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For the past couple of years Feedster has been having a “Feed of the Day” on their site in which they recognize some pretty sweet blogs/sites. This year they are announcing their “Feeds of the Year” for 2005 and are doing it countdown style announcing a […] Read more »

Editor’s Note: I’m planning on this topic spanning a series of 3, 4, maybe even 5 posts here on The Apple Blog. I hope that all you fine readers out there will add your 2 copper pieces to the mix here, as I would love to […] Read more »

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CNet’s has a nice rundown of all Apple’s moves in 2005. Nice timeline of events. It’s pretty impressive to see all that they did in a single year. Here’s to ’06! Read more »

Despite my recent rants, I’m not anti-Apple or OS X. Even with the problems I face every day, there are still items that make me smile every time I use them. Read more »

iTunes continues to frustrate in seemingly innocent ways. This time, it’s the difference between my nicely folder-organized playlists and the ability to pick those playlists when copying them to my iPod. Read more »

Back in my high school days (which also happened to by my Windows days), I and all of my friends found it quite eventful to skin the fire out of our Windows 95 interface. Windows themes were plentiful and we didn’t have anything better to do. […] Read more »

Since the launch of Tiger back in April, I’ve found myself using Dashboard less and less other than a “Hey guys, look at this sweet feature.” that I throw at friends. That being said, I do use a couple of widgets pretty religiously. The ones I […] Read more »

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Since the release of Tiger, Automator has gotten a lot of press. In comparison to AppleScript, which is a true scripting language, Automator is a graphical environment for automating your Mac, and it’s much easier to use. Still, Automator’s power is limited, since you’re restricted to […] Read more »

I love iTunes, and I love that it provides me with convenient access to all my music. But I’m beginning to get frustrated with some of the interesting DB issues present in the way iTunes was developed. Read more »

I stumbled across this in the Showcase feed. What may at first glance seem like a simple red orb is in actuality a delightfully animated plaything for your Dashboard. Simply enable the widget, drag it with the mouse, and watch it bounce around your screen. […] Read more »

A couple of months back I made my plea for a mouse recommendation. There was a fantastic response from everyone and quite a few people recommended the Logitech MX1000. So I figured I’d give it a try. Needless to say, I was impressed. Whatever mouse I […] Read more »

In a move that can only be described as expected, but none-the-less exciting, NBC has begun releasing shows from its networks (NBC, USA, and SciFi). New shows include most notably (at least to nerds like me) the full Battlestar Galactica Miniseries and both seasons of the […] Read more »

Unfortunately this installment of TAB’s “Download This App” won’t really apply to everybody…but I use it and so do lots of other people…so it’s relevant :) The app that I’m referring to here is Software’s Studiometry. It’s their self-proclaimed “ultimate” organizational tool for professionals. In […] Read more »

Ever wonder where the symbol for the Apple (Command) key came from? Well, neither did I. But someone did, and the story was told. Seems Jobs was upset about something. Image that… Thank heavens for perfectionism though, eh? Nod to Digg for this one. Read more »

Tom’s hardware have a good overview of the roadmap for future Intel CPUs, which undoubtedly will have a knock on effect on the CPUs that Apple will use and the types of device we can expect to see. Read more »

Now, before you all go dancing around the room, know that this is still technically not supported. Apple has make the Front Row 1.0.1 update available from their site. Andrew Escobar, Mac hacker extraordinaire has figured out an easy way to get the new version to […] Read more »

A quick one to point out that Think Secret is scoring a juicy alleged scoop regarding the next evolution of the Mac Mini and its impact on your living room, ahead of MacWorld San Francisco 2006. Om weighs-in. Read more »

Apple has just released a Broadband Tuner, a simple application that tweaks a few system configuration parameters regarding TCP packet size, to optimize data transfer over connectivity with high latency and high bandwidth. From the Broadband Tuner support page: The Broadband Tuner allows you to take […] Read more »

