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I love this thing. Seriously. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t use it. It’s Altec Lansing’s iM7. Whether you’re heading out to the beach or helping your wife out in the kitchen washing dishes, the iM7 has what you need to bump […] Read more »

“Slow cooked to perfection,” doesn’t seem too far off. I bought Path Finder back in it’s version 2 days, but abandoned it after a short while – it just wasn’t doing it for me. I’ve only just begun my playing with Path Finder 4, but I’m […] Read more »

If you don’t normally listen to TWiT (This Week in Tech), then you might do well by the latest episode, just posted today (the 16th of January). The commentators comment on the crappy name “MacBook Pro”, the fast speed of the new iPhoto, Intel chips in […] Read more »

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Om Malik is offering a more in-depth perspective of this event being mused about on Slashdot, and Nicholas Carr’s blog among a few places: Perhaps the “commoditized” technology trend is being slowly replaced by “using commoditized technology to create a compelling user experience” trend? [ Read […] Read more »

There’s been a lot of discussion on the battery life of the new MacBook Pro, but really, we’re already getting a good deal from what is a first generation laptop from Apple. Read more »

There is a review of Free/Open Source browsers available for Mac OS X in the latest issue of Free Software Magazine. Read more »

I’d heard various complaints about the MacBook Pros not having a PCMCIA PC Card slot, further confirmed by Dan Lurie’s “mini” review, which also mentioned the MacBook Pro however sporting an “ExpressCard” slot. It turns out ExpressCard™ is an industry standard developed by PCMCIA to carry […] Read more »

The current iChat systems requirement prevent a PowerBook user to host a 3-person Video conference. We can participate in one, we simply can’t host one. One G4 processor just isn’t enough for that. I’m now wondering whether it’s possible for a MacBook Pro user to host […] Read more »

Here are some beautiful MacBook Pro pictures courtesy of Dan. Be sure to click on these thumbnails to see the full size pictures. Quality stuff my friends. Read more »

One of the changes Apple made to .Mac in the wake of Tuesday’s keynote may have been overlooked by most people, but it’s a nice one all the same for those of us in the Mac community who aren’t lucky enough to have their day job […] Read more »

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MacBook Pro. I hate the name. I mean, I really hate the name. Say it out loud and you’re almost guaranteed to mess it up. Despite its horrendous name, the MBP (as I will call it for the duration of this article), certainly has a lot […] Read more »

Found this over on Digg – Flip4Mac has a piece of software that makes Quicktime able to run Windows Media! And not just that, it’ll run .wmv’s in your browser as well. I’ve tested it out and it works great. What’s a hugely useful little app […] Read more »

I’ll be getting iLife ’06 sooner or later, but I’m not quite as jazzed about it as I was this time last year. Though the new iPhoto may have a potentially cool feature to it. RSS. Now pictures over RSS feeds is nothing new at all. […] Read more »

Dan just informed me from Macworld that the new MacBook’s have no Firewire 800 in them. Steve seemed to have accidently left that little bit out. We’ve posed the question before about the possibility that firewire could be bowing out…could this be a major blow to […] Read more »

“MacBook Pro”. Are you kidding me?! Also, $2000 base price?! …. with only 512 MB of RAM, 80 GB HD, and 128 MB VRAM video card? This is weird. The offerings from HP and Dell can very well compete on spec, so this isn’t very good. […] Read more »

As with most live Apple events, The Apple Blog will do our best to give you live coverage of MWSF today. Tune in at 9AM PST today The Apple Blog for the coverage. Read more »

Go check it out now, it’s free and in Beta. At first glance, it looks nice. Haven’t taken the plunge with Aperture, so I don’t have a comparison here – If you have, let us know how they compare. Read more »

It’s my impression – from various reading around the internets – that of the many new features that came with Tiger, Spotlight hasn’t lived up to the hype it initially generated. While my filing habits have slipped slightly, I still don’t use Spotlight as much as […] Read more »

Damien Barrett over at TUAW makes the perfect point about the MWSF phenomenon – he actually considered risked skipping his twin brother’s wedding to go to Mac World San Fransisco next week! But that’s how Mac users are. Every year we get excited to hear all […] Read more »

Looks like Redmond took Cupertino’s suggestion to heart. Course we all knew that already. Airbag points to a couple awesome movies. They pair CES Vista announcements with the current OS X functionality. Fun to watch. It’ll be great to see what Leopard has up its sleeves […] Read more »

The Sixth Annual Weblog Awards (Bloggies) are underway and we’d love to have your support. Just head on over to and enter us. If we win, you win…or something. We’re shooting for these categories: Best American Weblog Best Computers or Technology Weblog Best Topical Weblog […] Read more »

MacWorld San Francisco is upon us once again, and that means that Steve is going to be unveiling a slew of new products as part of the Keynote on Monday. Intel Macs are practically guaranteed, maybe an upgraded Shuffle and who knows what else? Anybody have […] Read more »

Conan O’Brien just did a bit on tonight’s show about wanting a video iPod, and named it “Hey Apple, give me a free video iPod!”. He did a number of funny things sort of related to it. One of the bandmembers did a bit called “iHead” […] Read more »

I first saw these pictures while at work. One of my co-workers is seriously into cars, and when he called me in to look at something, I wasn’t surprised to see a picture on his monitor of a heavy-duty looking contraption that I could only assume […] Read more »

OK TAB Readers/Mac Aficionados, I need your wisdom. I’m gonna plunk a few precious dollars down on a Blog editing client/tool. You know, like Ecto or MarsEdit. So gimme your thoughts on which you like best (I like reasons too – not just, “it’s neat!” I […] Read more »

From Apple’s Java Developer site: “Mac OS X is the only mass-market operating system that comes complete with a fully configured and ready-to-use Java Development Kit. Professional Java developers are increasingly turning to the feature-rich Mac OS X as the operating system of choice for cross-platform Java development projects on the Macintosh and other platforms.”. Read more »

For the past couple of years Feedster has been having a “Feed of the Day” on their site in which they recognize some pretty sweet blogs/sites. This year they are announcing their “Feeds of the Year” for 2005 and are doing it countdown style announcing a […] Read more »

Editor’s Note: I’m planning on this topic spanning a series of 3, 4, maybe even 5 posts here on The Apple Blog. I hope that all you fine readers out there will add your 2 copper pieces to the mix here, as I would love to […] Read more »

CNet’s has a nice rundown of all Apple’s moves in 2005. Nice timeline of events. It’s pretty impressive to see all that they did in a single year. Here’s to ’06! Read more »

Despite my recent rants, I’m not anti-Apple or OS X. Even with the problems I face every day, there are still items that make me smile every time I use them. Read more »

iTunes continues to frustrate in seemingly innocent ways. This time, it’s the difference between my nicely folder-organized playlists and the ability to pick those playlists when copying them to my iPod. Read more »

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