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Back in late April I needed to do some advanced validation and testing of a RESTful XML web service we’ve been enhancing for various projects. To that end, I put together a rudimentary test … “page” … in HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Then figured … “what the heck”, I […] Read more »

This is interesting to learn that ~surprise!~ the record labels are giving artists the shaft with digital downloads. Considering that it costs them virtually nothing to distribute downloads, one would think they would pass the buck (no pun intended) to the artists. Yet, Weird Al comments […] Read more »

Since I angered one or two people with my previous post, I thought I would give you something to smile about. According to market research firm Needham & Co the Mac market is on the verge of an explosion. There are some compelling numbers in the […] Read more »

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Ryan, of Big Robot Software, tipped me off to the version 2 release of his Spotlight companion application, Meta. Now, I haven’t played with Meta before, and as luck would have it, my PowerBook is in for a fix, so I still have yet to get […] Read more »

We’re wanting to gather a bit more info on our readers here at TAB and so Backbeat Media is hosting a survey that we’d love for you to take. It’s super easy to fill out and they’ll be giving away atleast one iPod Nano. Just drop […] Read more »

We Mac fans just love pointing out the flop that is Oragami, or the feature removal list from Vista. One thing remains, no matter how much we know OS X is better it’s still a Windows world, deal with it. Read more »

Well, I’ve said it here before, and now John C Dvorak is confirming it on video. He writes to get us (by ‘us’, I of course mean Mac folk) ticked off, and to flood his email box. He writes this stuff with the intent of getting […] Read more »

While cruising around the web I noticed a major trend in the stories posted about Apple today: none of these ‘announcements’ came from Apple. Take for example, AppleInsider’s post of the obvious possibility that the PowerMac G5 replacement will have 2 CPU’s. “Apple and Intel somehow […] Read more »

We reported a couple of weeks ago about the recent Apple/Nike partnership to created a killer pair of shoes…but this isn’t Apple’s first foray into the shoe market. I present you with…the Air Apple: Seems back in the 80s/90s, Apple decided to provided their employees with […] Read more »

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MacDailyNews is running a story on the Intel Core 2 architecture coming out in a few weeks. The chip’s first impressions demonstrate it’s speed and efficiency (performance per watt) are way ahead of AMD’s top CPU. It seems Apple chose well going with Intel over AMD. […] Read more »

OK, I’ve had my gripes about before (see Mail Signatures Suck, but I’ve never mentioned the layout of the window. Now there’s a solution that highlights a fault in the original and almost entirely related to the current trend towards widescreen monitors. Why? Well, […] Read more »

Steve, listen to a guy who teaches people iLife one on one everyday. Please take this year off and think hard about the iLife suite. I’ll forgo the year in exchange for a free downloaded update for more features/fixes to ’06. Here is why: 10.5. 10.5 […] Read more »

I could not stop laughing when I read this quote: Thurrott writes. “The MacBook comes with Apple’s reliable Mac OS X and the highly recommended iLife suite of digital-media applications, which are without peer in the Windows world. That said, one of the first things I […] Read more »

I saw this picture and the first thing I thought was…(you fill in the blank) “Help I’m in a glass case of emotion!” Read more »

If you’re affiliated with an educational institution, I would encourage you to take advantage of Apple’s commitment to the environment. On the 24th, I recieved this email notifying me that the Educational Recylcing program will grant money to institutions who turn in their old Apple gear […] Read more » has a great list of the worst the tech sect has delivered to the masses. I only write about here because, at number 17 is the ultraportable 16-pound Macintosh Portable. This beast was the king of carry-ons, the envy of all airplane passengers. It cost […] Read more »

Over at Apple Matters is a discussion of the Windows-on-a-Mac effect. The article confirms something I’ve said from the beginning. Potential Apple hardware customers were afraid of switching because of the comfort of knowing Windows. Read more »

Have you seen the Da Vinci Code yet? I haven’t. But no matter. Unless you’ve been under a rock you probably get the gist of it. Well Reader Darren tipped me off to the iCryptex site. A great parody, mashup, what-have-you of the Apple culture and […] Read more »

I just recently started dragging my lazy butt out of bed earlier than necessary to get into better shape. I know, I’m sacrificing my geekhood. Let me tell you, running is about my least favorite thing in the world (moreso than using a Windows PC). But […] Read more »

