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I’ve continued working with 10.4 Server’s blog server since my earlier entry. Since then, Apple’s updated the blog server with some neat features, including the ability to embed podcasts along with individual entries, as shown below in the screenshot. Apple has also updated the admin console […] Read more »

First there was iPod. Then there was the iPod Photo which could download digital pictures from a camera with an optional accessory. Now there’s a video-capable iPod. What do you suppose the next logical step is here? In a rare mind-bending moment it hit me – […] Read more »

At the beginning of October, DrunkenBatman organized a round-table of the movers-and-shakers of independent Mac software developers. Discussion ranged from the state of Cocoa to weather software patents are a good idea. A video of the discussion has finally been released, and it is certainly worth […] Read more »

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I got me one of them shiny new black iPods a couple weeks back. It’s real purty. While the black is very nice looking, it’s also going to scratch if you breath on it with anything less than freshly brushed teeth. I’m not much for the cases – I don’t like hiding my iPod, but I DO want to protect it. So I set out to find some skins to properly protect my new toy.

DecalGirl and The Invisible Shield hooked me up with a couple to try out. I went through the installations of both, and tried each out for a few days to see how it protected my iPod from daily use. It’s been widely established that these new iPods scratch far too easily, so while I take good care of my things, having these protective skins was a great help. Read more »

One of the cool little upgrades that came with the new PowerBooks is a feature called “Safe Sleep”. Essentially, every time you put the machine, the contents of the RAM (your unsaved documents, the status of your open programs, etc.) is saved to the HDD. If […] Read more »

No, we don’t have some inside information that hints at iTunes ever costing a dime…just curious what you think. If Apple ever decided (for whatever reason) to require you to pay for iTunes…would you? Read more »

I must confess to gushing rather a lot when I first saw Front Row. The way the normal Mac OS X interface slides out, the enormous icons come flying in, the subtle reflections – it is really quite a beautiful thing. Read more »

Hardmac has a step-by-step how-to on taking a base level iBook into something with (sorta) equivalent innards to a 12 inch PowerBook. It seems that this might be cheaper than buying a PowerBook, but you are still stuck without some of the special features that make […] Read more »

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An artificial limit of 100 songs? What the heck? Motorola CEO, Ed Zander doesn’t think anyone needs more than that…at least according to a rant that he spewed when the ROKR went over like, well, a rock. But was Zander’s frustration directed toward the poor reception his new iTunes-capable phone got – or at Apple?

The iPod has been a force that has brought about the second coming of Apple. Millions sold in each of the past couple of years. New models introduced seemingly every month. White ear buds adorning every other person on the streets. The “Halo Effect”.

What could possibly topple the reign of Apple’s iPod? Microsoft hasn’t been successful in championing any competitive products. Who else could? What else could? While every other person may be sporting white ear buds, just about EVERYone has got a cell phone in their pocket. MP3 capable cell phones aren’t a new idea, but they’ve been around long enough that it seems like high time they really take off. And what then? What happens to Apple’s mighty iPod when everyone’s cell phone is playing music on the go? Read more »

I just realized that I am WAY too far gone as a Mac user. If you too can immediately identify what this tattoo stands for, you’re in the same boat with me. Of course the individual sporting that tattoo is in a different class all together!! […] Read more »

Slashdot reports (via AppleInsider) that there have been 1 million (plus) Windows -> Mac converts in the first 9 months of 2005. Wow. I’m no expert, but that sounds pretty impressive to me. Studies show that many bypassed lower-end systems such as the mac mini/iMac/iBook – […] Read more »

Om Malik is telling us about GUBA, one of a “few” Usenet indexing services. It primarily surfaces videos, such as old commercials, music videos, and just about anything … “else” people like to post on Usenet, which may or may not be of questionable legality. But […] Read more »

In a Google-like tribute,’s front page pays homage to Rosa Parks, following her passing. Click the image to read about her and the life she led. While I love the gesture (and really do think it’s well-done), I can’t help but feel that Apple’s inclusion […] Read more »

The nice people over at 99mac have posted some shots of the new HD 17 inch PowerBook, comparing it to its predecessor. The screen is indeed noticeably brighter, and although there are more pixels squeezed in to the same area, the clarity of the screen seems […] Read more »

So I’ve been using Tiger since the day it was released and there are many features that I love and others that I find completely useless or have yet to find a use for. A couple of those things that I’ve yet to really find a […] Read more »

One of the things that struck me when I was looking at the specs for the new G5s was how well-suited the new G5s are, across the entire line, for plugging into an XSan system. With the extra gigabit port to plug into the private metadata […] Read more »

Chris over at PowerMax was kind enough to let us know about some pictures they have of the new Dual-core PowerMac G5. The pics are high quality and they’ve got commentary…can’t beat that. Read more »

