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If you’ve recently read Delusions of Grandeur’s excellent review of Shira 2.0 and thought to yourself, “Damn him. I want a copy to play with,” well now you can stop damning him because a build of Shira 2.0 is available (or here) for everyone’s greasy little […] Read more »

A little over a month ago I swapped-out my 15″ PowerBook for a white MacBook. (No, no discoloration yet, but it’s one hot mother…) I really can’t be happier with the machine. It’s fast, small, and does everything I need it to do – and generally […] Read more »

Perhaps you’re still one of those people who uses MacUpdate or VersionTracker to get his or her software downloads? How passe? Nowadays we have I Use This. Now, no one is going to say that MacUpdate and VersionTracker are going down the drain, in fact they […] Read more »

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If any of you have been paying attention to the Linux crowd lately, you may have noticed a couple of arcane sounding terms like XGL and compiz being passed around frequently. XGL+Compiz is the newest form of eyecandy available for the Linux desktop, and its quite […] Read more »

Ok, I just got my blood pressure down enough to type this out. I must say well done. It was hard to put it down and realize four hours had passed. Call of Duty 2 is not a game for all Macs though. Requiring a G5 […] Read more »

OpenSoft Development has created a fun little app, called Todos, that displays every icon for every application on your mac. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even realize I had half of the applications that showed up when I ran Todos…much less even know what some of […] Read more »

You may have seen the Iron coder contest in the previous rounds – the first one occurred this spring. It gives Mac developers (with Cocoa) a means to stretch their programming muscle. Participants are given 48 hours to make something cool from scratch. Kinda like “Iron […] Read more »

Listen, people rant and speculate about the workings of Cupertino until their blue. When all is said and done, none of that matters without Apple having a healthy balance sheet. Today, Apple announced some very interesting numbers in their Q3 report. Macs are the highest selling […] Read more »

It’s very rare that I make posts here that pertain the inner-workings of TAB, but I feel I should right now. Running a website can be a complicated beast with the mixture having quality content and actually trying to get people to the site to read […] Read more »

Whether you use Windows, or Mac OS X you are going to have a hard time determining which browser to use, which is right for you? Choosing a browser is basically like choosing a car, a car that will take you down the Information Super Highway. […] Read more »

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Mozilla has released a beta of Firefox 2, and here I am writing this post from it. Some of the features include phishing protection, inline spell checking, Javascript 1.7 support, and some very fast rendering we’ve come to love Firefox for. Download and play with it […] Read more »

On Parallel’s blog is an announcement that boxed copies of the product are available in Apple Stores as well as several retailers. This is great news because I’ve had nothing but good experiences with the product and I reccomended to all my customers who can run […] Read more »

The Apple Blog is looking for a few solid writers. If you’re opinionated, a great technical writer, and like Apple products…we want to talk to you. This is not a full-time gig and you won’t get rich but you will make a little money, your stuff […] Read more »

Network World has a humorous piece on what the Windows 2012 startup processes will be along side the so-called connected services Microsoft is developing. Too funny! Read more »

This guy noticed with the 10.4.7 update there were some interesting phone-home things going on. The comments dig into the new process called dashboardadvisoryd, which seems to snag two resources. The support note says “You can now verify whether or not a Dashboard widget you […] Read more »

I’ve gotten Mac OS 9.0.4 up and working on an Intel Mac, running off of SheepShaver. I can get out to the internet via ethernet or my workplace’s wireless network, so it looks like TCP is working fine. I can’t see the AppleTalk zones of my […] Read more »

Quake 4 is a new offering from our friends at Aspyr, and offers a lot of what we saw from Doom 3, but the technical improvements help to make the game much more enjoyable, and a cleaner experience on the Mac, where previously only our PC […] Read more »

I’m starting my preparations to head to this year’s WWDC and, like last year, I’m working on my list of stuff to jam into the Brenthaven backpack. Since I’m going to be hauling this across the country, as well as through a week’s worth of conference, […] Read more »

Over on Alastair’s blog is a post that Apple has ignored a pretty bad OS X security problem since 2003. I’ve no doubts there are a lot of bugs in OS X, and that there are a lot of them that aren’t known in the white-hat […] Read more »

When I was young, I woke up two days before Christmas very early in the morning. I heard some ruckus in the garage, and I went to investigate. To my surprise, my father was struggling with my Christmas presents in the car. Two days before Santa […] Read more »

