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To much of the general public, a computer is an enigmatic box, a semi-magical creation which is simultaneously a portal to a half decent encyclopaedia, countless reams of porn and a lot of free music, a free messaging service and a good way to send long, […] Read more »

A Close-Up of the Plasticsmith mini Skirt glo Plasticsmith have come into their own since the launch of the Mac Mini, developing accessories at an alarming rate, and offering some really original and funky ideas. These include a monitor stand to place your Mini underneath, a […] Read more »

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Right now, if you need your VPN client to work, I’d recommend steering clear of Cisco’s recently-released 10.4 VPN client. When it works, it seems to work fine. When it’s not working, you have to uninstall and reinstall it to get it to work. However, if […] Read more »

MC Brown seemed to ignite the wrath of a number of our readers, but I wish to offer the dissenting opinion: yes, Tiger will be very useful. Maybe it’s not so exciting for your average user, but the potential for the future should make them leap […] Read more »

I’m upgrading my 1GHz PowerBook with a faster, bigger, hard drive. It was surprisingly easy, but it’ll take a while for me to determine how much faster it is. Read more »

I just got off the phone with a vendor who’s been chasing me ever since WWDC 2004 to use their product. (I haven’t found the time to evaluate it, honest) and in the course of the conversation, I asked if I’d be seeing them at WWDC […] Read more »

If you follow the 43Folders websites (Site, Google Group, Wiki) you’re no doubt familiar with Getting Things Done (GTD). I’ve not read the book myself (but Josh is!) but know that a system of tagging to-do items with a @ prefix is one of the cornerstones. […] Read more »

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Okay everyone, I want to know what all of the Mac users out there think – drawers or no drawers? Drawers are those panels that slide out of a larger window in some Mac OS 10 apps. For instance, Mail has one in Panther that shows […] Read more »

I’m starting my preparations to head to this year’s WWDC and as part of that, I’m working on my list of stuff to jam into the Brenthaven backpack. Since I’m going to be hauling this across the country, as well as through a week’s worth of […] Read more »

Slashdot is pointing at a terrific write-up detailing the speed gains in running a Mac Mini off of an external Firewire drive instead of the relatively slow notebook sized hard drive it has inside. The idea makes great sense, and being a desktop computer (even though […] Read more »

For those of you who love the giddy feeling of a shiny new point release, the first update to Tiger is now available via your local Software Update. Apple’s Support page will give you the lowdown, which includes improvements relating to Mail 2.0 and the Address […] Read more »

While Spotlight is definitely cool, it doesn’t quite fit my workflow. Quicksilver remains the supreme app on my Tiger installation. At a glance these tools may seem similar – even potential competitors – but in the end they’re VERY different tools. Alas this is a discussion/argument for another day. Let’s set that aside and move on to the point of this post.

Spotlight has made itself a little home in my workflow by including Spotlight Comments. If you’re unaware, Spotlight Comments are a new section in each file or folder’s Get Info screen. You can add your own information to each item indexed on your system for additional Spotlight specificity.

For me, Spotlight Comments represent a way to tag my files a la Flickr,, etc. This is immensely more useful for me than the default full text indexing that Spotlight offers. I want a narrow result set most of the time. Adding tags that make sense to me accomplishes this nicely.

But there’s a problem. I’m lazy. I don’t want to have to click each file, CMD I to Get Info, enter my Spotlight Comments for that file, close the window, and move to the next file. That’s like 5-10 seconds of mouse movement and typing and, well, I’m tired just thinking about it. Enter my faithful sidekick, Quicksilver. (Hi-Ho Quicksilver!) Read more »

I haven’t upgraded to Tiger yet. I plan to. But my software and systems are running great right now and I’m being productive. I do lots of different digital things on my Mac to make a living. I don’t focus heavily on any one area so […] Read more »

I received an email from Charles Pazos this past weekend asking how to set up Mail to check your GMail account. Here you go, Charles. From Google’s help page : —– Open Apple Mail. Click ‘Mail,’ and select ‘Preferences…’ Open the ‘Accounts’ tab, and click the […] Read more »

By way of follow up to my earlier post, the news comes that the District Court of Florida has sided with Apple in TigerDirect’s suit against the company for use of the name ‘Tiger’ to market the latest iteration of the Mac OS X operating system. […] Read more »

A couple semesters ago, I took a college Visual Basic class. It wasn’t bad – your typical programming course, and I’ve had my fair share of those. I liked VB.Net, because it was easy, and had a nice, clean object-oriented syntax. Basically, you type stuff to […] Read more »

