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I came across this site via Digg. In concept, it is very similar to FlyakiteOSX that Josh featured a while back. However, iFizzle is a bit more visually, if not technically, appealing. The opening of the apps, behavior of the dock, and even the way iPhoto […] Read more » is offering its readers a fantastic discounted rate on subscriptions for MacAddict magazine. For a limited time, a year long basic subscription (without the CD) can be acquired for only SEVEN DOLLARS!! Besides the fact that this is an amazing offer, it comes from a […] Read more »

ThinkSecret is reporting that the Apple special event scheduled for October 12th will not bring video iPods, contrary to what has been widely reported. The site suggests that Apple will instead release an updated line of iPods, slightly smaller, with capacities up to 80GB. Other possible […] Read more »

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Today’s episode of MacTV is absolutely brilliant. The episode, narrated by Apple’s text-to-speech technology, follows Microsoft’s progression as a company, and focuses on Microsoft executives. Of course, all of this is from the perspective of a Mac zealot, and many a jab is taken. I could […] Read more »

According to AppleInsider, Apple has begun to produce a new version of the iPod, which will have video capabilities. The new iPod is likely to be announced at a press conference a week from tomorrow, on the 12th October. This will most likely be accompanied by […] Read more »

I just came across a fairly easy way of getting high resolution album art for any album in your iTunes library. Navigate in the iTMS to the album for which you want the art, right click on the album title in the top frame, and copy […] Read more »

As always, Om Malik’s got some inside information regarding NewsGator buying NetNewsWire. Do you readers believe NewsGator picked the right Mac RSS reader? Would this actually be good for NetNewsWire? Dan had done a fairly extensive review of News Readers a while back. And Vienna too! Read more »

Since the release of the black iPod nano, there has been much talk among mac zealots about the fact that Apple chose not to include black headphones with the device. People have taken such drastic steps as to spray paint regular iPod headphones black. To me, […] Read more »

FIRST EXPOSURE It doesn’t quite rank with presidential assassinations or exploding space shuttles, but I still remember when I first saw Microsoft Word demonstrated, at a store called ComputerLand back in in the mid 80s. It’s hard to believe there was actually a time when Word […] Read more »

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As you may have heard, it would appear the Treo 700 is going to be announced tomorrow Monday September 26th, 2005. will be covering the event live. Rumors are claiming they’re going with Windows. R.I.P., PalmOS? That isn’t stopping me from having more fun with […] Read more »

I’ve recently acquired a Treo 650. It’s quite neat. What follows is a collection of a few useful resources and lessons learned, getting the Treo working with Mac OS X Tiger: Read more »

I was checking my feeds and saw something in the “Enjoying” list on that got me thinking a little bit. The gear-turner went like this: “Well how about that. Microsoft has released a web developer toolbar for IE.” Isn’t that kind of sad? I mean, […] Read more »

Regular backups of important data are crucial to ensure that if the worst happens, one can get back up and running quickly; but you already knew that. The big question is, how do you do it? Backup strategies are as varied as the personalities of the […] Read more »

Apple has released an update to iTunes that will supposedly fix stability issues that some users have been experiencing. This emergency bug fix update follows a recent trend in which Apple releases software that is seemingly not ready for release, such as in the case of […] Read more »

I came across a very interesting article on Wired that explains the general dismay people have with the seeming lack of randomness that results from random playlists. Dan Goodin (the writer) explains some of the lengths he’s gone to in order to achieve random bliss – […] Read more »

A rockin’ app I ran across a few days back that has significantly increased my productivity and efficiency is Peter Maurer’s Textpander. It uses user-defined ‘snippets’ to automatically insert text and images. By typing ‘ddate’ it automatically inserts the current date. By typing ‘tab’ I get […] Read more »

The US Patent Office today announced a patent filed by Apple Computer, covering, amongst other things, a camera built into the latch of a portable computer. “The portable computer further includes a latch including a data capture device such as a camera that is configured to […] Read more »

The guys at Ars Technica went the extra mile in stress-testing the new iPod Nano. In a quest to see what would destroy the Nano, they dropped it from bikes, from various heights, ran it over with a car, and tossed it as high as they […] Read more »

