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MSNBC reports (via the AP) “Macs no longer immune to viruses, experts say”. This title, as striking as it is, has no thought put behind it. Say what you will, but I’m positive Macs have never been ‘immune’ to viral attacks. Let’s be fair here too, […] Read more »

As many of you have seen, heard, or used a Macbook Pro, you know that they run kind of hot. This is partially because of the insane processor speed, and the small size of the casing; even though there are some other mysteries of the heat. […] Read more »

Many of us think we do. Yet it’s widely-known and accepted that most of what we see, hear, and read in traditional media is owned and dispensed by a handful of corporations, whose interests and/or technological limitations all-too-often conflict with giving us effective coverage of all […] Read more »

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So after a solid year of careless downloads, installs, file storage, and a plethora of other bad usage habits, I’m going to do a clean install of Tiger. This time around I’d like to do it right. I need an environment that’s conducive to a fast […] Read more »

As I cruise around the Mac news web, I often see headlines that read “XYZ Corporation releases iPod killer” which is immediately followed with laughter from the Mac community about why the devices is inferior to the iPod. I do think that it isn’t wise to […] Read more »

As predicted by a number of rumor sites, the retail packaging of OS X 10.4 Tiger has been shrunk to conform with the size of the iLife ’06 boxes. Its a sad statement about the Mac rumor mill when we are reporting boxes getting smaller, eh? […] Read more »

I have a PSP and I love it, but when using it with my Powerbook to transfer Videos, podcasts, music, pictures, what have you; there just aren’t as many options out there for it as there are for Windows. Now you can always just manually put […] Read more »

Since our start about a year and a half ago, The Apple Blog’s RSS feed has only been available in “Summary” form…meaning only the first few sentences were displayed in feed readers. Today we’re proud to announce that our RSS feed now contains full articles. Merry…April. Read more »

Colormod company ColorWare is now offering the MacBook Pro in 20 different delicious colors from lime green to hot pink and everything in between. Right now it seems they only have the 15″ MacBooks available. I’m not sure what I think about this. I usually find […] Read more »

Well, I’ve finally gotten the next Quicksilver Screencast put together. I’ve changed gears a few times, and it’s prolonged the release. Sorry about that. But hopefully we’re on course to start this the right way, and build upon it. Instead of doing a back to basics […] Read more »

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Says Paul Thurrott: Having dealt with Microsoft for many years, I can say this much with certainty: The company is literally filled to the brim with some of the brightest, smartest, most insightful, and friendliest people I’ve ever met…Despite these enviable assets, Microsoft has made some […] Read more »

For those of you out there that are regular readers of theappleblog, you’ll probably have already seen this review. Now I don’t want to re-invent the wheel, so if you want a nice general overview of what TextMate is, then head over and have a look. […] Read more »

update 04/27: Twist, points out that Microsoft is looking to port its presentation framework to Mac OS X and other platforms. As dramatically unimpressed as I remain with the consumer-end of its upcoming operating system, Microsoft is doing a number of cool things for Windows software […] Read more »

I don’t know much about this commercial other than a reader sent it to me. Supposedly the commercial, which appears to be for some sort of Apple/Support store, uses $60,000 worth of iPods to pull of the effect. Nice. Read more »

The Omni Group has released a public beta of the next version of their OmniWeb browser. Version 5.5 brings some much needed changes to OmniWeb, most notably the switch from the aging WebCore engine to a recent build of WebKit. I have participated in the private […] Read more »

The New York Post is reporting the record labels can’t convince Stonewall Jobs to use variable pricing in the iTunes Music Store. The companies (refering to the recording agencies) all charge different wholesale prices – roughly between 60 cents and 80 cents a track – but […] Read more »

I woke up this morning to find that Apple released a 17″ Macbook Pro today. Of note, Dual Layer DVD-RW, Firewire 800 and three USB 2 ports are onboard. MacBook Pro At a Glance 15.4- or 17-inch widescreen display Up to 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo 667MHz […] Read more »

Two handy new features were added to the iTunes Music Store today. The first feature, which I am quite excited about, is called Commercial Success. Everyone has heard a song on a TV spot, loved it, but had no idea what it was called, or who […] Read more »

That’s right, Apple. You should help Adium out by contributing the one thing that keeps me using iChat – video conferencing. Sorry to say, but iChat isn’t much good for anything else. I like that it looks through my address book for potential iChatting buddies, but […] Read more »

I gave a speech today on the pros and cons of Apple against Windows Computers, and I discussed how one of the misconceptions that I’ve seen about Macs is that you can’t game on them. This of course is entirely untrue; but for some reason, many […] Read more »

