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Boswell is a very data focused application that allows you store text, placing it in special ‘named’ notebooks, and to allow you to identify the text with different tags, making it easier to find and search for particular piece for information. For example, you might create a notebook for all of your email messages, but tag an individual message as relating to a specific project. You can also search for information and through a combination of the tags, notebook organization and full-text searching you can also create new notebooks and collections of information. Read more »

Apple re-released its most recent security patch yesterday, fixing a problem that an earlier version caused. That earlier one seemed to work okay for me, and since I don’t have Mathematica, I didn’t notice anything wrong. But now that I’ve installed this supposed “fix”, I’m having […] Read more »

It’s been forever since I posted here, so I thought I would bring you nice folks a little something special. Today I bring you an interview with the creator of Jisho. Read on to the full article to learn about Jisho, and the diet coke swilling […] Read more »

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The story of the Henrico County iBook sale (4-year-old used laptops for 50 bucks) is on the Internet, and everyone is a little disturbed…. because “insane mod scene” is putting it mildly. Slashdot linked to the text story of this news already, but they didn’t link […] Read more »

DTV is a new, free and open-source platform for internet television and video. An intuitive interface lets users subscribe to channels, watch video, and build a video library. Our publishing software lets you broadcast full-screen video to thousands of people at virtually no cost. The project is non-profit, free and open source, and built on open standards. A Windows version of DTV and a full website are well underway and will arrive in the next several weeks. Read more »

Apple engineers are some of the most imaginative and pioneering in the technology industry. But they missed the boat on the design of my 65W Powerbook G4 adapter. About one year after I bought my $3900 Powerbook, the power supply started to short out. Of course […] Read more »

I was able to stop by one of my local Apple Stores today and check out the Mighty Mouse. In the interest of fairness, I tried multiple mice, just incase one of them was a bad apple. Despite the fact that it was released over a […] Read more »

Apple has just released a graphics update for 15 and 17 inch 1.67 GHz PowerBooks. The update is intended to “improve graphics stability on some 1.67 GHz machines”. The update can be downloaded via Software Update. Read more »

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inMotion iM3 iPod speakers by Altec Lansing Altec Lansing has been making speakers for decades. Years ago many of the bands I was in played through Altec Lansing PA speakers. The inMotion iM3 speakers are about 1/300th of the size of those old PA speakers, but […] Read more »

Back in June, I wrote that Apple was supposed to be bringing iTMS to Japan in August, but soon updated that post to note that according to an article in the Register, it was all rubbish. Apple Japan’s home page today Well it seems that it […] Read more »

Well you gotta iPod Your Baby then! Too funny. I think I’ve gotta have another kid just so I can get one of these things! At the very least, I know what I’m getting friends for their baby showers from here on out… sorry, went through […] Read more »

Wow – this came out of Left Field. Apple released the Mighty Mouse today. In typical Apple style, it looks really sleek. But will the features perform as well? Hopefully someone will soon get their hands on one and let us know. Meanwhile, here’s the lowdown. […] Read more »

Ever since I started using Mac portables, I have been using Raging Menace Software’s SideTrack. Just in case you are unfamiliar with this program, SideTrack is a replacement driver for the track-pad on either iBooks or PowerBooks which allows much greater control over what you can […] Read more »

iTunes 4.9 has changed my life. (Okay, not my ENTIRE life, but a large part of it). I’m totally digging these podcast things, and iTunes makes it easy and simple to download new episodes and sync them with my iPod. However, there are a few issues […] Read more »

Pretty much old news now, but in case you haven’t heard, Apple have announced new iBooks – all packing half a gig of RAM (a sweet addition), AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth 2.0, amongst other things – and new Mac minis, which also sport half a gig […] Read more »

Go check out LifeHacker for a cool idea on discovering new audio/video content. The gist of it goes like this: In iTunes, subscribe to a custom feed. Make that custom feed a RSS URI from that points only to the media you want to grab. […] Read more »

I noticed the other day that Apple has released an update for the iMac G5 which regulates the sleep light so that it does not shine as brightly at night as it does during the day. Now, I don’t have an iMac, but I do have […] Read more »