Ars Technica is covering the quiet release of Apple’s support for Video Podcasting. The field of People’s Media is about to get more interesting. A similar effort was actually pioneered by and their DTV platform. Nick had also written a piece on finding audio and […] Read more »

Examining the “FireWire is dying” hysteria that is gripping some of the Apple faithful of late… Read more » is presenting a week-long round-table discussion on the future of Apple. Some of the greatest minds in the Apple world are present (albeit virtually) to discuss what the switch to Intel means for our favorite company. Guest include Michael Gartenberg of Jupiter Research, Andy Hertzfeld; […] Read more »

One of the things that drove me crazy about iTunes 4.x, once I’d hooked up speakers to my Airport Express and started streaming music from my computer using AirTunes, was that I could not get the streaming radio stations listed in iTunes’ Radio section to play […] Read more »

So after getting over my initial reaction that the black iPod Nano is the official iPod of Pirates, Ninjas, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I realized a few things about Apple’s big releases: iPod stuff I’m going to hold out until the black look is applied […] Read more »

For those of you not within reach of an Apple Store, or haven’t found someone who’s gotten a nano yet, here are all the pictures on Flickr tagged with ipodnano. There are a few that do a great job of showing just how small it really […] Read more »

John Gruber (Daring Fireball) has a bust-your-gut funny piece about the new UI for iTunes 5. It’s set in the form of cell phone conversations between Brushed Metal & his agent, with a cameo from Aqua. A snippet: Brushed Metal: What’s this guy’s name? Mike: (laughs) […] Read more »

The mouse is beautiful object, and aside from the rollerball in the middle, you would be hard pressed to idenfity this as anything other than a single button mouse in the style of all single button mice before it. Read more »

A while back I wrote about the remote possibility that with Tiger, Apple was taking a new direction in design, and moving toward black products. Of course it was just a random thought, but quite a few readers got in on the comments. Well today, I’ll […] Read more »

Unless you’ve been on some other planet, you’ll be aware that Apple are tranistioning to Intel-based chips. The majority of the applications supplied are Universal; everything from Safari to Mail to Address Book is Universal.
Two oddities however standout – iTunes 4.9 (as was supplied) and DVD Player are both PowerPC only. These run absolutely fine through Rosetta, I’ve not experienced any problems at all with these apps. In fact, iTunes under Rosetta is noticeably faster (up to twice as fast) when ripping (partly due, I realize, to the fact that QuickTime is a Universal component) than my 1GHz 17″ PowerBook. Read more »

Today has turned out to be a very exciting day for Apple fans, with an updates triple whammy to keep the punters happy – the Motorola ROKR iTunes phone, iTunes 5 and the iPod nano, the flash-based iPod mini replacement that had been rumoured for weeks. Read more »

The Apple Online Stores are currently closed. What does this mean? Is this just about the iTunes mobile phone? That seems unlikely, given that phones are almost always sold bundled with contracts, and Apple would probably not want to get itself embroiled in the complexities of […] Read more »

We visit the event in progress: (Latest updates at the top of the list.) – IPOD NANO! ROSE WAS RIGHT! – color screen – thinner than a number 2 pencil – same docking port as other iPods – 1/3 the size of the RAZR – no […] Read more »

According to a recent article on, the random password generator widgets may not be so random after all. Apparently, the JavaScript call Math.random() is quite repetitive in its creation of passwords. I was delighted when I found a widget that destroyed my only excuse for […] Read more »

If you read the popular DrunkenBlog, you’ve probably seen a number of the awesome interviews there, and the coverage of the Mac, Open Source, Linux, etc. More than a year ago, the author known as “DrunkenBatman” interviewed Evan Schoenberg about the up-and-coming IM client for the […] Read more »

Everyone knows that the best way to ensure that one is getting the very best quality audio is to invest in good hardware, and only listen to full CD quality (or better) music. However, not everyone can afford a professional audiophile setup. has what one […] Read more »

A little over 7 years ago on 15th August 1998, that computer company from Cupertino that we all now know so well launched the iMac, a computer which represented a then-revolutionary attitude to industrial design and which spawned a thousand imitations by cheap Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers. […] Read more »

According to Engadget, Apple plan to introduce a new line of iPod minis in the coming month. They will be 75-80% smaller than the existing models, and offer a colour screen. There may also be an 8gb model introduced, likely to be priced at $299. The […] Read more »

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