Quote “When the iPod came out in 2001, it was regarded as a curiosity by most of you, an overpriced consumer electronics toy that might gain a small following, but not much more. However, Apple then did the unthinkable, which was to expand support for […] Read more »

Dvorak must not have a lot to write about these days. He’s says Apple should 100% open source OS X. “That would make the battle between OS X and Linux the most interesting one on the computer scene”. I didn’t know Apple was worried about competing […] Read more »

The announcement of the Intel switch sent us spinning. Developers rioted. The Mac devout were stunned. Then Steve said “It’s just a chip, and you can click these check boxes to build fat binaries” and things settled down a little. Except a few things are still […] Read more »

I know how many of you love to pimp your machine, your GUI, your programs, your OS; skins, mods, hacks, you name it. But as many of you probably know, getting the best programs, mods, and skins for your machine could be troublesome, and it’s a […] Read more »

This is the just one reason I hate the rumor sites. In a post that reads like an April Fools joke, this intelligent discussion suggests Mac developers will abandon coding for OS X because new Macs can run Windows. “Just boot into Windows” they say. Come […] Read more »

The Firefox team has released their latest version, including a version for OS X, which is Universal. If you load it on your Intel-based Mac, you’ll see that it’s much, much faster. The browser loads and appears, ready to go, in one “bounce”. On my G5, […] Read more »

It seems our cult of Mac has been turned upside down with the advent of running another OS on a Mac. Yes I know about Yellow Dog and other Nixen and that’s great for specific applications. Some say Windows on a Mac is bad news for […] Read more »

MacSlash is running a story on AppleCare’s position on installing beta software. More importantly, this discussion points out this nice tidbit in the EULA: SHOULD THE APPLE SOFTWARE PROVE DEFECTIVE, YOU ASSUME THE ENTIRE COST OF ALL NECESSARY SERVICING, REPAIR OR CORRECTION. SOME JURISDICTIONS DO NOT […] Read more »

The release of Boot Camp has ignited a flurry of comment both from within and without the Mac web, and Robert X Cringely has gone as far as to dredge up that old hypothesis about Apple allowing Mac OS X to run on commodity Dell or […] Read more »

I’ve been reviewing iView’s Media Pro 3 for a couple months now. It’s fantastic, and it has done wonders for my digital work flow. But I’ve started to write the review at least a dozen times. There are a lot of things I want to cover, […] Read more »

According to Taiwan’s Asustek got an order for 1.2 million 13.3 inch Apple iBooks supposedly coming in June. These new iBooks would be powered by Intel’s new microprocessors; either the Core Duo or Core Solo. Does this mean that the Ibook will be renamed to […] Read more »

Scott Stevenson, purchased a Powerbook from Apple, he literally beat the living daylights out of it, and it works. He says that the airport express card works, and that it still boots. Obviously by the picture you can tell the LCD or optical drive will not […] Read more »

Every once in a while I’ll logout of OS X and switch to KDE. Hey I’m a geek, so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. But this makes me appreciate the guidelines on user interface that OS X employs and I always end up […] Read more »

After setting up an Intel iMac with XP, courtesy of Boot Camp, I noticed a nice little feature that Apple added to XP for the Mighty Mouse. If you click on the front right-side of the Mighty Mouse in XP, you’ll get the contextual menu to […] Read more »

Seems we just can’t get out of the news. Today ABC News published an article that included a few words by yours truly. “For someone who’s hesitant to make the switch to Mac and OS X, this is just another reason to make it more attractive,” […] Read more »

With the Mac-web in a tizzy about Boot Camp (and also the very interesting Virtualization software Parallels Workstation released shortly thereafter), a question again comes to mind that I’ve been wondering about for a while, but which recent events make all the more relevant. A few […] Read more »

Cabel over at Panic Software has posted a video of Half Life 2 running on an iMac via BootCamp. I must say, having played HL2 on some pretty hefty PC systems, this is some of the best performance I have seen to date. Check it out […] Read more »

First let’s make it clear that I’m not a secret agent or have any knowledge of upcoming announcements. Yesterday’s release of Boot Camp reminded me of a speech Steve Jobs gave at Stanford. “Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them […] Read more »

After what has been rather frantic session of debate over here at The Apple Blog, the rest of the world has started to really discuss what’s going on after the surprise introduction of Boot Camp. Amongst the wider discussion is this article by Now I’m […] Read more »

Well, I’ve been quiet for a while here. There was a lot of good feedback concerning the Quicksilver Video Demos idea. It sounds like – while I hadn’t planned on it – everyone wants more of a tutorial style video. Fair enough. So I wanted to […] Read more »

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