Just a quick mention here…I’ve been reading the new The Cult of iPod book, which was written by the same guy who wrote The Cult of Mac, and must say it’s a good read. Just overall a great background and history of the iPod in addition […] Read more »

When I mentioned my troubles with Apple’s Mighty Mouse it seems I wasn’t the only one. A quick post by Bill Bradford shows that repair is possible. Read more »

I don’t know who the heck Anthony is…but what better way to celebrate TAB’s birthday than with a poo cake? Seriously. Anywho, today really is TAB’s birthday. We launched this sucka 1 year ago today. 38 contributors, 3 slashdottings, and 87 boxes of oreo’s later we’re […] Read more »

I admit, I’m a bit OCD when it comes to the cleanliness of my work area. Stray papers are kept in neat stacks, my wallet, hat, and keys live in a wire mesh basket, conveniently out of the way. But organization of my personal effects can […] Read more »

A couple of months ago, a coworker of mine showed me Tiger’s really cool “mouse over” dictionary. Hold command control and hit d. Then mouse over just about any word in any Cocoa app, and a definition of the word pops-up below it. I can’t seem […] Read more »

Just a few moments ago, there was a sketch on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, where the anchors on Weekend Update invited Steve Jobs (played by Fred Armisen) to show the newest stuff for the Christmas shopping season. He talked about the new iPod…. and Tina and […] Read more »

I’m writing this review, ironically, on the very product that I’m reviewing. I’m testing out its spell check and whatnot. If you didn’t know already, this is TextMate, yet another text editor for Mac OS X. I’ll skip the usual stuff, since we all know how […] Read more »

Todays release of J2SE 5.0 release 3 from Apple marks the beginning of Apples distribution of Universal Binary packages to regular users. Examining Java in /Applications/Utilities/Java/J2SE 5.0 using Finder’s “Get Info” option shows the app as being compiled for both Intel and PowerPC. Apples release […] Read more »

I’ve continued working with 10.4 Server’s blog server since my earlier entry. Since then, Apple’s updated the blog server with some neat features, including the ability to embed podcasts along with individual entries, as shown below in the screenshot. Apple has also updated the admin console […] Read more »

First there was iPod. Then there was the iPod Photo which could download digital pictures from a camera with an optional accessory. Now there’s a video-capable iPod. What do you suppose the next logical step is here? In a rare mind-bending moment it hit me – […] Read more »

At the beginning of October, DrunkenBatman organized a round-table of the movers-and-shakers of independent Mac software developers. Discussion ranged from the state of Cocoa to weather software patents are a good idea. A video of the discussion has finally been released, and it is certainly worth […] Read more »

I got me one of them shiny new black iPods a couple weeks back. It’s real purty. While the black is very nice looking, it’s also going to scratch if you breath on it with anything less than freshly brushed teeth. I’m not much for the cases – I don’t like hiding my iPod, but I DO want to protect it. So I set out to find some skins to properly protect my new toy.

DecalGirl and The Invisible Shield hooked me up with a couple to try out. I went through the installations of both, and tried each out for a few days to see how it protected my iPod from daily use. It’s been widely established that these new iPods scratch far too easily, so while I take good care of my things, having these protective skins was a great help. Read more »

One of the cool little upgrades that came with the new PowerBooks is a feature called “Safe Sleep”. Essentially, every time you put the machine, the contents of the RAM (your unsaved documents, the status of your open programs, etc.) is saved to the HDD. If […] Read more »

No, we don’t have some inside information that hints at iTunes ever costing a dime…just curious what you think. If Apple ever decided (for whatever reason) to require you to pay for iTunes…would you? Read more »

I must confess to gushing rather a lot when I first saw Front Row. The way the normal Mac OS X interface slides out, the enormous icons come flying in, the subtle reflections – it is really quite a beautiful thing. Read more »

Hardmac has a step-by-step how-to on taking a base level iBook into something with (sorta) equivalent innards to a 12 inch PowerBook. It seems that this might be cheaper than buying a PowerBook, but you are still stuck without some of the special features that make […] Read more »

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