When the Macbook came out, it took the iBook and 12″ Powerbook down for the count. I’ve been looking at this thing over and over and here are some things that everyone should pay attention to. 1) The Macbook uses the same MagSafe connector, but different […] Read more »

A friend of mine recently asked me if I knew of any alternates to iTunes for playing/organizing music. I personally love iTunes but I’m aware that my friend isn’t the only person with a distaste for it. So, got any suggestions for other apps that play/organize […] Read more »

A few years back when I came back into The Fold, I was immediately aware of the lack of usable ‘right click’ on Macs. Sure, CTRL + Click does the job and brings up the contextual menu when needed, but I’m spoiled and want an actual […] Read more »

The Apple Store online seems to point out the stray Mac – the PowerMac G5. The last of a dying breed of PowerPC based machines. The gasp of breath through those little holes in the front is strong. What will become of him, this Zeus of […] Read more »

In addition to today’s announcement of the MacBook, its big brother also got some slight feature bumps. The MBP is now available with an optional glossy display, and processor speeds have been bumped from 2.0 to 2.16 GHz, and 1.83 to 2.0 GHz. Via TUAW. Read more »

For ages I used Dreamweaver’s FTP utility. But in the last year or so I’ve changed my workflow and don’t use Dreamweaver anymore for any sort of coding (I use TextMate). Since TextMate doesn’t have built in FTP service I’ve been using Panic’s Transmit. Unfortunately I […] Read more »

Looks like Apple pulled a sneak attack with us in the night, and released the new Macbooks. Which are now in two colors (black and white), but sadly they only come in 13″. They come at 3 different price points, $1099 for 1.83 GHZ core duo, […] Read more »

I have a lot of data to move about. The Migration Assistant is great, but sometimes it can’t be used. There is nothing wrong with not using it, but for my purposes it wasn’t happy with me. As I moved things over, I realized there should […] Read more »

As many of you have wondered what Apple’s big glass cube was, it’s a store. It’s a new Apple store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. This Apple store will be one of the largest built and it’s main focal point would be that of […] Read more »

A while back I ran into this flickr image on I was impressed by the amount of mac hardware that one guy could (or would want) to own. The thing was, seeing that didn’t even begin to prepare me for this. It’s a tour of […] Read more »

Launchy. Only a windows user would come up with such a silly name for an application. In any case, Launchy seems to be the Windows development community’s belated and anemic answer to everyone favorite OS X app, Quicksilver. From the official description: Launchy is a free […] Read more »

Well, no sooner did I put out the Quicksilver Setup screencast and it’s outdated! If you’re rockin the development releases (as I suggested in my screencast), then you’re primed and ready for the latest release of Quicksilver (3766). Mine downloaded in the background this morning, but […] Read more »

The Register is reporting on Apple Legal handing the hammer to SomethingAwful’s forum post on MBP thermal grease expunging how-to. Specifically at issue is a link to another domain and web site containing a copyrighted service manual Apple gives to certified technicians. Aside from the issue, […] Read more »

A buddy of mine, Mike Panoff, has been obsessively working on a pet project aimed at making slightly more usable: A dashboard widget he’s calling ““. It essentially does one simple thing: Make all your tags available from your dashboard widget. He’s looking to […] Read more »

It’s late, I’m moving files around from my G5 to my new Mini with the greatest of ease. Oh, and moving files for me isn’t a couple of Word documents and some pictu… I won’t go there. All in all, I’m transferring half a terabyte. There […] Read more »

Hello loyal readers! I’m considering purchasing one of Apple’s Bluetooth keyboards, to replace my wired keyboard. I like the “feel” of the keys, and the idea of no wires is appealing. I have a bluetooth adapter from Belkin which plugs into my G5, and provides bluetooth […] Read more »

Apple’s newest retail store at Flatirons Crossing Mall in Colorado will hold its grand opening at 10AM on Saturday. I plan to be there (Nick will try to be there too) and will hopefully be one of the first through the doors. Join me for a […] Read more »

I knew that once everyone put in the time to get Quicksilver setup according to the last screencast, they’d be chomping at the bit to do something that was actually interesting. So I wanted to get this next screencast out sooner than later. As long as […] Read more »

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