always the same. Take […] Read more »

Want to emulate an environment on your Mac? Want to emulate a platform on which to run Linux, BSD? VirtualPC or the some of the free software alternatives are great. Assuming what you want to run is an x86 based version. But what if you want to run OS X? or the PowerPC version of Darwin, Linux or BSD? Read more »

inding a good comfortable keyboard and mouse is probably the most important decision you’ll ever make. It doesn’t matter what computer you use, the keyboard and mouse will be your interface to the system. The choice gets even more difficult if you want a keyboard that works with multiple platforms through a KVM switch; it needs to be multi-platform compatible, as well as intelligent so that it doesn’t do weird things when you switch platforms. Read more »

While no one would argue against the windows platform’s dominant market share, Om Malik points out that throwing a significant bone out to our thriving Mac Community just might go a long way spreading a “buzz” about a product. Read more »

Apple goes to a number of industry trade shows every year and one of them is FOSE, the US government’s computer trade show. If you work for the US government and you have a ID to prove it, or if you’re a government contractor with $50, […] Read more »

The Apple Blog is looking for a few new writers for the site. If you’re interested, contact us. When you contact us be sure to include some examples of your past writing. Do note that these are currently not paid positions though you do get free […] Read more »

This is one very cool program. I’ve been playing with Snapz Pro X from Ambrosia Software for a couple weeks now and I’m using it more and more everyday. (Look at some of my recent posts – the screenshots are a product of Snapz Pro X.) Sure, OS X comes with Grab for taking screen shots, but it’s pretty basic in function. Snapz Pro X is full-featured and then some.

Snapz Pro X starts up as a background service when you log into your OS X account, so it’s always there, waiting for when you need to use it. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t bother your regular cpu usage when it’s not being used (I know, I keep a top monitor on my desktop with geektool, at all times…) When the mood strikes you, hit CMD + SHIFT + 3 and the options come up which allow you to choose what kind of screen capture you want to take. Read more »

Sources have revealed that Apple Legal has been in contact with The Apple Blog following this morning’s revelation of iHome and iNote, demanding that they remove all images and specifications of the aforementioned devices. Reaction to the news has been mixed, but most of the blog’s […] Read more »

Today Griffin Technology announced they will be releasing a new attachment for the iPod Photo that will allow Nikon’s D70 digital SLR camera to be attached to the top of the iPod Photo. The iNikonD70iPodPhoto will allow the iPod Photo to act as a battery pack […] Read more »

Taking a note from the Knoppix book, Apple will be releasing a lite version of OS X – code named Kitty, in honor of their feline naming conventions – which will run from a bootable optical disc. Knoppix is a Linux distro that only runs from […] Read more »

Following in the footsteps of the release of System 7.5.3 for free in January 1999, Apple has decided to give away Mac OS 9.0 operating system for free since it’s been replaced by Mac OS X, and not used by OS X’s Classic (Mac OS 9.2.2 […] Read more »

The Apple Blog has obtained, from reliable sources, information on an upcoming release from Apple of the much rumored home media center. It will be called iHome. The following images that we received from said source are believed to be a mix of official product photos […] Read more »

Sources tell us that Apple will be releasing, in the coming months, a sort of PDA. It will be entitled iNote. iNote will run a modified version of OS X called XNote. Many of the current Mac apps will be available (iCal, Mail, Preview, Safari, iPhoto, […] Read more »

I’ve finished reading over a new eBook by author David Hill: “Cocoa Game Programming Workshop”. This book takes readers through the steps to make a simple 2D game with Cocoa on Mac OS X with XCode. Beginning with the assumption that the reader has already been […] Read more »

As more and more signs point to a sooner than later release of OS X 10.4 – Tiger – I find myself planning for that future. Huh? It’s ok, follow along and I’ll explain a skosh more. You see, I hammer on my OS X system […] Read more »

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