I’ve installed 10.4 on both my work desktop (regular 10.4) and my home server (10.4 Server), and have had them both running for the past week. I also upgraded my laptop, and wound up going back to 10.3.9. Here are my impressions and what I learned […] Read more »

Raise your hand if you watched MTV last night at 7:30 to catch the XBOX 360 unveiling. I Tivo’d it and watched it later on. Wow. This is looking ridiculously incredible. Some quick specs go like this: IBM PowerPC based CPU with three cores at 3.2 […] Read more »

First off – sorry to all my loyal readers (I know, but at least I realize I’m delusional) that I’ve been quiet for the past week or so. I was off in Mexico with no connections whatsoever to the outside world. It was actually kind of […] Read more »

Apple have been granted a patent application for a Tablet device, complete with images and descriptive text. The patent compares it directly to other Windows based devices such as HP’s tablet PC lineup. The images show that the device has a touch screen, and is of […] Read more »

With this week’s release of iTunes 4.8, the possibility of an iTunes Movie Store edges just a little closer, with tantalising scraps of evidence suggesting if not an explicit precursor to full scale digital film distribution then at least a dabbling in the waters at the […] Read more »

You may remember from a while back the emergence of a piece of software called CherryOS, from a company called Maui X-Stream, which claimed to provide PowerPC emulation on x86 machines at decent speed, so that all the Windows-using wannabes can use Mac OS X without […] Read more »

Apple today updated their popular music jukebox software – iTunes – to version 4.8. This new version has introduced several new features: > Video Support – iTunes now plays QuickTime movies (a few screenshots at Apple Insider) > iPod Contact/Calendar Sync – You can now easily […] Read more »

I’ve seen a lot of things…but this is just crazy. It looks as though Apple is now dispensing iPod mini’s like hotcakes…literally. Someone in the Atlanta Airport spotted what could be labeled an Apple Store-mini. It’s a vending machine that dispenses iPod mini’s and shuffles. Just […] Read more »

How good is a product review that sells the product before it is even written? That’s what happened to me. I told a pal of mine from Philly that I was reviewing the Etymotic Research 6isolator Earphones. He flies on business about 120,000 miles per year […] Read more »

Often, you find that the hard drive capacity on your Mac just won’t cut it. As your collection of MP3’s, video and photographs begins to grow, you often find your diskspace running out at a fairly fast rate. There are two directions you can then take. […] Read more »

The very popular open source instant messaging client for the Mac, known as Adium or “Adium X”, has been brought up to 0.8, very close to its final release. If you don’t already have it, jump over to, and download it. It’s free, by the […] Read more »

Griffin Technology have been a long term manufacturer of iPod accessories. They rose to fame through the iTrip radio transmitter, and have been increasing their product line-up ever since. They recently adopted the ‘Made for iPod’ branding, working with Apple to create certified accessories. My first […] Read more »

Support for RSS in Firefox, then Safari, are mostly encouraging developments to slowly further bring RSS into the mainstream. Both browsers are implementing the concept of “Live Bookmarks”. Bookmarking a site now offers us the ability to not only save its location, but also become aware of its changes and store its updates on our own computer for future consumption. The question remains whether or not said content will actually be consumed by the end-user. Read more »

The Grand Theft Auto series of games for PS2 and PC were extremely popular, and heck, they still are, with more sequels and spinoffs than the “Law and Order” TV series. It figures that someone else would make something similar. In comes “True Crime: Streets of […] Read more »

Unless you just got an e-mail address recently, you’ve had to deal with what we in the industry refer to as a “metric crapload” of spam. By some accounts, spam now accounts for some 80 percent of all e-mail traffic. How can you stop the flood […] Read more »

Apple have released Quicktime 7 for Panther users. It weighs in at a 26.6mb download, and can be accessed through Software Update. Although Apple’s new operating system ‘Tiger‘ is not released until later today, it seems Apple have provided the download slightly ahead of schedule. The […] Read more »

Via Slashdot comes the news from AppleInsider that Apple is being sued by crappy mail order company, TigerDirect for infringing its trademarks because of the naming of Apple’s new OS, which is to go on sale tomorrow. The report gloomily conjectures that “if the court grants […] Read more »

The Mac has always done a pretty good job of dealing with different languages, ever since the advent of WorldScript in System 7.1, way back in 1992, which, to look at it now, was groundbreaking, especially when you consider that in the PC world, it wasn’t […] Read more »

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