So by now you’ve all heard, right? Yahoo! bought Konfabulator. They’ll be offering it for free (refunds to those who paid for Version 2.0) to anyone who wants it. And yes, OS X development has been confirmed to continue. So what’s the angle here? Yahoo is […] Read more »

Original Post/Problem here. Well good news! I finally figured out the trick. The solution is not as I would have expected from Apple – based on the way everything else syncs with the iPod – but that’s ok. “Think Different”, right? So after you’ve downloaded photos […] Read more »

Vienna is a newly announced news-reader for OS X. From the product page, it looks to have many of the same features as NetNewsWire or Newsfire, but Vienna is different in that it is totally free. Vienna is available for download as either a pre-compiled version, […] Read more »

Do you have a color iPod? How about the optional Camera Connector? Well then maybe you can help me out. Did Apple really drop the ball this badly? Sorry, I’ll let everyone in on the problem here. You see, I just recently got myself a shiny […] Read more »

Judging by the response to my Treo-related post, where the comments section is still fairly active six months later, there’s a fair number of Mac users who also are Treo 650 users (and almost all of us are trying to get internet connectivity on our favorite […] Read more »

Apple have yet to announce an Intel based machine beyond their Apple Transition Kit, which is simply a current G5 PowerMac case with an Intel motherboard and CPU in it. By looking at the CPUs in Intel’s range, and comparing current CPUs and computers, I’m going to take a look at what CPUs and functionality we might find in Apple’s new line-up. Read more »

Recently, I had an interest in a Powerbook – specifically, the 12 inch. I don’t particularly like the iBook, as I’ve had all of the commonly mentioned issues happen to my 700 MHz iBook G3. The logic board failures, the backlight cutouts, battery death, power cord […] Read more »

So the last time that Apple did their iTunes giveaway, a friend of mine won one of the click wheel iPods. So today I went through the 100k winners to see if there was anyone local to me who won. Turns out there were 4 or […] Read more »

“I forget it’s not part of OS X…” I’ve read the same sentiment about Quicksilver many many times, and it’s a testament to how great it really is. But to me, Quicksilver IS OS X. The things that Quicksilver (QS from here on out) enables users to do on OS X are the things that drop Windows users’ jaws. A while back I wrote Quicksilver Changes Everything as an introduction and tutorial of this incredible app. Today I aim to reintroduce QS and address the Spotlight argument. Soon to follow I’ll give a few more walk throughs of cool QS powers.

Quickly, QS is an Application Launcher. Whoop-dee-doo, right? Right! Because beyond the Launcher capabilities, it allows you to handle files, folders, manipulate just about any data on your system, interface with a multitude of OS X apps, and so on. Swiss Army Knife has got nothing on Quicksilver. Read more »

Check out the Side by Side comparison of an old Powerbook Duo 230 and a new 12″ Powerbook G4 here. hat tip I had a duo 230 my freshman year of college. Ah, memories… Not really. Wow, didn’t do much on it back then. Wish I […] Read more »

Om Malik just got the inside scoop from a executive of the growing success of The Gizmo Project, which has showed a very high adoption rate and enthusiasm from the Mac Community. It would appear Michael Robertson heeded the advice he had sent out to […] Read more »

At Macworld Boston this week, a new service called Etch-A-Mac was debuted. “Wait, does that company do what I think they do?” you might ask. And yes, they do. This company has just launched their new laser-based personalization service which uses a CO2 laser to etch […] Read more »

Just a quick heads-up in case you haven’t noticed yourself… If you’re running the Saft plugin for Safari, it WILL break Safari following the update to 10.4.2. Opening Safari will pop up a window telling you that Saft isn’t supported in the current Safari version and […] Read more »

10.4.2 Mac OS X Update is out. Check the Apple Menu –> Software Update … Update Info Security Updates Info Does anybody have upgrade thoughts/notes/caveats/warnings to share? I’ll try to install it later tonight. The mention of Dashboard widgets management enhancement caught my attention. Read more »

I saw this up on CNN today: Man charged with stealing Wi-Fi signal This had to happen eventually. I was particularly struck by this part of the story: Innocuous use of other people’s unsecured Wi-Fi networks is common. But experts say that illegal use often goes […] Read more »

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