Apple’s latest special event (who’s keeping count these days?) saw the upgrade of the 15″ and 17″ powerbooks with higher resolutions (1440×960 and 1680×1050 respectively), as well as dual core CPUs and dropped pricing on the 23″ and 30″ Cinema Displays. These are all worthy announcements […] Read more »

We all know that means something big. Sounds like it’s most likely dual core powermacs… Hope there’s a powerbook announcement in there too. Mine’s getting long in the tooth (for my likes anyway). Anyone wanna buy a 17″ powerbook…? Hold your breath folks… HERE’S THE LATEST: […] Read more »

According to this post Apple have shown strong growth in the last quarter (45%), and have gained a whole point of market share in the PC market compared to this time last year. Read more »

For about 2 years I’ve been using a 12×18 Wacom Intuos2 graphics tablet for my mousing needs. It’s been a fantastic mouse (and tablet) but I don’t have as much use for it as I did before. So what I’d like to do now is snag […] Read more »

One of the aspects of the migration to Intel hardware for Apple is going to be the support for existing applications that we all know and love. Some applications are only going to be updated when an upgrade takes place. Others are only going to come when real Intel based Macs are in peoples hands. Read more »

So I finally managed to dig a hole out from under the piles of projects I have to deal with in order to check out the latest entry into the land of the Sims. As you probably already know, the Sims and its numerous expansions – […] Read more »

Just commenting on a small detail that is wicked cool with iTunes 6. Have you gone into the Videos section? Any videos that you’re storing in iTunes, whether they be downloaded music videos, interviews bundled with albums, or a miscellaneous item you dropped in because you […] Read more »

eBay has become ubiquitous nowadays for buying and selling stuff online. A lot of people rely on it to sell their old belongings and many use eBay as their primary business tool. eBay has released their web services so that developers can build applications which can […] Read more »

So yesterday was quite a day. I for one am pretty jazzed about the whole Front Row deal. I think that’s gonna be some sweet action as it propagates throughout the Apple hardware line (Steve, please do this soon) in the coming months. And while the […] Read more »

Back in April I reviewed/reported on the Logitech Cordless Comfort Duo Black keyboard and mouse combination.

On the whole, I was happy with it, but recently some of the little niggles that I had with the keyboard had started to get on nerves. Chief among these were the damn Logitech key (which takes you to the Logitech website and which, placed on the right hand side with the keypad is too easy to press; there is no way to disable it – I removed the key top, but it was an untidy solution), the slow response on the media keys, the annoying inability to conveniently swap the Apple/Option keys around (you had to choose a separate keyboard layout, but this would often be forgotten by the OS; not directly Logitech’s fault, but the MS solution is much more effective); the provision of only four customizable application keys. Read more »

Apple surpassed everyones expectations today, releasing not only a video iPod, but a video store, as well as a new iMac with home media center software, and an integrated iSight. The New iPods! Apple released revisions to their iPod line that include larger screens and the […] Read more »

It looks like Apple has quietly dropped the eMac off the list of shipping Macs in the wake of today’s announcements about the new iMac and video iPod. It’s not even listed on the Educational Store. UPDATE (10/14/2005) : Looks like I spoke too soon, as […] Read more »

Reports are coming in from those attending todays Apple Special Event that Apple has prohibited any live updating by those in the audience. This is a turning point for Apple, in that reporters have always been permitted to file live briefs before today. Watch this space […] Read more »

With less than two hours left, the the Mac blogosphere is waiting with bated breath to see what Apple will announce at todays special event. ThinkSecret has changed its story yet again, claiming now that Apple WILL release an iPod with video playback capability, but will […] Read more »

This just came in on my flickr feed for the tag “powerbook”. I don’t know about you, but it looks pretty authentic to me. You saw it here first. UPDATE: Looks like its a hoax. Read more » has released screenshots, obtained from an anonymous source, that show a developer build of OS X for Intel running on a machine with FOUR 2.6 GHz Pentium 4 processors. Every time I see something like this, I get more excited about the switch to Intel, […] Read more »

I came across this site via Digg. In concept, it is very similar to FlyakiteOSX that Josh featured a while back. However, iFizzle is a bit more visually, if not technically, appealing. The opening of the apps, behavior of the dock, and even the way iPhoto […] Read more » is offering its readers a fantastic discounted rate on subscriptions for MacAddict magazine. For a limited time, a year long basic subscription (without the CD) can be acquired for only SEVEN DOLLARS!! Besides the fact that this is an amazing offer, it comes from a […] Read more »

ThinkSecret is reporting that the Apple special event scheduled for October 12th will not bring video iPods, contrary to what has been widely reported. The site suggests that Apple will instead release an updated line of iPods, slightly smaller, with capacities up to 80GB. Other possible […] Read more »

Today’s episode of MacTV is absolutely brilliant. The episode, narrated by Apple’s text-to-speech technology, follows Microsoft’s progression as a company, and focuses on Microsoft executives. Of course, all of this is from the perspective of a Mac zealot, and many a jab is taken. I could […] Read more »

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