I’m a bag whore. I’ve got piles of them laying around my basement. I’d buy one, use it, figure out what I didn’t like about it, and I’d move on to the next one. This went on for many years – drove my wife crazy! (“Another […] Read more »

That’s right, Microsoft bought iView, the makers of Media Pro. While Yan, the founder of iView is expectedly optimistic about this move, I’m not so much. Yan attempts to quash fears of mac users (such as myself) by saying: The product that was born on the […] Read more »

This is really just a curiosity post I’m afraid. I bring you no new insight on anything whatsoever. Do you maximize the various windows you have open? Or do you prefer to keep windows at various smaller sizes? I’ve got dual 20″ (widescreen) monitors and maximizing […] Read more »

TUAW posted an observation that Apple’s Get a Mac campaign page mentions Parallel’s and not Boot Camp. Oh, how do I say this? Duh? Apple wouldn’t recommend their software for these reasons: Boot Camp is a public beta, something that a new customer probably wants to […] Read more »

As the issue of discoloring white MacBooks circulates the internet, and as a would-be buyer of the MacBook, my eyes are peeled to the screen to see how the issue plays out. I know by the volume of page views and comments to these threads, that […] Read more »

Back in late April I needed to do some advanced validation and testing of a RESTful XML web service we’ve been enhancing for various projects. To that end, I put together a rudimentary test … “page” … in HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Then figured … “what the heck”, I […] Read more »

This is interesting to learn that ~surprise!~ the record labels are giving artists the shaft with digital downloads. Considering that it costs them virtually nothing to distribute downloads, one would think they would pass the buck (no pun intended) to the artists. Yet, Weird Al comments […] Read more »

Since I angered one or two people with my previous post, I thought I would give you something to smile about. According to market research firm Needham & Co the Mac market is on the verge of an explosion. There are some compelling numbers in the […] Read more »

Ryan, of Big Robot Software, tipped me off to the version 2 release of his Spotlight companion application, Meta. Now, I haven’t played with Meta before, and as luck would have it, my PowerBook is in for a fix, so I still have yet to get […] Read more »

We’re wanting to gather a bit more info on our readers here at TAB and so Backbeat Media is hosting a survey that we’d love for you to take. It’s super easy to fill out and they’ll be giving away atleast one iPod Nano. Just drop […] Read more »

We Mac fans just love pointing out the flop that is Oragami, or the feature removal list from Vista. One thing remains, no matter how much we know OS X is better it’s still a Windows world, deal with it. Read more »

Well, I’ve said it here before, and now John C Dvorak is confirming it on video. He writes to get us (by ‘us’, I of course mean Mac folk) ticked off, and to flood his email box. He writes this stuff with the intent of getting […] Read more »

While cruising around the web I noticed a major trend in the stories posted about Apple today: none of these ‘announcements’ came from Apple. Take for example, AppleInsider’s post of the obvious possibility that the PowerMac G5 replacement will have 2 CPU’s. “Apple and Intel somehow […] Read more »

We reported a couple of weeks ago about the recent Apple/Nike partnership to created a killer pair of shoes…but this isn’t Apple’s first foray into the shoe market. I present you with…the Air Apple: Seems back in the 80s/90s, Apple decided to provided their employees with […] Read more »

MacDailyNews is running a story on the Intel Core 2 architecture coming out in a few weeks. The chip’s first impressions demonstrate it’s speed and efficiency (performance per watt) are way ahead of AMD’s top CPU. It seems Apple chose well going with Intel over AMD. […] Read more »

OK, I’ve had my gripes about before (see Mail Signatures Suck, but I’ve never mentioned the layout of the window. Now there’s a solution that highlights a fault in the original and almost entirely related to the current trend towards widescreen monitors. Why? Well, […] Read more »

Steve, listen to a guy who teaches people iLife one on one everyday. Please take this year off and think hard about the iLife suite. I’ll forgo the year in exchange for a free downloaded update for more features/fixes to ’06. Here is why: 10.5. 10.5 […] Read more »

I could not stop laughing when I read this quote: Thurrott writes. “The MacBook comes with Apple’s reliable Mac OS X and the highly recommended iLife suite of digital-media applications, which are without peer in the Windows world. That said, one of the first things I […] Read more »

I saw this picture and the first thing I thought was…(you fill in the blank) “Help I’m in a glass case of emotion!” Read more »

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